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and your flesh must be pleased, and your prosperity fecured, and God must have but complements, or the leavings, your misery is at hand, and vengeance shall undeceive those hearts thac would not be undeceived by the Word. And you shall remember to the increase of your anguish, that you were told this day, that your seeming trifling Religion would prove vain. But I besecch you, as you are men, as you love your fouls, dismiss us with some better hopes; and now resolve to be downright Christians. Which as I have begged of you, I shall now beg of God.

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Fools Prosperity.


SERMON Preached at Corven-Gar

den : published upon occasion of some offence and misreports.

By R. B.

Prin:ed in che year, 1 660.

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For the turning away of the simple · Mall fügthem, and the prosperity of fools fall destroy them. But who fo hearkeneth unto me, shall dwell Safely, and shall be quiet from fear of evil.

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fers and vehement exhortations of Christ here in this Chapter, were ac

companied with a foresight and prediction of their rejection, by many: pec doth not that prevent the effers and exbore tarions but occafion the predi&tion of the calamity of the refufers, God will not go out of his


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