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cternity, choose your abode ; and now set your heart upon it, and feek it as your happiness

. If all these warnings are refused, conscience shall tell you when you would not hear it, that you were warned.

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next have delivered my message to the humble upright souls. All you [that bearken to the Lord, sal dwell in safety, and be quiet from the fear of evil.] Isa. 3. 10. [Say to the righteous, it shall be well with bim. Wo to the wicked; it shall be ill with him.] Eccles. 8. 12. Though a finner de evil an hundred times, and his dages be prolonged, yet surely I know it Shall be well with themes that fear God.] Psal. 73. 1. Traly God is good to Israel, even to such as are of a clean heart.] psal. 37.5, 28, 34, 37. Commit thy way into the

Lord :

Lord : trøft in him and he shall bring it to pass. For the Lord loveth judgement, and forsaketha ust his Saints : they are preserved for eyer

-wait on the Lord and keep his way ---and when the wicked ure cut off, thou shalt see it. Mark the perfect man, and behold the upright; for the end of that man is peace.]

If you say, How are they safe.' that are so tofed by sufferings? I answer. 1. Is he not safe that hath the promise of God for his security, and is related to him as his child, and hach Christ for his Head and Saviour? 2. Is he noc safe that is delivered from the wrath of God, and the flames of hell, and dare look before him to eternity with hope and comfort? and shall live with Christ in joy for ever? 3. Is he not fate chat hath no enemy, but what is in his Fachers power. 4. And thac hath


no hurt but what shall certainly procure his good ? 5. Nor any, but what he may rejoyce in: and is sure thall be the matter of bis thanks when it is part that shall lose nothing but what he hath already forlaken, and esteemech but as dross and dung? How oft have we told God in our prayers, that we had rather have the light of his countenance in adverfity, then be strange to him in prospe. rity and that we would not refuse thar flate of suffering, that Thould be blest to the destruction of our sins, and the furthering our communion with God, and our afiurance of salvation, and in which we might most ferve and honour him, in the world. Did we live by lense, we thould mifjudge of our eitate: but feeing we lively fasth, and in the way can see the end, we can say we are safe in the thickelt of our enemies, and

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will not fear what man can do, while the Almighty is our rook, and for:ress: wellmay we be gniet from the fear of evil, when we are saved from the great everlasting evil! No evil shall follow us into heaven; no malice shall there defame us, nor virulent tongue blaspheme our holy profeffion or our Lord, for the mifts of hellish blasphemies shall never ascend to blot the glory of Christ or of his Saints, Who then shall take us out of his hands? who shall condenin us? it is he chat justifieth us! not only against the calumnies of malice, but also against the accufarions of Satan for our fin, How saie and quiet are those millions of soals, that are now with Chrift? How little are they annoyed, or their joy or melody interrupted, by all the rage of earth or helt The glory of the sun

may sooner be darkened or blemished by ob

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loquy, then their celestial glory : For they are glorified with the glory of their Lord; and rejoyce with his joy, and live because he liveth. Be of good chear, Chriftians: the haven is within the fight of faith: we are almoft there: Adversity is our speedieft and furest passage. And then let sin, and rage, and malice, do their worst,



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