Imatges de pàgina

temptations and impediments.

The Lord teach us to use this transitory world as noc overusing it, that we may never hear, Remember that thou in thy life time receivedft shy good things,] Luke 16.25. How : shortly will they find themselves everlastingly undone, that made not fare of a more enduring portion ! Reader, chat chou mayit savingly remember these common, but necessary, though much neglected cruchs, is the end of these endeavours, and shall be the matter of my hearcs desire and prayers, while the Lord continnech me

His servant for the promoting

the increase and edificari

on of his Church, Nov. 15. 1660

R. Baxrer.

R Eaders, meetinglin his con-

fideration of the Licurgy with these following words of Reverend D. Gauden [I cannot but commend the Candor, Justice and Integrity of M.Baxter,who lately professed to me, that he saw nothing in the Liturgy, which might not well bear a good construction, if men looked upon it as became Christians,with eyes of Chari

ty,] I was feasible of the great - respects of this Learned and Re

verend man; but left you milunderstand both him and me, I think it beftotell you more fully



wbat were my words. Speaking for reformation of the Common prayer Book, and an addition of other forms in Scripture phrase, with liberty of choice,&c.P? said, That for the Doctrine of the Common

prayer Book, though I had read exceptions against divers passages, I remembred not any ching that might not receive a good construction, if it were read with the same candour and allowance, as we read che writings of other men.] so that it WAS only the Truth of the Doctrine that I spoke of ; against which I hate to be peevishly quarrelsome, when God hath bleft this Church so wonderfully, with a moderate and cautelous, yet effectnal

Reformation in matter of Do

Atrine :

Etrine : The more piity is it, that the very modes of Worship and Discipline should be the matter of such harp and uncbaritable discords, which must one day prove the grief of these that are found to have been the causes of it, and of the sufferings of the Church on that occafion.


The Contents.

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He Introduktion. Page 1.&c.

Do£t. There is a seeming Reliciousness which is but felf deceiving, and will prove in

Vain. Tin particr.lars that constitute the

Hypocrites Vain Religion

II. to 20.

Ten things that ere pet wanting to

the Hypocrite , that prove his Religion Vain.

20. t0 34 By what means and method the Hy

pocrite makes Soift to deceive bimself by his , Religion.

34. to 49. What moveth the Hypocrite to this

felf-deeeit, and what are the reafons and uses of his Vain Religion.

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