Sunshine Through Clouds: Sequel to Broken, Yet Triumphant

AuthorHouse, 2001 - 160 pàgines

While a reporter/photographer for our local newspaper, The Clark County Press, in Neillsville, WI, a shutter of opportunity presented itself - to take a shot at contributing an occasional editorial, poem, or the sharing of whatever was being pondered upon at the time. With ample encouragement from the boss (Mick), a weekly column ensued.

Camera, notepad, photo shoots and meetings... flitting about the county, eventually gave way to simply typing these ever-flowing thoughts to blank pages. What a dream job for an artist!

Stark white canvasses come alive with the application of selected colors and brushstrokes. Flat sheets of parchment acquire depth and breath through varying strokes of pencil, charcoal, crayon, pastels.With line, form, light and shadow, color, texture, boldness and subtlety, images are created. Words, framed within a column, to be perused and pondered, result in images as well.

This volume is a compilation of those columns... not in their entirety. There is no end to it... the pondering. To all those folks who have asked, "How do you come up with something to ponder on, each and every week?", the answer has, and always will be, "How could one not?"

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