Soul Notes of a Composition: In the World Between Two Worlds of Grief from Suicide

Author House, 21 de des. 2010 - 128 pàgines

This Composition describes the Soul Notes of a mother. She becomes the Librarian for pieces that explain and describe the experiences of those who find themselves in The World between the Two Worlds of God, life and death. Through this compilation of pieces, held together by soul prayers, she provides an understanding of the disease of Bipolar Disorder and the decision of suicide. The mystery of the afterlife is shared by Intuitives, who provide prayer intercession in the thin spaces connecting the Two Worlds. This Composition includes the notes of those who are touched by experiences of healing. The notes confirm the resurrection of subtle energy that never dies. Poetry, journaling and sandtrays hold the images of the journey, a journey to find meaning in a childs decision to choose suicide.


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Sobre l'autor (2010)

Dr. Trudy Corry Rankin is the mother of two children, and is married to a minister. She is a psychotherapist, spiritual director, and has been trained as a registered nurse. Trudy maintains a Private Practice, and provides consulting in the areas Spiritual Formation, Sandplay Therapy, and Clergy Family Wellness . She coordinates work of The Center for Creative Studies. She is a native of South Dakota, having been being raised with the smell of sweet corn and fresh hay. This causes her to commit to the protection of the earth out of love. Dr Rankin can be reached at

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