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Exod. xv. 13. Thou in thy Mercy haft led forth the People which thou haft redeemed.

2 Sam xxii. 51. He fheweth Mercy to his anointed, unto David and to his Seed for evermore. Pf. 18. 50. 1 Kings 3. 6. 2 Chron.

6. 42.

Ezra vii. 28. Bleffed be the Lord, who hath extended Mercy unto me, before the King and his Counsellors, Ch. 9. 9.

Pf. xciv. 18. When I faid my Foot flippeth, thy Mercy, Lord, held

me up.

xcviii. 3. The Lord hath remembered his Mercy, and his Truth, toward the House of Ifrael. Luke 1. 54. 72. 77.

cvi. 45. He remembered for them his Covenant, and repented according to the Multitude of his Mercies.

cxix. 64. The Earth, O Lord, is full of thy Mercy.

Rom. ix. 23. That God might make known the Riches of his Glory, on the Veffels of Mercy, that he had afore prepared unto Glory.

1 Cor. vii. 25. Paul said I obtained Mercy of the Lord to be faithful.

1 Tim. i. 13. Paul faid, I who was a Blafphemer, and a Perfecutor, and injurious, obtained Mercy.

Tit. iii. 5. According to his Mercy he faved us.

1 Pet. i. 3. His abundant Mercy. Ch. 2. 10. Ye have obtained Mercy.

105. Thanks for Mercy. Gen. xxiv. 47. Abraham's Servant faid, bleffed be the Lord God, who hath not left deftitute my Mafter, of his Mercy and his Truth.

1 Chron. xvi. 34. O give Thanks unto the Lord for he is good, for his Mercy endureth for ever. 2 Chron. 5. 13.-7. 36.—20, 21. Ezr. 3. 11. Pf. 106. 1-107. 1.-118. 1.136. 1. Jer. 3. II. Pf. lix. 16. I will fing aloud of thy Mercy. Pf. 89. 1. lxvi. 20. Bleffed be God who hath not turned away my Prayer, nor his Mercy from me.

ciii. 1. Bless the Lord, O my Soul.

Ver. 4. Who crowneth thee with loving Kindness, and tender Mercies.

cxv. 1. Not unto us, but unto thy Name, give Glory for thy Mercy and thy Truth's fake.

106. Mercy in the Pardon of Sin. See in Sect. 1. Texts. Exod. 34. 6, 7. Numb. 14. 18. Neh. 9. 17. Pf. 85. 5. Dan. 9. 9. Mic. 7. 18.

Pf. xxxii. 1. Blessed is he whose Tranfgreffion is forgiven, and whose Sin is covered.

Ver. 2. Blessed is the Man, to whom the Lord imputeth not Iniquity.

Ixv. 3. As for our Tranfgreffions thou wilt purge them away. lxxxv. 2. Thou haft forgiven the Iniquity of thy People, thou haft covered all their Sin.

ciii. 3. The Lord forgiveth all thine Iniquities, he healeth all thy Diseases.

Ver. 10. He has not dealt with us after our Sins.

cxxx. 4. There is Forgiveness with thee, that thou mayeft be feared.

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Ifa. i, 18. Tho' your Sins be as Scarlet or Crimson, they fhall be as Snow, or as Wool.

xxxiii. 24. The Inhabitant fhall not fay I am Sick, the People that dwell there fhall be forgiven their Iniquity.

xliii. 25 I, even I, am he that blotteth out thy Tranfgreffions, for mine own fake, and will not remember thy Sins.

xliv. 22. I have blotted out as a thick Cloud thy Tranfgreffions, and as a Cloud, thy Sins.

lv. 7. Let the wicked forfake his Way, and the unrighteous Man his Thoughts, and let him return unto the Lord, and he will have mercy upon him, and to our God for he will abundantly pardon. See promises to Repentance, and turning to God.

Jer. iii. 12. Return, thou backfliding Ifrael, faith the Lord, and I will not caufe mine anger to fall upon you, for I am merciful, faith the Lord, I will not keep anger for ever.

Ver. 22. Return, ye backsliding Children, and I will heal your Backflidings.

xxxiii. 8. I will cleanse them from all their Iniquity, whereby they have finned against me, and I will pardon all their Iniquities, whereby they have finned, and whereby they have tranfgreffed against me

1. 20. In those Days, and in that Time, faith the Lord, the Iniquity of Ifrael fhall be fought for, and there shall be none; and the Sins of Judah, and they shall not be found; for I will pardon them.

Ezek. xxxiii. 15. If the wicked restore the Pledge, give again that he hath robbed, walk in Statutes of Life, none of his Sins that he hath committed shall be mentioned unto him, he shall furely live.

Hof. xi. 8. How shall I give thee up Ephraim, how shall I deliver thee Ifrael, &c.

Ver. 9. I will not execute the Fierceness of mine Anger, I will not return to destroy Ephraim, for I am God and not Man.

xiv. 4. I will heal their Backflidings, I will love them freely, for mine Anger is turned away.

Matt. xii. 31. All manner of Sin and Blafphemy shall be forgiven unto Men, but the Blafphemy against the holy Ghoft.

Ver. 32. Whofoever fhall fpeak a Word against the Son of Man it fhall be forgiven him.

Heb. x. 17. Their Sins and their Iniquity will I remember no more. Ch. 8. 12. Jer 31. 34.

107. Pardon and Forgiveness prayed for. Exod. xxxii. 31, 32. Mofes faid this People have finned a great Sin. Yet now, if thou wilt, forgive their Sin, if not, blot me out of thy Book which thou haft written.

xxxiv. ix. O Lord, pardon our Iniquity and our Sin, and take us for thine Inheritance.

Numb, xiv. 19. Pardon, I beseech thee, the Iniquity of this People, according to the Greatnefs of thy Mercy. Ver. 20.

1 Kings viii. 30. Solomon prays for Forgiveness to the People. Ver. 33, 35, 36. 39. 50.

2 Chron. xxx. 18. Good Lord, pardon every one, &c.

Job vii. 20. I have finned, what fhall I do unto thee, O thou Preferver of Men.

Ver. 21. Why doft thou not pardon my Tranfgreffion?


Pf. xxv. 18. Look upon mine Affliction and my Pain, and forgive all my Sins. Ver. 11, Pf. 31. 3.

Dan. ix. 19. O Lord hear, O Lord forgive, hearken and do, defer not for thine own fake, O my God.

Am. vii. 2. O Lord God, forgive I beseech thee.

Luke xxiii. 34. Jefus faid, Father forgive them, for they know not what they do.

Acts viii. 22. Peter faid. to Simon Magus, repent and pray God, if perhaps the Thoughts of thine Heart may be forgiven thee. See Naaman's Prayer. 2 Kings 5. 18. Hezekiah's Prayer. 2 Chrom. 30. 18, 19.

God is Compaffionate,

108. Compaffion afcribed to God. Pf. lxxxvi. 15. Thou, O Lord, art a God full of Compaffion, and gracious: Long-fuffering, and plenteous in Mercy and Truth.

Pf. cxlv. 8. The Lord is gracious and full of Compaffion, flow to Anger and of great Mercy. Pf. 111. 4.—112. 4.

God excited Compassion toward his People in the Hearts of their Enemies. Pf. 106. 46. 1 Kings 8. 50. 2 Chron. 30. 9.

109. Compaffion to whom promifed. Deut. xxx. 2. When thou shalt return unto the Lord thy God and fhalt obey his Voice.

Ver. 3. Then the Lord will turn thy Captivity, and have Compaffion on thee. Ch. 13. 17

Jer. xii. 15. After I have plucked them out. I will return and have Compaffion on them, and will bring them again every Man to his Heritage, and to his Land.

Lam. iii. 32. Though he caufe Grief, yet will he have Compaffion according to the Multitude of his Mercies.

Mic. vii. 18. Who is a God like unto thee, who pardoneth Iniquity, &c.

Ver. 19. He will turn again, he will have Compaffion upon us, he will fubdue our Iniquities, and thou wilt caft all their Sins into the Depths of the Sea.

Rom. ix. 15. I will have Compaffion on whom I will have Compaffion. Exod. 33. 19.

110. Inftances of Compaffion excited. 2 Kings xiii. 23. The Lord was gracious unto Ifrael, and had Compaflion on them, when they were oppreffed by Enemies.

2 Chron, xxxvi. 15.The Lord God of their Fathers fent to them by his Meffengers, rifing up betimes and fending, because he had Compaffion on his People, and on his dwelling Place.

Pf. lxxviii. 38. He being full of Compaflion forgave their Iniquity and destroyed them not, yea, many Times turned he his Anger away, and did not ftir up all his Wrath,

Lam. iii. 32. It is of the Lord's Mercies that we are not confumed, because his Compaffions fail not.

Matt, xviii, 27. The Lord of that Servant moved with Compaffion, forgave him the Debt.

Mar. v, 19. Jefus faid to the Man out of whom he had cast a Devil, F


go tell how great things the Lord hath done for thee, and hath had Compaffion on thee.

Luke xv, 20. The Father faw the prodigal Son returning, and had Compaffion on him, and ran and fell on his Neck and kiffed him.

God excited Compassion towards his People, in the Hearts of their Enemies. Pf. 106, 46, 1 Kings 8. 50, 2 Chron. 30.9.

111. Compaffion afcribed to Chrift. Inftances in which it was excited. Matt. ix. 36. At feeing the Multitude scattered as Sheep without a Shepherd. Mark 6. 34.

xiv. 14. At feeing a Multitude of fick Perfons whom he healed. Ch. 15. 27.

xv.32. At feeing a Multitude without Bread, whom he fed. Mark 8. 2. xx. 34. At feeing blind Men whofe Eyes he opened.

Mark i. 41. At feeing a Leper whom he healed.

ix. 22. 25. At feeing a Child poffeffed of a dumb Spirit whom hę caft out.

Luke vii. 13.At feeing a Mother's grief, whofe Son he restored to Life.

God pitieth.

112. God bath Pity on his People. Pf. ciii. 13. Like as a Father pitieth his Children, fo the Lord pitieth them that fear him.

Ifa. lxiii. 9. In his Love and his Pity, he redeemed his People, and he bare them, and carried them all the Days of old.

Ezek. xxxvi. 21. I had Pity for mine holy Name, which the House of Ifrael had profaned among the Heathen.

Joel ii, 18. The Lord will be jealous for his Land and pity his People.

Jam. v. 1. The Lord is very pitiful, and of tender Mercy.

113. God will not pity the Wicked. Ezek. v. 6. She hath changed my Judgments unto Wickedness, they have refufed my Judgments and Statutes, and have not walked in them.

Ver. 11. I will not fpare, neither will mine Eye pity. Ch. 7.49. -8. 1S.—9. 10.

Ver. 13. I will caufe my Fury to rest upon them.

Jer. xiii. 10. This evil People refuse to hear my Words, and I will not pity, nor fpare, nor haye Mercy upon them, but deftroy them, faith the Lord. Zech. 11.5.

Long-Suffering of God, Forbearance.

114. Long Suffering afcribed to God. Rom. ii. 4. Defpifeft thou the Riches of his Goodness and Forbearance, and Long-fuffering, not knowing that the goodness of God leadeth thee to Repentance.

ix. 22. God endured with much long fuffering the Veffels of Wrath fitted to Destruction.

Ver. 23. That he might make known the Riches of his Glory, on the Veffels of Mercy which he had afore prepared unto Glory.

1 Pet. iii 20. The long fuffering of God waited in the Days of Noah, while the Ark was a preparing

2 Pet. iii. 9. The Lord is long fuffering to us ward, not willing that any fhould perith, but that all fhould come to Repentance. Ver, 15. The long fuffering of cur Lord is Salvation.

1 Tim. i. 16. I obtained Mercy, that in me Chrift might fhew all long fuffering for a Pattern to them which fhould hereafter believe on him to life Everlafting. See Numb, 14. 18. Pf. 86. 15. Jer. 15. 15. 115. Forbearance afcribed to God. Numb. xiv. 27. The Lord faid, how long fhall I bear this evil Congregation which murmur against me. Neh. ix. 30. Many Years didft thou forbear them.

Jer. xliv. 22. The Lord would no longer forbear, because of the Evil of their Doings.

Luke xviii. 7. The Lord will avenge his own Elect, though he bear long.

Kindness of God.

116. Kindness afcribed to God, promifed and exercifed toward his People. Neh. ix. 17. Thou art a God ready to pardon, gracious and merciful, flow to Anger, and of great Kindness.

Pf. xxxvi. 7. How excellent is thy loving Kindness, O God, therefore the Sons of Men put their Truft under the Shadow of thy Wings. xlii. 8. The Lord will command his loving Kindness in the Day time, and in the Night, his Song fhall be with me, and my Prayer to the God of my Salvation.

lxxxix. 33. My loving Kindnefs will I not utterly take from him, nor fuffer my Faithfulness to fail.

cvii. 43. The Wise they shall understand the loving Kindnefs of the Lord.

cxvii. 2. His marvellous Kindness is great toward us.

Ifa. liv. 8. In a little Wrath I hid my Face from thee, for a Moment, but with everlasting Kindnefs, will I have Merey on thee.

Ver. 10. The Mountains hall depart, and the Hills be removed, but my Kindness shall not depart from thee, neither fhall the Covenant of my Peace be removed, faith the Lord, that hath Mercy on thee.

Jer. ix. 24 I am the Lord which exercise loving Kindness and Judgment, and Righteoufnefs in the Earth, for in these things I delight, faith the Lord.


xxxi. 3. I have loved thee with an everlasting Love, therefore with loving Kindness have I drawn thee.

xxxii. 18. Thou fhoweft loving kindness unto Thousands.

Hof. ii. 19. I will betroth thee unto me in Righteousness, and in Judgment, and in loving Kindness and in Mercies,

Joel ii. 13. The Lord your God is gracious and merciful, flow to Anger, and of great Kindnefs, and repenteth him of the Evil, Jonah

4. 2.

Luke vi. 35. God is kind unto the Unthankful, and to the Evil.

Eph. ii. 6. God hath raised us up, and made us fit together in heavenly Places, in Chrift Jefus.

Ver. 7. That in the Ages to come, he might fhew the exceeding Riches of his Grace, in his Kindness toward us, through Christ Jefus. Tit. iii. 4. The Kindness of God our Saviour towards Men, appeared not by Works of Righteoufnefs which we have done, but according to his Mercy he faved us, &c.

117. Kindness prayed for. Gen. xxiv. 12. Abraham's Servant prayed, and faid, O Lord God of my Mafter Abraham, I pray thee fend me good Speed and fhew Kindness to my Mafter.

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