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Prov. 22

Deut. xxvii. 17. Curfed be he that removeth his Neighbour's Landmark, and all the People shall fay Amen. See Job 24 2. 28.-23. 10, 11.

Exod. 22. . If a Man caufe a Field or a Vineyard to be eaten, and fhall put in his Beaft into another Man's Field, of the best of his own Vineyard and of his own Field thall he make Reftitution.

Ver. 6. If a Fire break out and catch in 1 horns, fo that the Stacks of Corn, or the standing Corn of the Field be confumed, he that kindled the Fire fhall make Reftitution.

157. Concerning Things found, lent or entryfed with a Neighbour to keep. The Law thereof. Lev. vi. 1. to 6.-24. 18. Exod. 22. 9. 10 16.

Oppreffion forbidden, &c.

158. Oppreffion forbidden, and Duties to the Oppreffed. See Duties of Magiftrates. See Duties of Matters.

Pf. lxii. 10. Truft not in Oppreflion.

Prov. iii. 31. Envy not the Oppreffor, and chufe none of his Ways. Ifa. i. 17. Relieve the Oppreffed.

xxxiii. 15. He that defpifeth the Gain of Oppreffion, &c. Ver. 16. He hall dwell on high, Ezek 18. 5. 7. 9. 16.

lviii. 6. Is not this the Faft that I have chofen to let the Oppreffed go free, &c.

Jer. xxi. 12. Deliver him that is spoiled out of the Hand of the Oppreffor.

Luke iii. 13. Jefus faid to the Publicans, exact no more than that which is appointed you.

Ver. 14. To the Soldiers he faid, do Violence to no Man, and be content with your Wages.

159. Reflitution to the injured to be made, Lev. 6. 5. 1 Sam. 12. 1. Luke Pf. 37. 21. Gen. 43. 12.-44. 8.

19. 8.

160. Threatenings against Oppreffors. Job xxvii. 13. This is the Heritage of Oppreffors, which they fhall receive of the Almighty.

Ver. 14. If his Children be multiplied it is for the Sword, and his Offspring fhall not be fatisfied with Bread. See to Ver. 19.

Prov. xx. 21. An Inheritance may be gotten haftily at the Beginning, but the End thereof fhall not be bleffed.

xxii. 16. He that oppreffeth the Poor to increase his Riches, fhall furely come to Want.

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Ver. 22. Rob not the Poor, neither opprefs the Afflicted;

Ver. 23. For the Lord will plead their Cause, and fpoil the Soul of thofe that spoiled them.

xxviii. 3. A poor Man that oppreffeth the Poor, is like a sweeping Rain which leaveth no Food.

Ver. 8. He that by Ufury and unjust Gain increaseth his Substance, he fhall gather it for him that will pity the Poor.

Ver. 20. He that maketh Hafte to be rich, thall not be innocent.

Ver. 22. He that hafteth to be rich, hath an evil Eye, and confidereth not that Poverty fhall come upon him.


Ifa. v. 8. Wo unto them that join Houfe to Houfe, that lay Field to Field, till there be no Place, that they may be placed alone in the Midt of the Earth, Mic. 2. 1.

Ifa. xvi. 4. The Oppreffors are confumed out of the Land. xxx. 12. Because ye truft in Oppreffion and Perverseness, &c. Ver. 13. Therefore this Iniquity fhall be to you as a Breach. xlix. 26. I will feed them that opprefs you with their own Flesh, &c. li. 23: I will put the Cup of Trembling into the Hand of them that afflict thee.


lix. 13. In tranfgreffing and lying against the Lord, in departing a-
from our God, fpeaking Oppreffion and Revolt.
Ver. 15. The Lord faw it, and it displeased him, &c.

Jer. vi. 6. This is the City to be visited (by an Enemy) she is wholly Oppreffion.

xvii. 11. He that getteth Riches, and not by Right, fhall leave them in the Midst of his Days, and at his End shall be a Fool.

xxii. 17. Speaking of Jehoiakim. Thine Eyes and thine Heart are not but for Covetoufnefs and Oppreffion.

Ver. 18. They shall not lament for him, Ver. 19. He fhall be buried with the Burial of an Afs.

xxx. 20. I will punish all that opprefs them.

Ezek. xviii. 12. He hath oppreffed the Poor and Needy, &c.

Ver. 13. Hath given forth upon Ufury.

Ver 18. Hath spoiled his Brother by Violence, he fhall die in his Iniquity.

Mic. ii. 2. They covet Fields, and take them by Violence.

Ver. 3. Therefore, faith the Lord, against this Family do I devife Evil, lfa. 5. 8. See Eccl. 5. 8. alfo Ifa. 50. 17, 18. Hof. 12. 7. Am. 4. I, 2. Hab. 2. 6. Zeph. 1.9. Acts 7. 26. 1 Cor. 6. 8. Col. 3. 25.

161. Prayers for the Oppreffed. Pf. xvii. 9. Keep me from the Wicked that opprefs me

xlii. 9. Why go I mourning, because of the Oppreffion of the Enemy, Pf. 43. 2.-55 3.

xliv. 24. Wherefore hideft thou thy Face, and forgetteft our Affliction and our Oppreffion.

liv. 2. Hear my Prayer, O God, Ver. 3. for Oppreffors feek for my Soul.

lxxiv. 21. O let not the Oppreffed return with Shame. cxix. 121. Leave me not to mine Oppreffors, Ver. 122. Ver. 134. Deliver me from the Oppreffion of Man.

Ifa. xxxviii. 14 O Lord, I am oppreffed, undertake for me. 162. Promifes to the Oppreffed. Pf. ix. 9. The Lord will be a Refuge for the Oppreffed.

x. 17. Thou wilt judge the Oppressed.

xii. 5. For the Opprellion of the Poor, for the Sighs of the Needy, will I arife, faith the Lord.

XXXV. 10. Lord, who is like unto thee, which delivereft the Poor from him that is too ftrong for him, and from him that spoileth him?

lxxii. 4. He shall fave the Children of the Needy, and shall break in Pieces the Oppreffor.

Ver. 14. He fhall redeem their Soul from Deceit and Violence, and precious fhall their Blood be in his Sight.

ciii. 6. The Lord executeth Judgment for all that are oppreffed. cxlvi. 7. He executeth Judgment for the Oppreffed.



Ifa. ix. 4. Thou haft broken the Rod of his Oppreffor, &c.

xiv. 2. They fhall rule over their Oppreffors.

xix. 20. They fhall cry to the Lord, because of the Oppreffors, and he fhall deliver them.


Thou shalt be far from Oppreffion and from Terror.
Jer. 1. 33. They were oppreffed.
Ver. 34.
Zech. 9. 8.
Deut. 26. 7.

10. 8. 12.

Their Redeemer will plead their Caufe. See Ezek. 45. 8.
See Deliverances from national Oppreffion, Exod. 3.9.
Judg. 2. 16. 18.-4. 3-6. 9. and 7th and 8th Chap.
2 Kings 13. 4. 23. Ifa. 52. 4.

Duties of the Rich toward the Poor.

Rom. xii. 13.

163. Duties of the Rich toward the Poor. Hofpitality. Given to Hofpitality, Ver. 8. 1. Tim. 3. 2.

1 Pet. iv. 9. Use Hospitality one toward another without grudging, Ver. 10.

Heb. xiii. 2. Be not forgetful to entertain Strangers.

1 Tim. v. 10. If the have lodged Strangers. See Inftances of Hofpitality, Gen. 18. 1. to 19. A&s 10. 23.—28. 7. 3 John Ver. 5, 6. 164 Lending without Ujury. Exod. xxii. 25. If thou lend to any of my People that is poor, thou fhalt not be to him as an Ufurer, neither shalt thou lay upon him Ufury. See Lev. 25. 35, 36, 37. Deut. 15. 7. to 11.-23. 19, 20. Pf. 15. 5. Prov. 28. 8. Ezek. 18. 8. 13. 17.

-22. 12. 13.

Ver. 26. If thou take thy Neighbour's Raiment to pledge, thou shalt deliver it to him by that the Sun goeth down, Deut. 24. 6. Job 31. 16.

Pf. xxxvii. 26. The Righteous is ever merciful and lendeth, his Seed is bleffed.

cxii. 5. A good Man fheweth Favour and lendeth, Ver. 9. His Righteoufnefs endureth for ever, 2 Cor. 9. 9.

Prov. iii. 28. Say not to thy Neighbour, go and come again, when thou haft it by thee, Gal. 6. 10.

Matt. v. 42. Give to him that afketh thee, and from him that would borrow of thee, turn not thou away.

Acts iv. 32. They that believed had all Things common.

165. Giving Alms. Promises. Pf. xxxvii. 21. The Righteous fheweth Mercy and giveth.

Ver. 24. The Lord upholdeth him.

xli. 1. Bleffed is he that confidereth the Poor, Ver. 2, 3.

cxii. 9. He hath difperfed, he hath given to the Poor, his Righteousness remaineth for ever, 1 Cor. 9. 9

Prov. iii. 9. Honour the Lord with thy Subftance, Ver. 27. With hold not Good from him to whom it is due, when it is in the Power of thine Hand to do it.

Ver. 10. So fhall thy Barns be filled with Plenty, &c.

xi. 24. There is that fcattereth, and yet encreaseth, &c.

Ver. 25. The liberal Soul fhall be made fat, and he that watereth fhall be watered himfelf alfo.

xiv. 21. He that hath Mercy on the Poor, happy is he.

Prov. xiv. 31. He that honoureth his Maker, hath Mercy on the Poor.

xix. 17. He that hath Pity on the Poor, lendeth to the Lord, and that which he hath given will he repay him.

xxii. 9. He that hath a bountiful Eye fhall be bleffed, for he giveth

of his Bread to the Poor.

xxviii. 27. He that giveth to the Poor shall not lack.

xxix. 7. The Righteous confidereth the Cause of the Poor. Eccl. xi. 1. Caft thy Bread upon the Waters, for thou shalt find it after inany Days.

Ifa. xxxii. 8. The Liberal devifeth liberal Things, and by liberal Things fhall he ftand.

Iviii. 6. Is not this the Fast that I have chofen (faith the Lord ?)


Ver. 7. To deal thy Bread to the Hungry, and that thou bring the Poor that are caft out, to thine House, when thou feeft the Naked, that thou cover him, and that thou hide not thyself from thine own Flesh.

Ver. 9. Then fhalt thou call, and the Lord will answer.

Ver. 10. If thou draw out thy Soul to the Hungry, and fatisfy the afflicted Soul, then shall thy Light rife in Obfcurity, and thy Darkness be as the Noon-day.

Ver. 11. And the Lord fhall guide thee continually, and fatisfy thy Soul in Drought, and make fat thy Bones, and thou shalt be like a watered Garden, and like a Spring whofe Waters fail not, Ver. 12. See Job. 31. 16. to 20. and Ver 32. Ezek. 18. 7. Hath given his Bread to the Hungry, and hath covered the Naked with a Garment, Ver. 9. He fhall furely live, faith the Lord.

Mark x. 21. Jefus faid, fell whatsoever thou haft and give to the Poor, and thou shalt have Treasure in Heaven, Luke 12. 33.-18. 22. xii. 42. A poor Widow threw in two Mites.

Ver. 43. Jefus faid, this poor Widow hath caft in more than ye all. Ver. 44. She did cast in all that she had, 2 Cor. 8. 12.

Luke iii. 11. Jefus faid, he that hath two Coats, let him impart to him that hath none, and he that hath Meat do likewife.

vi. 38. Give and it fhall be given unto you.

xi. 41. Give Alms of fuch Things as you have, and behold all Things are clean unto you.

xiv. 13. When thou makeft a Feaft, call the Poor, the Maimed, the Lame and the Blind.

Ver. 14. And thou shalt be bleffed, for thou shalt be recompenfed at the Refurrection of the Juft.

xvi. 9. Make to yourselves Friends of the Mammon of Unrighteoufnefs.

Acts x. 2. Cornelius gave much Alms to the People, and prayed to God always.

Ver. 4. The Angel faid unto him, thy Prayers and thine Alms are come up as a Memorial before God.

xx. 35. Support ye the Weak, 'tis more bleffed to give than to receive.

Eph. iv. 23. give to him that needeth.
Tin. vi. 17. Charge them

that are rich in this World,

Iii 2

1 Tim.

1 Tim. vi. 18. That they be rich in good Works, ready to diftribute, willing to communicate.

Ver. 19. Laying up in Store for themselves a good Foundation against the Time to come, that they may lay hold on eternal Life. Heb. xiii. 16. To do Good and to communicate forget not, for with fuch sacrifices God is well pleased.

Matt. vi. 1. Do not your Alms before

Ver. 3. When thou doest thine Alms, let not thy right Hand know what thy lert Hand doth, &c.

Ver. 4. That thine Alms may be in Secret, and thy Father which feeth in Secret, fhall reward thee openly.

166. Alms to be done in fecret.

Men to be feen of them.

Rom. xii. 8. He that giveth let him do it with Simplicity. 167. To be given to the Poor of every Denomination. Luke vi. to every Man that afketh.

30. Give

Ver. 35. Love your Enemies and do Good, and ye shall be the Children of the Higheft, for he is kind to the Unthankful and to the Evil.

Ver. 36. Be ye therefore merciful as your Father is merciful. See an Inftance, Ch. 10. 29 to 38.

Rom. xii. 20. If thine Enemy hunger feed him.

Gal. vi. 10. Let us do Good unto all Men, especially to them who are of the Houfhold of Faith.

168. To be given to poor Chriftians especially. Matt. x. 42. Whofoever fhall give to drink unto one of thefe little ones, a Cup of cold Water only, in the Name of a Disciple, verily I fay unto you, he shall inno wife lofe his Reward, Mark 9. 41. See above, Gal. 6. 10.

Matt. xxv. 34. to 46. See there Chrift's remarkable Sentence at the Day of Judgment, and the Reasons given for it.

Rom. xii. 13. Diftributing to the Neceffity of the Saints.

1 Cor. xvi. 2. Upon the first Day of the Week let every one of you lay by him in Store, as God hath profpered him, Mark 3. 4. For it is lawful to co Good on the Sabbath. See Inftances of fuch Liberality to Saint Paul and other Saints, Rom. 16. 2. Phil. 4. 10. 2 Tim. 1. 16. 18. Heb. 6. 10. 3 John Ver. 5, 6. Collections made for the Saints at Jeru falem, Rom. 15. 26. 1 Cor. 16. 3. 2 Cor. 8th and 9th Chapters.

Promifes to the Poor.

169. Promifes to the Poor. Job v. 15. He faveth the Poor from the Sword, from their Mouth, and from the Hand of the Mighty. Ver. 16. So the Poor hath Hope, and Iniquity ftoppeth her Mouth. xxxvi. 15. He delivereth the Poor in his Affliction, and openeth their Ears in Oppreffion.

Pf. ix. 18. The Needy fhall not always be forgotten, the Expectation of the Poor fhall not perish for ever.

Ixviii. 10. Thou, O God, haft prepared of thy Goodness for the


Ixix. 33. The Lord heareth the Poor.

Ixxii. 2. He fhall judge thy People with Righteousness, and thy Poor with Judgment.

Ver. 12. He fhall deliver the Needy when he cryeth, the Poor alfo, and him that hath no Helper.


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