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Ch. 22. 3.

7. 10.


6. 1.

Ifa. x, 1. Wo unto them that decree unrighteous Decrees.

That Widows


be their Prey, and that they inay rob the Fatherless. Matt. 23. 14.

Jer. vii. 6. If ye oppress not the Stranger, the Fatherless and the Widow,

Ver. 7. Then will I cause you to dwell in this place. Zech.

Ezek. 22. 7. In thee have they dealt by Oppreslion with the Stranger, they vexed the Fatherless and Widow.

Ver. 1;. I will scatter them among the Heathen. Ver. 29. 31.

. 22. Give the Stranger his Inheritance. Ver. 23.
Mal. iii. 5. I will be a swift Witness against those that oppress the
Widow and the Fatherless, and that turn aside the Stranger from his

1 Tim. v. 3. Honour Widows that are Widows indeed.
Ver. 16. If they have Widows let them relieve them.

James i. 27. Pure Religion and undefiled before God, and the Father is this, to visit the Fatherless and Widows in their Affliction, and to keep himself unspotted from the World. See Luke 4. 25. Acts

172. Promises to the Stranger, Fatherless and ll'idow. Deut. x. 18. The Lord doth execute the Judgment of the Fatherless and Widow, and loveth the Stranger in giving him Food and Raiment.

Pl. x. 14. Thou art the Helper of the Fatherless. Ver. 18.

lxviii. 5. A Father of the Fatherless, and a judge of the Widow is God in his holy Habitation.

cxlvi. 9. The Lord preserveth the Strangers, and relieveth the Fatherless and Widow.

Prov. xv. 25 The Lord will establish the border of the Widow. Ezek. xi. 16. Thus faith the Lord God, although I have cast them far off among the Heathen, and scattered them among the Countries, yet will I be to them as a little Sanctuary in the Countries where they fall

Jer. xlix. 11. Leave thy fatherless Children, I will preserve them alive, and let thy Widows trust in me.

Hof. xiv. 3. In thee the Fatherless findeth Mercy.

Jer, xxix. 7. Seek the peace of the City, whither I have caused you to be carried away Captives ; and pray unto the Lord for it, for in the Peace thereof shall ye have Peace. See Pf. 27. 10. See 1 Kings 8. 43 2 Chron. 6. 33.

Ninth Commandment.

Witness-bearing 173.0f \'itness learing, Speaking Truth ; of Falsehood, and other Sins of the Tongue. Exod. xx. 16. Thou shalt not bear false Witness against thy Neighbour. Deut. 5. 20. Matt. 19. 18. Rom. 13. 9

Numb. xxxv. 30. One Witness shall not testify against any l'erson to cause him to die. Deut. 17.6.

Deut. xix. 15. One Witness shall not rise up against any Man, for Iniquity, or for


Sin that he finneth ; out of the Mouth of two Wit-. nelles, or at the Mouth of three Witnesses shall the Matter be established. Matt. 18., 16. 2 Cor. 13. 1. Tim. 5. 19.




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Matt. 15. 19.


Deut. xix. 16. If a falfe Witness rise up against any Man, to testify against him that which is wrong. Ver. 17. 18.

Ver. 19. Then shall ye do unto him, as he thought to have done unto his Brother, so shalt thou put the Evil away


ainong you. Ver. 21. Life shall go for Life, Eye for Eye, &c.

Lev. v. 1. If a Soul fin and hear the Voice of Swearing, and is a Witness, whether he hath seen or known of it, if he do not utter it, then he shall bear his Iniquity.

Prov. vi. 16. These Things doth the Lord hate.
Ver. 19. A falfe Witness that speaketh Lies, &c.

xiv. 5. A faithful Witness will not lie, but a false Witness will utter Lies.

Ver. 25. A true Witness delivereth Souls, but a deceitful Witness speaketh Lies

xix. 5. A false Witness fall not be unpunished. Ver. 9. xxi. 28. A false Witness shall perish.

xxiv. 28. Be not a Witness against thy Neighbour without a Cause. See Prov. 12. 17.-19. 28.–25. 18.

Instances of false Witness given against Naboth, 1 Kings 21. 7. &c. Against David, Pf. 27. 12.–35. 11. Againit Chrift, Matt. 26. 60. Against Stephen, Acts 6. 13.

174. Lying forbidden, Truth commanded. Lev. xix. 11. Ye shall not lie one to another. Zech. 8. 19.

Pf. xxxiv. 13. Keep thy Tongue from Evil, and thy Lips that they speak no Guile. i Pet. 3. 10,

Prov. iv. 24. A froward Mouth, and perverfe Lips put far from thee.

Eph iv. 15. Speaking the Truth in Love, grow up unto Chrift.

Ver.25. Putting away Lying, speak every Man Truth with his Neighbour.

Col. iii. 9. Lie not one to another, seeing ye have put off the old Man. See Pf. 15. 2. Isa. 33. 15. Prov. 12. 17. 19.

175. Lying abhorred by God and good Men. Prov. vi. 16. These Things doth the Lord hate. Ver. 17. A lying Torgue, &c.

xii. 22. Lying Lips are an Abomination to the Lord, but they that deal truly are his Delight,

Job xxvii. 4. Job said, my Lips shall not speak Wickedness, neither my Tongue utter deceit.

Pr. ci. 7. David said he that telleth Lies shall not tarry in my Sight. cxix. 29. Remove far from me Vanity and Lying. Prov. 30. 8. Ver. 163. I hate and abhor Lying. Prov. viii

. 7. Wisdom said, my Mouth shall speak Truth, Wickedness is an Abomination to my Lips.

xiii. 5. A righteous Man hateth Lying. lía, Ixiii. 8. My People (faith God) are Chüdren that will not lie.

176. Satan and his Children are Lyars, John viii. 44. The Devil abode not in the Truth, he is a Lyar and the Father of it. Ver. 45.

Acts v. 3. Why hath Satan filled thine Heart to lye to the Holy Ghost? See Ifa. 28. 15.17.-59.-3. t. Jer. 23. 14. Ezek. 24. 12.

177. Threatnings and Prayers against Ljais. Pf. v. 6. Thou shalt destroy them that speak leasing.


Pf. xxxi. 18. Let lying Lips be put to Silence which speak grievous Things, proudly and contemptuously against the Righteous. Pf. 119.69 xxxvi. i. There is no fear of God before his Eyes. Ver. 3. The Words of his Mouth are Iniquity and Deceit. Ver. 12. They are cast down, they shall not arise.

Pf. 10. 7. 1. 19. Thou givest, thy Mouth to Evil, and thy Tongue frameth Deceit.

Ver. 21. I will reprove thee, faith the Lord.

lii. 2. Thy Tongue deviseth Mischief like a fharp Razor working deceitfully, Ver.

3. Thou lovest Evil more than Good, and Lying rather than to speak Righteousness.

Ver. 4. Thou loveft all devouring Words, Othou deceitful Tongue.

Ver. 5. God shall destroy thee for ever.

lv. 21. The Words of his Mouth were smoother than Butter, but War was in his Heart, his Words were softer than Oyl, yet were they drawn Swords. Ver. 12. 13. 15.

Ver. 23. Thou, O God, thalt bring them down into the Pit of Destruction,

Pf. lviii. 3. The Wicked are estranged from the very Womb, they go astray speaking Lies.

Ver. 4. Their Poison is like the Poison of a Serpent. Pf. 140.3.9.
Ver. 6. Break their Teeth, O God, in their Mouth.

7: Let them melt away like Waters. lix. 7. They belch out with their Mouth, Swords are in their Lips.

Ver. 12. For the Sin of their Mouth, and the Words of their Lips, let them even be taken in their Pride, and for cursing and lying which they speak.

Ver. 13, Consume them in Wrath.

Pf. lxii. 4. They delight in Lies, they bless with their Mouth, but they curse inwardly. Ver. 3. Ye shall be slain all of you.

Ixiii. 11. The Mouth of them that speak Lies shall be stopped.

cix. 2. They have spoken against me with a lying 'I ongue, let them be condemned.

cxx. 3. What shall be given unto thee? or what shall be done unto thee, thou false Tongue.

Ver. 4. Sharp Arrows of the Mighty, with Coals of Juniper.
Prov. x. 18. He that hideth Hatred with lying Lips is a Fool.

xii. 13. The Wicked is snared with the Transgression of his Lips. Ch. 17. 20.

Ver. 19. A lying Tongue is but for a Moment.
xvii. 7. Lying Lips become not a Prince.
xix. 5. He that speaketh Lies shall not escape, he shall perish. Ver.9.
Ver. A

Man is better than a Liar. Ver.

Ch. 19. I. xxi. 6. Getting Treasures by a lying Tongue is a Vanity toffed to and fro of them that love Death.

xxvi. 18. As a Madınan who caileth - Firebrands, Arrows, and Death,

Ver. 19. So is he that deceiveth his Neighbour, and faith, am not I in Sport? K k k



Prov. xxvi. 23. Lying Lips and a wicked Heart are like a Potsherd covered over with Silver Dross. Ver. 24, 25, 26. 28.

Ifa. lvii. 11. Of whom haft thou been afraid, that thou haft lied, and haft not remembered me, saith the Lord.

lix. 2. Your Iniquities have separated between you and your God, and your Sins have hid his Face from you.

Ifa. lix. 3. For your Hands are deňled with Blood, and your Fingers with Iniquity, your Lips have spoken Lies, your Tongue hath mutter-. ed Perverseness. Ver. 12, 13, 14, 15.

Jer, ix, 3. They will deceive every one his Neighbour, and will not speak the Truth, they have taught their Tongue to speak Lies, and weary themselves to commit Iniquity.

Ver. 7. Therefore, thus faith the Lord of Hofts, behold I will melt them and try them.

Ver. 8. Their Tongue is as an Arrow shot out, it speaketh Deceit: one fpeaketh peaceably to his Neighbour with his Mouth, but in Heart he layeth his wait.

Ver. 9. Shall I not visit them for these Things, faith the Lord ; hall not my Soul be avenged on such a Nation as this?

Hos iv. 1. The Lord hath a Controversy with the Inhabitants of the Land, because there is no Truth, nor Mercy, nor Knowledge of God in the Land.

Ver. 2. By swearing, and lying, and killing, and stealing, they break out.

Ver. 3. Therefore shall the Land mourn. 1 Tim. iv. 2. Seducing Spirits speaking Lies in Hypocrisy. Rev. xxi. 8. Lyars shall have their Portion in the Lake that burneth with Fire and Brimstone.

Ver.27. There shall in no wise enter into Heaven any Thing that defileth or worketh Abomination, or that maketh a Lie. xxii.

15 Without are Dogs and Sorcerers and whosoever loveth and maketh a Lie. See Acts v. 1. &c. the Death of Ananias and Sap: phira.

178. The l'ords of the Wicked, injuriols and offensive. Pf. v.9. There is no Faithfulness in their Mouth, their Throat is an open Sepulchre.

Ver. 10. Destroy them, O God.
xxii. 7. They shut out the Lip, they shake the Head.

lix. 7. They belch out with their Mouth, Swords are in their Lips, for who (say they) doth hear us ?

Ver. 8. Thou, o God, shalt laugh at them. Ver. 64. 3.–69.26.

Pf.cxl. 3. They have sharpened their Tongues like a Serpent, Adders Poison is under their Lips.

Ver. 9. Let the Mischief of their own Lips cover them.

Prov. xii 8. There is that speaketh like the Piercing of a Sword, but the Tongue of the wife is Health.

xvi. 27. An ungodly Man diggeth up Evil, and in his Lips there is a burning Fire. Ver. 30.

xvii. 4. A Wicked Doer giveth Heed to falfe Lips, and a Lyar gireth Ear to a naughty Tongue. Ver. 7.

xviii. 6. A Fool's Lips enter into Contention, and his Mouth calleth for Strokes.



Prov. xviii. 7. His Mouth is his Destruction, and his Lips are the Snare of his Soul.

xxiv. 2. Their Heart studieth - Destruction, and their Lips talk of Mischief.

Eccl. x. 12. The Words of a wise Man's Mouth are gracious, but the Lips of a Fool will swallow up

himself. Lam. iii. 62. Thou haft heard the Lips of those that rise up against Matt. xii. 34. How can ye, being evil, speak good Things.

Ver. 35. An evil Man out of the evil Treasure of his Heart, bringeth forth evil Things.

Matt. xii. 37. By thy Words thou shalt be condemned.

xv. 18. The Things that proceed out of the Mouth, come forth from the Heart and defile the Man,

1 Cor. xv. 3. Evil Communications corrupt good Manners.

James iii. 5. The Tongue is a little Member and boafteth great Things.

Ver. 6. The Tongue is a Fire, a World of Iniquity, it defileth the whole Body. Ver. 8, 9, 10.

2 Pet. ii. 12. Those as natural brute Beasts, speak Evil of those Things they understand not.

179. Words of the Wicked againft God. Jude Ver. 14. The Lord cometh with ten thousands of his Saints.

Ver. 15. To execute Judgment and to convince all that are ungodly of their ungodly Speeches which they have ungodly spoken against him.

180. Evil Speaking. Pf. xii. 3. The Lord shall cut off the Tongue that speaketh proud Things.

Ver. 4. Who have said with our Tongue, will we prevail, our Lips are our own, who is Lord over us?

Ps. xli. 5. Mine Enemies speak Evil of me. Ver. 6. 1. 19. Thou giveft thy Mouth to Evil. Ver. 21. I will reprove thee faith God.

Eph. iv. 31. Let all Bitterness and Wrath, and Clamour, and evil Speaking be put away from you, with all Malice.


. Tit. iii. 2. Speak Evil of no Man. Ver. 6. Be not Brawlers. 3. 9.

James iv. 11. Speak not Evil one of another.

1 Pet. ii. 1. Laying aside all Malice, and all Guile, and Hypocrisies and Envies, and Evil-speaking. Ver. 2. As new born Babes desire the sincere Milk of the Word.

1 Pet. iii. 10. He that will love Life and see good Days, let him refrain his Tongue from Evil. Pf. 34. 13. See Pf. 140. 11.

1 Pet.


181. Talkativeness, Rashness with the Tongue. Job v. 2. Should a Man of much Talk be justified ? xlii

. 3 Job faid, who is he that hideth Counsel without Knowledge ? therefore have I uttered that I understood not, .Things too wonderful for me, which I knew not,

Pf.cvi. 33. They provoked Mofes Spirit, so that he spake unadvisedly with his Lips. Kkk 2


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