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God of Israel and fought him, he was found of them. Ch. 30. 6.9:
Neh. i. 9-9. 28.

Pr. Ixxiv. 34. They returned and enquired early after God.
Ver. 38. He forgave their Iniquity.
cxix. 59. I turned my Feet unto thy Testimonies.

Ver. 65. Thou hast dealt well with thy Servant, according to the
Word, 2 Kings 23. 25.

Jonah iii. 10. God saw the Works of the Ninevites, that they turned from their evil Way, and God repented him of the Evil that he had faid he would do unto them, and he did it not, Matt. 12. 41. 6. Turning to God enjoyned by Commands, enforced by Tbreatenings against

those who turn not from Sin. 2 Kings xvii. 13. The Lord testified against Israel and Judah by the Prophets and Seers, saying, turn ye from your evil Ways.

Ver. 14. But they would not hear.

Ver. 18. The Lord was angry, and removed them out of his Sight. Jer. 44. 4, 5, 6.

Neh. ix. 26. They flew the Prophets which teftified against them, to turn them to thee.

Ver. 27. Therefore thou delivered ft them into the Hand of their Enemies.

Ver. 35. They have not served thee in thy great Goodness, neither turned from their Wickedness.

Ver. 36. Behold, we are Servants in great Distress, Ver. 37.

Job xxxvi. 10. He openeth their Ear to Discipline, and commandeth that they return from Iniquity.

Ver. 11. If they obey and serve him, they shall spend their Days in Prosperity, and their Years in Pleasure,

Ver. 12. If they obey not, they shall perish by the Sword, &c. and die without Knowledge.

Pf. vii. 12. If the Wicked turn not, God will whec his Sword, he hath bent his Bow and made it ready.

Ver. 13. He hath also prepared for him the Instruments of Death.

Isa. xxxi. 6. Turn ye to him from whom the Children of Israel have deeply revolted.

Jer. v. 3. Thou hast stricken them, but they have not grieved, thou hast consumed them, but they have refused to receive Correction. They have made their faces harder than a Rock, they have refused to

Ver. 4. Therefore I said, surely these are poor, they are foolish.
Ver. 6. A Lion out of the Forest shall slay thein, &c.

viii. 5. Why is this People lidden back with a perpetual Backsiding, they refuse to return.

Ver. 6. No Man repented him of his Wickedness, saying, What have I done ? Every one turned to his Course as the Horse rulleth into the Battle, Hof, u. s.

xv. 7. I will destroy my People fith they return not from their Ways.

xviii. 11. Thus faith the Lord, behold I frame Evil against you, return ye now every one from his evil Way, and make your Ways and your Doings good, Ch. 35. 15.

xxiii. 14. T'he false Prophets strengthen the Hands of Evil-doers, that Man doth return from his Wickedgefs,




Jer. xxiii. 15. Therefore, thus faith the Lord of Hosts, concerning the Prophets, behold I will feed them with Wormwood, and make them drink the Water of Gall, Ezek. 13. 22.

xxv. 4. The Lord sent unto you his Servants the Prophets.

5. They said, turn ye every one from his evil Way, and from the Evil of your Doings and dwell in the Land, &c. Ver.


ye have not hearkened unto nie, faith the Lord. See Threats to Ver. 12. Ch. 26. 3.-36. 3. 7.

Ezek. iii. 9. If thou warn the Wicked, and he turn not from his Wickedness, he shall die in his Iniquity, but thou hast delivered thy Soul. Ch. 33. 9.

Dan. ix. 13. All this Evil is come upon us, yet made we not our Prayer before the Lord our God, that we might turn from our Iniquities.

Ver. 14. Therefore hath the Lord watched upon the Evil, and brought it upon us.

Zech. 1. 4. 6.
Hos. v. 3. I know Ephraim, and Israel is not hid from me.
Ver. 4. They will not frame their Doings to turn unto their God.

Ver. 14. I will be unto Ephraim as a Lion, and as a young Lion to the House of Judah, I will tear and I will take away, and none shall rescue.

Ver. vii. 9. Grey Hairs are here and there upon Ephraim, and he knoweth it not

Ver. 10. The Pride of Israel doth testify to his Face, and they do not return to the Lord their God, nor seek hiin for all this. Ver.

13 Wo unto them, Destruction unto them, they return but not to the Most High, Ch. 11.5.

XV. 1. O Israel, return unto the Lord thy God, for thou haft fallen hy thine Iniquity.

Am. iv. 6. I have given you Cleanness of Teeth and want of Bread, yet have ye not returned unto me, faith the Lord, Ver. 8, 9, 10, 11.

Jer. iv. 3. Thus saich the Lord, to them of Judah and Jerusalem, break up your fallow Ground, and low not among Thorns.

Ver. 4. Circumcise yourselves to the Lord, and take away the Foreskins of your Hearts, left my Fury come forth like Fire, and burn that none can quench it. Hof. 10. 12.

Matt. xviii. 3. Except converted, and become as little Children, ye shall not enter into the Kingdom of Heaven.

7. The Cause and Means of Repentance and Conversion, God the Cause ; this implied in Prayers made to God for it, and other Expressions, ascribing it to God as his Gift.

Pf. 1xxx. 3. Turn us again, O God, and cause thy Face to shine, and we shall be saved, Ver. 7. 19.

Ixxxv. 4. Turn us, O God of our Salvation, and cause thine Anger towards us to cease. Song i. 4.

Draw me, we will run after thee. Jer. xxxi. 18. Turn thou me and I shall be turned, for thou art the Lord


God. Ver. 19. After that I was turned, I repented, and after that I was Instructed I smote upon my Thigh, I was afhamed, yea even confounded, because I did bear the Reproach of my Youth, 'Nnn


Lam. v. 21. Turn thou us unto thee, O Lord, and we shall be turned.

Acts xi. 18. They said, then hath God also to the Gentiles granted Repentance unto Lilé.

Ver. 21. The Hand of the Lord was with the Disciples, and a great Number believed and turned unto the Lord.

Rom. ii. 4. The Goodness of God leadeth to Repentance.

2 Tim. ii. 25. In Meekness instructing those that oppofe themselves, if God peradventure will give them Řepentance to the Acknowledgment of the Truth.

8. Jesus Christ giveth Repentance. Aas iii. 26. God having raised up his Son Jesus, sent him to bless you in turning away every one of

you from his Iniquities.

v. 31. Him hath God exalted a Prince and a Saviour to give Repena tance to Ifrael, and Forgiveness of Sins,

9. God's Law a Mean of converting Sinners. Pr. xix. 4. The Law of the Lord is perfect, converting the Soul,

Luke xvi. 30. And he said, nay, Father Abraham; but if one went unto them from the Dead, they will repent.

Ver. 31. If they hear not Moses and the Prophets, neither will they be persuaded though one rose from the Dead.

io. The winifry a Mean of converting Sinners. Ezek, iii. 19. If thou warn the Wicked, and he turn not from his Wickedness, he thall die in his Iniquity, but thou hatt delivered thy Soul, Ch. 33. 9.

Dan. xii. 3. They that turn many to Righteousness shall shine as the Stars for ever and ever. James 5. 19. Prov. 11. 30.

Luke i. 16. Many of the Children of Israel shall John Baptist turn to the Lord their God, Ch. 22. 32.

Acts xxvi. 17. The Lord said to Paul, I send thee to open Mens Eyes, to turn them from Darkness to Light, and from the Power of Satan unto God, that they may receive the Forgiveness of Sins, and an Inheritance among all thein that

are fanctified, by Faith that is in me. 11. Repentance promised. Pf. xxii. 27. All the Ends of the World fhall reinember and turn to the Lord, Pf. 51.3.-110. 3.

Ifa. i. 27. Zion fhall be redeemed with Judgment, and her Converts with Righteousness.

x. 21. The Remnant shall return unto the mighty God, Mic. 5. 3. Ix. 5. The Abundance of the Sea shall be converted unto thee,

and the Forces of the Gentiles shall come unto thee, Ch. 55. 7.

Jer. xxiv. 7. They shall return unto me with their whole Heart. Hof.ii. 7. The Church shall say, I wili return unto my first Husband,

xiv. 7. They that dwell under his Shadow shall return, they shall revive as the Corn, and grow as the Vine.

12. Self Examination needful to Repentance, 1 Kings viii. 38. Know every Man the Plague of his own Heart.

Pl. iv. 4. Commune with your own Heart, on your Bed and be ftill. lxxvii. 6. My Spirit made diligent Search.

cxix. 59. I thought upon my ways, and turned my Feet unto thy Testimonies,

Lam. iii. 40. Let us search and try our Ways and turn again to the Lord.

! Cor. xi. 28. Let a Man examine himself,

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2 Cor. xii. 5. Examine yourselves, prove your own selves.
Gal. vi.


Man prove his own Work.
13. Confiderations needful to Repentance. Deut. iv. 39, Consider in
thine Heart, that the Lord he is God in Heaven above, and in the Earth

1 Sam. xii. 24. Consider how great Things the Lord hath done for thee.

Job xxiii. 15. When I consider him, I am afraid.
Pl. cxix. 95. I will consider thy Testimonies.
Eccl. vii

. 14. In the Day of Adversity consider.
Isa. xli. 20. Consider, that the Hand of the Lord hath done this.

Ezek. xii. 3. It may be they will consider, though they be a rebellious House. Ch. 18. 14.

Hag. i. 5. Thus faith the Lord, consider your Ways.

2 Tim. ii. 7. Consider, and the Lord give thee Understanding in all Things. For considering God's Works. See Job 37. 14. Pf. 8. 3. 64.9. Eccl. 7.13. Ifa. 52. 15. Jer. 20. 24.

14. The Inconsideration of the Wicked. Deut. xxxii. 29. O that they would consider their latter End.

Pf. 1. 22. Conlider ye that forget God, left I tear you in Pieces, and there be none to deliver.

Eccl. v. 1. They consider not that they do Evil.

Ifa. i. 3. Ifrael doth not know, my People doth not consider. Ch.54 12. Pf. 82. 5.-94.8. xliv.


None confidereth in his Heart. Ch. 47.7. Ver. 20. A deceived Heart hath turned him afide, he cannot deliver his Soul, nor say, is there not a Lie in my right Hand.

Jer. ii. 10. Consider, hath a Nation changed their Gods, but my People have changed their Glory:

x. 8. They are altogether brutish. Ver. 14. Ch. 51. 17.21.

Hof. vii. 2. They consider not in their Hearts that I remeļnber all their Wickedness. Matt. vii

. 3. Thou considereít not the Beam that is in thine Eye. ix. 45. Ye know not what manner of Spirits ye are of.

Luke xix. 42 If thou had it known the Things that belong to thy Peace, but now they are hid from thine Eyes.

Rev. iii. 17. Thou sayît I'am rich, and increased with Goods, and have need of Nothing, and knoweft not, that thou art wretched and iniserable, and poor, and blind, and naked.

15. The Case of thoie who withsiand the appointed means of Repentance. Matt. xiii. 13. Jesus said, I speak to them in Parables, because they see ng, see not, and hearing they hear not, neither do they under ftand.

Ver. 14. And in them is fulfilled the Prophecy of Ifaias, which saya eth, by hearing ye shall hear and shall not understand, and seeing ye shall see, and ihall not perceive. Ifa. 6.9.

Ver. 15. For this people's Heart is waxed gross, and their Ears are dull of hearing, and their Eyes they have closed, lest at any Time they í fhould see with their Eyes and hear with their Ears, and should under

itand with their Heart, and should be converted and I should heal them. Mark 4. 12. Luke 8. 10. John 12. 40. Acts 28. 26. Rom. 11.8. Nana



Luke xvi. 30. Dives said, if one went from the Dead unto my Brethren they will repent.

Ver. 31. Abraham said, if they hear not Moses and the Prophets, neither will they be pertwaded, though one rose from the Dead.

xix. 4'. Jelus wept orer Jerusalem, saying,

Ver. 42. It thou hadit known in this thy Day the Things which belong unto thy Peace, but now they are hid from thine Eyes.

Rom. ii. 5 Alter thy Hardness and impenitent Heart, thou treasurest up unto thyself Wrath against the Day of Wrath.

Heb. vi. 4. It is impotlible for those who were once enlightned, and have tasted of the heavenly Gift and were made Partakers of the Holy Choft,

Ver. 5. And have tasted the good Word of God, and the Powers of the World to conne,

Ver. 6. If they fall away, to renew them again to Repentance, seeing they crucily to themselves the Son of God afresh, and


him to open Shame.

xii. 17. Efau found no Place for Repentance, though he fought it carefully with Tears. Matt. 27. 7.

Gen. vi. 3. God faith my Spirit shall not always strive with Man. Pf. 95. 8. Harden not your Hearts. Heb. 3. 8. 15.-4.7.

16. Sorrow for Sin. Pf. xiii 3. How long shall I take Counsel in my Soul, having Sorrow in my Heart daily?

xxxviii. 17. I am ready to halt, my Sorrow is continually before me. Ver. 18. I will declare mine Iniquity, I will be sorry for my Sin.

Ixix. 29. I am poor and forrowful, let thy Salvation, o God, fet me on High. Ps. 116. 3. 4. Eccl

. vii. 3. Sorrow is better than Laughter. Prov, 14. 13. Jer. xxxi. 25. I have faciated every weary Soul, I have replenished every sorrowful Soul.

Zeph. ii. 18. I will gather them that are sorrowful for the solemn Attembly.

John xvi. 20. Your Sorrow shall be turned into Joy.
Rom. ix. 2. I have continual Sorrow in my Heart.
2 Cor. vi. 10. As forrowful yet always rejoicing.

9 to 12. Ye forrowed to Repentance. 17. Mourning for Sin. Exod. xxxiii. 4. When the People heard God's Threatenings againit them they mourned Numb. 14. 39.

. Ezra x. 6. Ezra mourned because of the Transgreslions of those that had been carried Captive.

Neh. i. 4. Nehemiah wept and mourned, faited and prayed, and said, &c.

Job v. 11. God doth great Things, that those that mourn may be exalted.

Ps. xxxviii. 6. I go mourning all the Day. Pl. 42.9.-43. 2.

lv. 2. Attend unto me and hear me, I mourn in my Complaint. Pf. 43. 2.

Ifa. xxxviii. 14. Like a Crane or a Swallow, so did I chatter, I did mourn as a Dove. Ifa. 59. 11.

lvii. 18. I will rettore Comforts unto him and to his Mourners. Jxi. 2. The Lord hath sent me to Comfort all that mourn. Ver. 3. To give unto them that mourn in Zion, Beauty for Alhes,


Ver. 8.9.


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