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Iniquities are increased over our Heads, and our Trespass is grown up
unto the Heavens. Ver. 7. 13. 15. Pf. 38. 4.-40. 12.
Neh. i. 6. Both I and my Father's House have finned.
Ver. 7. We have dealt very corruptly against thee.

Jer. 14. 20.
Pf. 106. 6.

ix. 16. They dealt proudly and hardned their Necks, and hearkned not to thy Commandments.

Ver. 26. They were disobedient and rebelled against thee and caft thy Laws behind their Backs.

Ver. 35. They have not ferved thee in thy great Goodness, neither turned they from their wicked Works.

Job xiii. 23. How many are mine Iniquities and my Sins, make me to know my Tranfgreffions and my Sins.

xiv. 4. Who can bring a clean Thing out of an unclean.

XV. 14. What is Man that he should be clean? and he that is born of a Woman, that he fhould be righteous. 1 Kings 8 46.

Ver. 15. Behold he putteth no Truft in his Saints, and the Heavens are not clean in his Sight,

xl. 4. Behold I am vile what fhall I anfwer thee? I will lay mine Hand upon my Mouth.

P. xxxviii. 18. I will declare mine Iniquity, I will be forry for my Sin. Pf. 32. 5.

li. 3. I acknowledge my Tranfgreffions, my Sin is ever before me. Ver. 5. Behold I was fhapen in Iniquity, and in Sin did my Mother conceive me.

Ixix, 5. Q God thou knoweft my Foolishness, and my Sins are not hid from thee, Pi. 130.3. If thou, Lord, fhouldft mark Iniquity,O Lord, who fhould ftand?

Prov. xx. 9. Who can fay I have made my Heart clean? I am pure from my Sin? 1 John 1. 8. If we fay we have no Sin we deceive ourfelves, and the Truth is not in us.

Eccl. vii. 2o. There is not a juft Man upon Earth that doth good and finneth not.

Ifa. lix. 12. Our Tranfgreffions are multiplied before thee, and our Sins teftify against us.

lxiv. 6. We are all as an unclean Thing and all our Righteoufneffes are as filthy Rags, and we all do fade as a Leaf, and our Iniquities like the Wind have taken us away.


Jer. xiv. 7. Our Backflidings are many, we have finned against thee: Ver. 20. Luke 3. 42.

Dan. ix. 5. We have finned and have committed Iniquity, and have done wickedly and have rebelled, even by departing from thy Precepts, and from thy Judgments.

Ver. 8. O Lord to us belongeth Confufion of Face, to our Kings, to our Princes, and to our Fathers, because we have finned against thee. Ver.

10. II.

Rom. vii. 18. In my Flesh dwelleth no good Thing.

Ver. 21. I find a Law that when I would do Good, Evil is prefent with me.

Ver. 23. I fee a Law in my Members, warring against the Law of my Min6, and bringing me into Captivity to the Law of Sin, which is in my Members.

36. Amendment. Deut. x. 16. Circumcife the Foreskin of your Heart, and be no more ftiff-necked. Jer. 4. 4,


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Job xxxv. 31, 32. If I have done Iniquity, I will do no more.
Ifa. i. 16. Cease to do Evil, learn to do well.

Jer. vii. 3. Amend your Ways and your Doings. Ver. 15. Ch. 26, 13.35.15.

Matt. iii. 8. Bring forth Fruits meet for Repentance. Luke 3.8.
John v. 14. Sin no more. Ch. 8. 11. Pf. 4. 4. Stand in awe and fin


Rom. vi. 1. Shall we continue in Sin, &c. God forbid.

Eph. v. 14. Awake thou that fleepeft, arise from the Dead. See dead Works.

James iv. 8.

Cleanse your Hands, purify your Hearts.


37. Fruitfulness in Religion. Pf. i. 3. He fhall be like a Tree planted by the Rivers of Water that bringeth forth his Fruit in his Season.

xcii. 14. They fhall bring forth Fruit in old Age, they shall be fat and flourishing. See Ver. 12. 13. Pf. 84. 7.

Prov. iv. 18. The Path of the Juft is as the fhining Light that shineth, &c.

lía. v. 4. What could have been done more to my Vineyard that I have not done in it, to make it fruitful.

Jer. xxxi. 12. Their Soul shall be as a watered Garden. Mal. 4. 2. Hof. xiv. 5. I will be as the Dew unto Ifrael, he fhall grow as the Lily, and caft forth his Roots as Lebanon.

Ver. 8. I am like a green Fir-tree; from me is thy Fruit found.
Matt. vii. 16. Ye shall know them by their Fruits. Ver. 20. Ch.


Ver. 17. Every good Tree bringeth forth good Fruit. Ch. 13.23. Mark 12. 2.

John xv. 2. Every Branch that beareth Fruit he purgeth that it may bring forth more Fruit. Matt. 13. 12.

Ver. 5. I am the Vine ye are the Branches, he that abideth in me and I in him, the fame bringeth forth much Fruit, for without me ye can do Nothing.

John xv. 8. Herein is my Father glorified that ye bear much Fruit, fo fhall ye be my Difciples. that ye


fhould go and

Ver. 16. I have chofen and ordained you bring forth Fruit.

Rom. vi. 22. Being made free from Sin ye have your Fruit unto Holinefs, and the End everlasting Life. Ch. 7. 4.

Eph. iv. 15. Grow up unto Chrift in all Things.

Eph. v. 9. The Fruit of the Spirit is in all Righteoufnefs, Goodnefs and Truth.

Phil. i. 11. Being filled with the Fruits of Righteousness which are by Jefus Chrift, to the Praife and Glory of God.

Col. i. 10. Walk worthy of the Lord to all pleafing being Fruitful in every good Work. Ch. 6.-2.7.

James iii. 17. The Wisdom from above is full of good Fruits.

Pet. ii. 2. Defire the fincere Milk of the Word that ye may grow


2 Pet. i. 8. If thefe Things be in you and abound, they make you that ye shall neither be barren nor unfruitful in the Knowledge of our Lord and Saviour Jefus Chrift.

iii. 18. Grow in Grace, and in the Knowledge of our Lord and Saviour Jefus Chrift.

Jude Ver. 20. Building yourfelyes up in your moft holy Faith.


Of Death.

HE Shortness of Human Life. Gen. xlvii. 9. Jacob faid, few. and evil have the Days of the Years of my Life been, Job 14. 1. Man that is born of a Woman is of few Days.


1 Sam. xx. 3. There is but a Step between me and Death.

1 Chron. xxix. 15. Our Days on Earth are as a Shadow, and there

is none abiding. Job 8. 9. Pf. 102. !! —144. 4. Zech 1. 5.
Job vii. 6. Our Days are swifter than a Weaver's Shuttle.
ix. 25. Our Days are swifter than a Poft, they fly away.

Ver. 26. They are paffed away as the fwift Ships, and as the Eagle that hafteth to the Prey.

xvi. 22. When a few Years are come, then I shall go the Way whence I fhall not return.

xvii. 1. My Days are extinct, my Breath is corrupt, the Graves are ready for me.

Pf. xxxix. 4. Lord, make me to know mine End, and the Measure of my Days, what it is, that I may know how frail I am.

Ver. 5. Behold thou haft made my Days as an Hand-breadth, and mine Age is as Nothing before thee; verily every Man at his best Estate is altogether Vanity,

Ver. 13. O fpare me, that I may recover Strength before I go hence and be no more. Pf, 90. 3. 5.6. 10. 12.

ciii. 15. Man's Days are as Grafs, as a Flower of the Field, so he flourisheth.

Ver. 16. For the Wind paffeth over it, and it is gone, and the Place thereof. fhall know it no more. Ifa. 40. 6, 7, 8. James 1. 10.

I Pet.

I. 24.

James iv. 14. Our Life is even a Vapour, that appeareth for a little Time, and then vanisheth away, Heb. 13. 14. Here we have no continuing City. 1 Chron 29. 15. There is none abiding.

2. Of the Term, or Boundary of Human Life. Job vii. 1. Is there not an appointed Time for Man upon Earth? Are not his Days like the Days of an Hireling?

xiv. 5. Man's Days are determined, the Number of his Months are with thee, thou haft appointed his Bounds that he cannot país.

Ver: 14. All the Days of my appointed Time will I wait till my Change come.

Pf. xc. 10. The Days of our Years are threefcore years and ten, and

if by Reason of Strength they be fourfcore years, yet is their Strength, Labour and Sorrow, for it is foon cut off and we fly away.

Eccl. iii. 2. A Time to be born and a Time to die.

Matt. vi. 27. Which of you can add one Cubit to his Stature (or Age)?

Acts xvii 26. God hath made of one Blood all Nations of Men that dwell on the Face of the Earth, and hath determined the Times, before appointed, and the Bounds of their Habitation.

13. The Time of Life is in God's Hand. Job. v. 18. The Lord maketh fore and he bindeth up, he woundeth and his Hands make whole.

i Sam. ii. 6. The Lord killeth and he maketh alive, he bringeth down to the Grave and he raifeth up, Deut. 32. 39.

Pf. lxviii. 20. Unto God the Lord belong the Iffues from Death, Pf. 9. 13.—103. 4..

Dan. v. 23. God in whofe Hand thy Breath is, and whose are all thy Ways.

Acts xvii. 28. In him we live, and move, and have our Being. Rev. i. 18. I have the Keys of Hell and of Death, faith Christ. 4. Death prevailing over all Mankind, of every Character, Rank and Station. Jof. xxiii. 14. Joshua faid, I am going the Way of all the Earth, 1 Kings 2. 2.

Job iv. 19. Mortal Men dwell in Houses of Clay, their Foundation is in the Dust, they are crushed before the Moth.

Ver. 20. They are deftroyed from Morning to Evening, they perish for ever without any regarding it.

Ver. 21. Doth not their Excellency that is in them go away? they die without Wisdom.

vii. 9. He that goeth down to the Grave fhall come up no more.

Ver. 10. He fhall return no more to his Houfe, neither fhall his Place know him any more.

ix. 22. God destroyeth the Perfect and the Wicked.

xiv. 2. Man cometh forth like a Flower, and is cut down.

Ver. 10. Man dieth and wasteth away, yea Man giveth up the Ghost and where is he?

Ver. 12. Man lyeth down, and rifeth not till the Heavens be no more, they shall not awake nor be raised out of Sleep.

Ver. 19. Thou destroyeft the Hope of Man.

Ver. 20. Thou prevaileft for ever against him, and he paffeth, thou changeft his Countenance and fendeft him away.

xvii. 13. If I wait, the Grave is mine Houfe, Ver. 1.

Ver. 14. I have faid to Corruption thou art my Father, and to the Worm, thou art my Mother and Sifter.

Ver. 15. And where is now my Hope?

xxi. 23. One dieth in his full Strength, being wholly at Eafe and Quiet.

Ver. 24. His Breasts are full of Milk, and his Bones moiftened with Marrow.

Ver. 25. Another dieth in the Bitterness of his Soul, and never eateth with Pleasure.

Ver. 26. They shall lie down alike in the dust, and the Worms shall Bover them.

xxiv. 24. The Mighty are exalted for a little while, but are gone and 0 0 0 2


brought low, they are taken out of the Way as all others, and cut oft as the Tops of the Ears of Corn, Eccl. 8.8. Neither shall Wickedness deliver thofe that are given to it.

Job xxx. 23. I know that thou wilt bring me to Death, and to the House appointed for all Living, Eccl. 8. 8. There is no Discharge in that War.

xxxiv. 14. If he fet his Heart upon Man, and if he gather unto him his Spirit and his Breath.

Ver. 15. All Flefh fhall perish together, and Man fhall turn again to Duft.

Pf. xlix. 7. They that truft in their Wealth, none of them can by any Means redeem his Brother, nor give to God a Ransom for him. Ver. ix. That he should live for ever and not fee Corruption.

Ver. 10. Wife Men die, likewise the Fool and the brutish Perfon perish, and leave their Wealth to others, Ver. 11 to 14.

lxxxii. 6. I have faid ye are Gods, and all of you Children of the moft High.

Ver. 7. But ye fhall die like Men, Pf. 146. 4.

lxxxix. 48. What Man is he that liveth and shall not fee Death? Shall he deliver his Soul from the Hand of the Grave?

xc. 3. Thou turneft Men to Destruction.

Ver. 5. Thou carrieft them away as with a Flood, they are as a Sleep in the Morning, they are like Grafs that groweth up.

Ver. 6. In the Morning it flourisheth and groweth up, in the Evening it is cut down and withereth.

Eccl. i. 4. One Generation cometh and another goeth. ii. 16. How dieth the wife Man? as the Fool.

viii. 8. No Man hath Power over the Spirit to retain the Spirit, neither hath he Power in the Day of Death, and there is no Discharge in that War.

xii. 5. Man goeth to his long Home, and the Mourners go about the Streets.

Ver. 7. The Duft shall return to Duft as it was, and the Spirit shall return unto God who gave it.

5. Preparative Duties for Death. Deut. xxxii. 29. O that they were wife, that they would confider their latter End.

Pf. xc. 12. So teach us to number our Days, that we may apply our Hearts to Wisdom, Pf. 39. 4.

John ix. 4. I must work the Works of him that fent me, while it is Day, the Night cometh when no Man can work.

1 Pet. i. 17. Pafs the Time of your fojourning here in Fear, Matt.

10. 28.

6. No preparative Duties are to be performed after Death. Ifa. xxxviii, 18. The Grave cannot praife thee, Death cannot celebrate thee, they that go down to the Pit cannot hope for thy Truth.

Ver. 19. The Living, the Living, he fhall praife thee as I do this Day. See Pf. 6. 5.-30. 9.-88. 10, 11, 12.—115. 17. Eccl. 9. 10.

7. The Death of the Righteous happy. Pf. xxxi. 5. Into thine Hand 1 commit my Spirit, O Lord, Acts 7. 59.

xxxvii. 37. Mark the perfect Man, and behold the upright, for the

End of that Man is Peace.

cxvi. 11. Precious in the Sight of the Lord is the Death of his Saints.


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