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Pf. xcv. 5. The Sea is his, he made it, his Hands formed the dry Land.

civ. 10. He fendeth the Springs into the Valleys.

Prov. viii. 27. He prepared the Heavens, he fet a Compass upon the Face of the Depth.

Ver. 28. He established the Clouds above, he ftrengthened the Fountains of the Deep. Ver. 29. He gave pafs his Commandment.

to the Sea his Decree, that the Waters should not

Ifa. xl. 12. Who hath measured the Waters, in the hallow of his Hand.

xliii. 16. The Lord maketh a Way in the Sea, and a Path in the mighty Waters.

Ver. 20. I give Waters in the Wilderness, and Rivers in the Defert, Ch. 48. 21.

Jonah i. 9. I fear the Lord God of Heaven, which hath made the Sea, and the dry Land.

Nah. i. 3. The Lord hath his Way in the Whirlwind, and in the Storm, and the Clouds are the Duft of his Feet.

Ver 4. He rebuketh the Sea and maketh it dry, and dryeth up all the Rivers.

5: Summer and Winter. Pf. lxxiv. 16. The Day is thine, the Night alfo is thine, thou haft prepared the Light and the Sun.

Ver. 17. Thou hast set all the Borders of the Earth, thou haft made Summer and Winter.

6. North and South. Job xxvi. 7. He ftretcheth out the North over the empty Places, and hangeth the Earth upon Nothing.

Pf. lxxxix. 12. The North and South thou haft created them.

7. Clouds. Job xxvi. 8. He bindeth up the Waters in his thick Clouds, and the Cloud is not rent under them. Ver. 9.

xxxvi. 29. Can any understand the spreadings of the Clouds? Ver. 30. 32. See Pf. 104. 3.-147. 8. Prov. 8. 28.

Wind. Job xxviii. 25. He maketh a Weight for the Winds, and he weigheth the Waters by Measure. Ch 37. 16. the ballancings of the Clouds. Prov. 30. 4. Am. 4. 13.

8. Rain. Job xxviii. 26. He made a Decree for the Rain, and a way for the Lightening of the Thunder.

Pf. cxxxv. 7. He maketh Lightenings for the Rain, and bringeth the Wind out of his Treafures. Jer. 51. 16.

Jer. x. 13. When he uttereth his Voice, there is a Multitude of Wáters in the Heavens, and he causeth the Vapours to afcend from the ends of the Earth, he maketh Lightenings with Rain, and bringeth forth the Wind out of his Treasures. Ch. 14. 22. Ch. 51. 16.

9. The Inhabitants of the Sea. Gen. i. zo. God faid let the Waters bring forth abundantly, the moving Creature that hath Life, and Fowl that may fly above the Earth, in the open Firmament of Heaven.

Ver. 21. And God created great Whales, and every living Creature that moveth, which the Waters brought forth abundantly after their Kind; and every winged Fowl after his Kind, and God faw that it was Good. Pf. 8. 8.

H 2

10. The inferior Creatures of the dry Land. Gen. i. 24. God faid let the

the Earth bring forth the living Creature after his Kind, Cattle, and creeping Things, and Beaft of the Earth after his Kind, and it was fo.

Gen. i. 25. And God made the Beast of the Earth after his Kind, and Cattle after their Kind, and every Thing that creepeth upon the Earth after his Kind, and God faw that it was good.

11. Grass, Herbs, and Trees. Gen. i. 11. And God faid let the Earth bring forth Grafs, the Herb yielding Seed, and the Fruit Tree yielding Fruit after his Kind, whofe Seed is in itself upon the Earth, and it was fo.

Ver. 12. And the Earth brought forth Grafs and Herb, yielding Seed after his Kind, and the Tree yielding Fruit, whofe Seed was in itself after his Kind, and God faw that it was Good. Gen. 2. 4, 5.

Creation of Man.

12. His Body. Gen. ii. 7. God formed Man of the Duft of the Ground, Job 33. 6.

iii. 19. Duft thou art, and unto Duft fhalt thou return. Job 10. 9. Job x, 8. Thine Hands have made me, and fashioned me together round about. Pf. 119. 73-138. 8.

Ver. 11. Thou haft clothed me with Skin and Flesh, and haft fenced me with Bones and Sinews.

Pf. cxxxix. 14. I am fearfully and wonderfully made,

Ver. 15. My Subftance was not hid from thee, when I was made in Secret, and curiously wrought in the loweft Parts of the Earth.

Ver. 16. Thine Eyes did fee my Subftance, yet being imperfect, and in thy Book all my Members are written, which in Continuance were fashioned, when as yet there was none of them.

Acts xvii. 20. He made of one Blood all Nations that dwell on the Face of the Earth. Job 31. 15.

13. His Soul. Gen. ii. 7. The Lord breathed into his Noftrils the Breath of Life, and Man became a living Soul. Job ro. 12.

Job xxxiii. 4. The Spirit of God hath made me, and the Breath of the Almighty hath given me Life. Ifa. 42. 5.

Ifa. lvii. 16. I will not contend for ever, (faith the Lord,) for the Spirit should fail before me and the Souls which I have made.

Jer. xxxviii. 16 The Lord made us this Soul.

Zech. xii. 1. He formeth the Spirit of Man, within him.
1 Cor. xv. 14. Adam was made a living Soul.

14. Man's fpiritual State after his Creation. Gen. i. 37. God created Man in his own Image. Ch. 9. 6.

v. 1. In the Likenefs of God made he him.

Pf. viii. 5. Thou madeft Man, a little lower than the Angels, and crown'd him with Glory, and Honour. Heb. 2. 7.

Ver. 6. Thou madeft him to have Dominion over the Works of thy Hands.

Eccl. vii. 29. God made Man upright.

Jam. iii. 9. Men are made after the Similitude of God.

Col. iii. 1o. The new Man is renewed in Knowledge, after the Image of him that created him.


15. Man's firft Difobedience, or Fall from his happy State. Gen. ii. 16. The Lord God commanded the Man faying, of every Tree of the Garden thou mayeft freely eat.

Ver. 17. But of the Tree of the Knowledge of Good and Evil, thou halt not eat of it, for in the Day thou eateft thereof, thou shalt furely die.

iii. 6. The Woman took of the Fruit thereof and did eat, and gave also unto her Hufband with her and he did eat. 2 Cor. 11. 3. See Sentence pronounced against the Offenders. Ver. 14 to 20. 16. See the above Sin and its Confequences referred to, Rom. v. 12. By one Man Sin entered into the World, and Death by Sin.

Rom v. 15. Thro' the Offence of one many be dead.
Ver. 17. By one Man's Offence Death reigned.

Ver. 18. By the Offence of one, Judgment came upon all Men to Condemnation.

Ver. 19. By one Man's Difobedience many were made Sinners.


17. Their Number. Gen. xxxii. 1, 2. They are God's Hoft. 1 Kings 22. 19. 2 Chron. 18. 18. Heavenly Hoft. Luke 2. 13.

Pf. 1xviii. 17. The Chariots of God are twenty Thousand, even Thousands of Angels.

Dan. vii. 10. Thousands of Thousands miniftered unto him, and ten Thousand times ten Thoufand ftood before him.

Heb. xii. 22. An innumerable Company of Angels.

18. Their Names. Eph. i. 21. Angels, Authorities, Principalities, Powers, Mights, Thrones, Dominions. 1 Pet. 3. 22. Col. 1. 16. 2. 10. Cherubims. 1 Sam. iv. 4. 2 Sam. 6. 2. 2 Kings 19. 15. Pf. 18. 10.-80. 1.-99. 1. Seraphims. Ifa. 6. 2. 6.

Angels of God. Gen. xii. 17. Matt. 22. 30. Sons of God. Job 1. 8.—2. 1.—38. 7. Chrift's Angels. Rev. 22. 16. Michael's Angels. Rev. 12. 7.

Heb. 2.7.9.

19. Their Nature, they are Superior to Men. Pf. 8. 5. They are Spirits. Pf. 104. 4. Heb. 1. 7. Holy. Rev. 14. 10. Elect. 1 Tim. 5. 21.

They Excel in Wisdom and Knowledge. 2 Sam. 14. 20. They excel in Utterance, or fpeaking Tongues. 1 Cor. 13. 1. 20. They excel in Strength. Pf. 103. 4.

They were created by Chrift, Col. 1. 16.

They are fellow Servants to the Prophets and Apostles, and are. not to be worshipped. Judg. 13. 16. Col. 2. 18. 22. 9.

Rev. 19. 10.

They look into Gofpel Myfteries concerning Chrift.
They are prefent in Chriftian Affemblies. 1 Cor. 11 10.
They fee the Behaviour of Chriftians. 1 Tim. 5. 21.
They fee the treatment Chriftians receive in the World.
4. 9.

Eph. 3. 10.

I Cor.

They behold the Face of God, for Chriftians. Matt. 18. 10. They rejoice at the Converfion of Sinners. Luke 15. 10.

21. Their Employment for the good of God's People, in various Inflances. Gen. xix. 15. An Angel haftened Lot out of Sodom. See Ver. 29.



Gen. xxii. 11. An Angel faved Ifaac from being flain. Ver. 12. xxiv. 40. Abraham faid to his Servant, the Lord before whom I walk will fend his Angel with thee, and profper thy Way. Ver. 7. xxviii. 12. Jacob dreamed and beheld a Ladder, and the Angels of God afcending and defcending. Heb.. I. 14. Are they not all miniftring Spirits, fent forth to minifter for them, who fhall be Heirs of Salvation.

xlviii, 16, An Angel redeemed Jacob, out of all Evil. Ch. 31. 11. 22. Inftances of the Care and Services of Angels for God's People, coming from Egypt.

Exod. 19 20. An Angel of God went before the Camp of Ifrael. Ch. 13. 21.-23. 20. 23.-32. 34-32. 2.

Numb. xx. 16. God fent his Angel and brought us out of Egypt. Zech. 12. 8..

Ifa. Ixiii 9. The Angel of his Presence faved them.

1 Kings xix. 5. 7. An Angel feeds and refreshes Elijah when perfecuted.

2 Kings vi. 17. Angels deliver Elisha from Enemies.

Pf. xxxiv. 7. The Angel of the Lord encampeth round about them that fear him, and delivereth them.

xci. 11. He shall give his Angels Charge over thee, to keep thee in all thy Ways.

Ver. 12. They shall bear thee up in their Hands, left thou dash thy Foot against a Stone.

Dan. iii. 25. 28. Angels faved three Jews, viz. Shedrach, Mefech and Abednego, from being burned in the fiery Furnace.

vi. 22. An Angel faved Daniel from being hurt in the Lyons Den.

Matt. 18. 10. Take heed that ye defpife not one of these little Ones, for fay unto you, that in Heaven their Angels do always behold the Face of my Father which is in Heaven.

Luke xvi. 22. The Beggar died, and was carried by Angels into Abraham's Bofom.

John 5. 4. An Angel went down at a certain Season, and troubled the Water, and whoever stepped in firft was healed.

Acts 5. 19, 20. An Angel delivered the Apoftles from Prifon. Ch. 12. 7. 11.

23. Revelations of God's Will and Directions given by Angels. Gen. xvi. 7. An Angel directs Hagar to return home, and informs her of the future Greatnefs of her Son's Pofterity. Ch. 21. 17. 18.

Gen. xviii. 2. 10. Angels foretel to Abraham the Birth of a Son, and the Deftruction of Sodom and Gomorrah.

xxii. 17. An Angel informs Abraham of the future Greatness of his Pofterity.

xxxi. 11. An Angel directs Jacob to return to his Country. Exod. iii. 2. 10. An Angel directs Mofes to deliver Ifrael. Deut. 33. 16. Acts 7. 30. 35. 38.

vi. 11. to 22. An Angel directs Gideon to deliver Ifrael from Enemies.

xiii. 3. to 21. An Angel foretels the Birth of Samfon.

2 Kings iii. 1. 15, 16. An Angel directs Elijah to deliver a Meffage


full of Reproof, to the King of Samaria, for confulting Heathen Gods about his Recovery.

Dan. viii. 17. 19. The Angel Gabriel explains to Daniel a Vision, concerning the delivery of the Jews. Ch. 9. 21. 22.

x. 11. An Angel expounds to Daniel, and encourages him. See to Ver. 22.

Zech. i. 9. to 20. An Angel expounds to the Prophets. See Chaps. 2. 3. 4. Ver. 1 to 8. Chaps. 5. 6. Ver. 1. to 9.

Acts vii. 53. The Law was delivered on Mount Sinai by Angels. Ver. 38. Gal. 3. 19. Heb. 2. 2.

viii. 26. By Direction of an Angel, Philip joins the Eunuch, and inftructs and baptifes him. See from Ver. 30 to 39.

x. 3. By Direction of an Angel Cornelius fends for Peter, to receive from him the Knowledge of Christ. Ver. 4. 6. 22. 30. Ch. 11.

13. 14.

xxvii. 24. By Information from an Angel, Paul declares the Safety of himself, and those who failed with him.

Rev. i. 1. The Revelation of Jefus Chrift, which God gave unto him, and he sent and fignified it by his Angel unto his Servant John. Ch. 22. 16.

xxii. 9. The Angel faid I am thy fellow Servant, and of thy Brethren the Prophets, and of them which keep the Sayings of this Book, Ch. 19. 10.

See other Revelations by Angels. Rev. 10. 1. 5. 6. 7:—11. 15.— 14. 6 to 19-17. 1.-18. 1. 21.

24. Angels inflict God's Judgments on the Wicked. Gen. iii. 24 When Adam and Eve had been turned out of Paradise, God planted Cherubims and a flaming Sword to keep the Way of the Tree of Life.

xix. 1. to 29. Sodom is destroyed by Angels.

Exod. xii. 29. The first born in Egypt flain by a destroying Angel. Ver. 23.

Numb. xxii. 22. The Angel of the Lord ftood in the Way for an Adversary against Balaam. See to Ver. 36.

Judg. ii. 1. 4. An Angel is fent to reprove Ifrael for Difobedi


2 Sam. 24. 16. An Angel ftretched out his Hand upon Jerufalem to destroy it, after he had flain in other Parts, seventy thousand Men by Peftilence. Ver. 15.

2 Kings xix 35. An Angel of the Lord fmote in the Camp of the Affyrians, an hundred fourfcore and five Thoufand. Ifa. 37. 36. Pf. xxxv. 5. Let the Angel of the Lord chafe the Wicked. Ver. 6. Let the Angel of the Lord perfecute them.

lxxviii. 49. He caft upon them the Fiercenefs of his Anger, Wrath and Indignation and Trouble, by fending evil Angels among them.

Acts xii. 23. An Angel of the Lord fmote Herod because he gave not God the Glory, and he was eaten of Worms.

Rev. vii. 2. To four Angels it was given to hurt the Earth and the


viii. 5. See to the End of this Chapter, and the whole 9th Chapter. xv. 1. Seven Angels, having the feven laft Plagues. thefe Plagues thro' the whole 16th Chapter.

Ver. 6. See

xx. 1. An Angel binds Satan. See also Ch. 19. 17.

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