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Jam. iv. 7. Refift the Devil, and he will flee from you.

i Pet. v. 8. Be fober, be vigilant, because your Adverfary the Devil, as a roaring Lion walketh about feeking whom he may devour. Ver. 9. Whom refift stedfast in the Faith.

Jude Ver. 9. Michael the Archangel faid, the Lord rebuke thee, Satan. Zech. 3. 2.



God's Government.


E is the King, Ruler and Governor of the World, having a Throne,

the God of all the Kingdoms of the Earth.

2 Chron. xxix. 11. Thine is the Kingdom, the Power and the Glory, and thou art exalted as head above all. Matt. 6. 13.

xx. 6. Art thou not God in Heaven, and ruleft not thou over all the Kingdoms of the Heathen, and in thine Hand is there not Power, and Might, fo that none is able to withstand thee?

Job xxv. ii. Dominion and Fear are with him, he maketh Peace in his high Places.

Pf. x. 16. The Lord is King for ever and ever.

xi. 4. The Lord's Throne is in Heaven, his Eyes behold, his Eye-lids try the Children of Men.

xxii. 28. The Kingdom is the Lord's and he is the Governor among the Nations.

xly. 6. Thy Throne, O God, is for ever and ever, the Sceptre of thy Kingdom is a right Sceptre.

xlvii. 2. The Lord moft High, is a great King over all the Earth.

Ver. 8. God reigneth over the Heathen, God fitteth on the Throne of his Holiness.

lxvi. 7. He ruleth by his Power for ever, his Eyes behold the Nations.

Ixxxix. 14. Juftice and Judgment are the Habitation of thy


xcv. 2. The Lord is a great God, and a great King above all Gods.

xcvii. 9. Clouds and Darkness are round about him, Righteousness and Judgment are the Habitation of his Throne.

ciii. 19. The Lord hath prepared his Throne in the Heavens, and his Kingdom ruleth over all.

cxlv. 13. Thy Kingdom is an everlasting Kingdom, and thy Dominion endureth throughout all Generations.

Prov. viii. 16. By me Princes rule over all the Nobles of the Earth. Ver. 15.

Ifa. xxxvii. 16. Thou art God, even thou alone, of all the Kingdoms of the Earth. Ch. 6. 5. The King, the Lord of Hofts.

lxvi. 1. The Heaven is my Throne, and the Earth is my Foot


Jer. x. 10. The Lord, he is the true God, he is the living God,


and an everlasting King, at his Wrath the Earth fhall tremble, and the Nations fhall not be able to abide his Indignation.

Dan. iv. 3. His Kingdom is an everlasting Kingdom, and his Dominion is from Generation to Generation. Ver. 34.

vi. 26. He is the living God, and ftedfast for ever, and his Kingdom is that which fhall not be deftroyed, and his Dominion fhall be even unto the End. Ch. 7. 14. 27.

1 Tim. vi. 15. He is the bleffed and only Potentate, the King of Kings and Lord of Lords.

2. God is the Law giver. giver, the Lord is our King.

Ifa. xxxiii. 22. The Lord is our LawJam. iv. 12. He is the one Law-giver, who is able to fave and to destroy.

3. God is the Judge. of the Earth. Gen. xviii. 25. The Judge of all the Earth. Pf. 94. 2. Heb. 12. 23.

Deut. xxii. 16. The Lord fhall judge his People. Eccl. 3. 17. He fhall judge the Righteous and the Wicked.

1 Sam. ii. 10. The Lord fhall judge the Ends of the Earth.

Pf. ix. 4. Thou fitteft in the Throne judging right.

1. 6. God is Judge himself. Pf. 76. 8.

xcvi. 13. He fhall judge the World with Righteousness, and the People with his Truth.

Counfels of God.

4. God bath his Counfels. Pf. xxxiii. 11. The Counsel of the Lord flandeth for ever, and the Thoughts of his Heart to all Generations. Prov. 19. 21.

Prov. viii. 14. Counsel is mine, and found Wisdom, I have Understanding.

Ifa xxv. 1. Thy Counfels of old, are Faithfulness and Truth. xxviii. 29 The Lord of Hofts, is wonderful in Counsel, and excellent in Working. Jer. 32. 19.

xl. 14. With whom took he Counsel, and who inftructed him? Ver. 17. All Nations before him are as Nothing.

xlvi. 10. My Counfel fhall ftand, I will do all my Pleasure.

Jer. xxxii. 19. The Lord of Hofts, great in Counsel and mighty in Work.

Acts ii. 23. Jefus was delivered by the determinate Counsel, and Fore-knowledge of God.

iv. 27. Against thy holy Child Jefus, whom thou hast anointed, both Herod, and Pontius Pilate, with the Gentiles and People of Ifrael, were gathered together.

Ver. 28. For to do whatsoever thy Hand and thy Counsel determined before to be done.

Heb. vi. 17. God willing to fhew the Immutability of his Counsel, confirmed (his Promise) by an Oath.

5. Purpose of God. Jer. li. 29. Every Purpofe of God, fhall be performed. See Purposes of God, concerning particular Nations. Ifa. 14. 24. 27.-19. 12.—23. 9.—46. 11—49. 20.


Rom. viii. 28. All Things work together for Good, to them that love God, to them who are the called, according to his Purpose. ix. 11. That the Purpose of God according to Election might ftand.

Ver. 12. It was faid, the elder Brother fhould ferve the younger. Ver. 17. Concerning Pharoah God faid, for this fame Purpose have I raised thee up, that I might shew my Power in thee.

Eph. i. 11. In Chrift we have obtained an Inheritance, being predeftinated, according to the Purpose of him who worketh all Things, after the Counsel of his own Will.

iii. 11. According to the eternal Purpose, which God purposed in Chrift Jefus our Lord,

2 Tim. i. 9. God hath faved us, and called us with an holy Calling, not according to our Works, but according to his own Purpose, and Grace, which was given us in Chrift Jefus, before the World began.

Will of God.

6. God doth Will. Job xxiii. 13. He is of one Mind, and who can turn him? and what his Soul defireth that he doth. Pf. 33. 11.

Dan. iv. 35. All the Inhabitants of the Earth are reputed as nothing, and he doth according to his Will, in the Army of Heaven, and among the Inhabitants of the Earth, and none can stay his Hand, or fay unto him, what doest thou? Job 33. 13.



Ifa. xlvi. 10. My Counsel shall stand, and I will do all
Iv. 11. My Word fhall accomplish that which I please.

7. Determinations of God. Job 14. 5. Man's Days are determined, the Number of his Months are with thee, thou haft appointed the Bounds that he cannot pass. Ver. 14. Acts 17. 26.

Ifa. x. 23. The Lord God of Hofts fhall make a Confumption, even determined in the midft of all the Land. Ch. 28. 22. Zeph. 3. 8.

Dan. ix. 24. Seventy Weeks are determined upon thy People, and upon thy holy City, to punish Tranfgreffion, and to make an End of Sins, and to make Reconciliation for Iniquity, and to bring in everlasting Righteousness, and to feal up the Vision and Prophecy, and to anoint the most Holy. Ver. 26, 27.

xi. 36. That that is determined shall be done.

Zeph. iii. 8. My Determination is to gather the Nations, to pour upon them mine Indignation.

Matt. xxvi. 24. The Son of Man goeth as it is determined of him. Acts 4. 28.

Ordinations of God.

8. Ordination, Things ordained of God. Pf. cxxxii. 17. I have ordained a Lamp for mine anointed.

Jer. i. 5. I ordained thee to be a Prophet to the Nations.

2 Tim.


Hab. ii. 12. Thou haft ordained (them, the Enemy,) for Judgment, and O mighty God, thou haft ordained them for Correction. John xv. 16. Jefus faid, I have ordained

you, that fhould


and bring forth Fruit. Eph. 2. 10.


Acsi. 21. 22. Of those Men must one be ordained, a Witness with us, of Christ's Refurrection.

! A&ts

Acts i. 23. And the Apostles appointed two, Jofeph and Matthias. Ver. 24. And they prayed and faid, thou Lord, which knoweft the Hearts of all Men, fhew whether of these two thou haft chofen. Ver. 25. That he may take Part of this Ministry.

Ver. 26. And they gave forth the Lots, and the Lot fell on Matthias. and he was numbered with the eleven Apostles.

Jude Ver. 14. There are certain Men crept in unawares, who were before of old ordained to this Condemnation, ungodly Men, turning the Grace of God into Lasciviousness, &c.

Decrees of God.

9. Decrees, Things decreed of God. Job xxviii. 26. He made a Decree for the Rain. Pf. 148. 6.

xxxviii. 10. He broke up for the Sea his decreed Place, and fet Bars and Doors. Prov. 8. 29. Jer. 5. 22.

Dan. iv. 24. This is the Decree of the most high God, that is come upon the King.

Zeph. ii. 2. Before the Decree break forth, before the Day of the Lord's Anger come upon you.

10. Appointments, Things appointed of God. 2 Sam., 17. 4. The Lord had appointed to defeat the Counfels of Ahitophel.

Job, vii. 1. Is there not an appointed Time for Man upon the Earth? -are not his Days like the Days of an Hireling. Ch. 14. 5. 14. Heb. 9. 27.

Prov. viii. 29. He appointed the Foundations of the Earth.

Dan. viii. 19. At the Time appointed, the End shall be. Ch. 11. 27. 35. Mic. vi. 9. He hath appointed the Rod.

Hab. ii. 3. The Vifion is for an appointed Time.

Luke xxii. 29. He appointed unto Chrift a Kingdom.

Acts xvii. 31. He hath appointed a Day, in which he will judge the World by Jefus Chrift.

Gal. iv. 4. When the Fulness of Time was come, God fent forth his Son made of a Woman.

1 Pet. ii. 8. Chrift is a Stone of Stumbling, and a Rock of Offence, to them which stumble at the Word, being difobedient, whereunto also they were appointed. Jude Ver. 4.


II. Predeftination, Things predeftinated of God. Rom. ix. 16. Whom God did foreknow, he did predeftinate to be conformed to the Image of his Son, that he might be the first born among many Brethren.

Ver. 30. Moreover whom he did predeftinate, them he also called, and whom he called, them he alfo juftify'd, and whom he justify'd, them he also glorify'd.

Eph. i. 5. God having predeftinated us to the Adoption of Children, by Jefus Chrift, according to the good Pleasure of his Will.

Ver. 11. In him we have obtained an Inheritance, being predeftinated according to the Purpofe of him, who worketh all Things according to the Counsel of his Will.

Ver. 12. That we fhould be to the Praife of his Glory.


12. Election of the Jews. Neh. ix. 7. Thou art the Lord, the God who

didft choose Abram, and brought him forth out of Ur of the Chaldees, and gaveft him the Name of Abraham.

Neh. ix 8. And madeft a Covenant with him. Compare Gen. 11. 31.-12 1. 2, 3. Acts 13. 17.

Deut. 4. 37. Because the Lord loved thy Fathers, therefore he chofe their Seed after them, and brought thee out of Egypt.

vii. 6. The Lord thy God, hath chofen thee to be a special People, unto himself, above all the People that are upon the Face of the Earth. Ch. 14. 2.

Ver. 7 The Lord did not fet his Love upon you, nor choose you, because ye were more in Number than any People, (for ye were the fewest of all the People.)

Ver. 8. But because the Lord loved you, and because he would keep the Oath, which he had fworn to your Fathers. Ch. 10. 15.

1 Kings iii. 8. Thy Servant is in the midft of thy People, whom thou haft chofen.

1 Chron. xvi. 13. O ye Seed of Ifrael, his Servant, ye Children of Jacob his chofen ones.

Ver. 14. He is the Lord your God. Pf. 105. 6, 7.

Pf. xxxiii. 12. Bleffed is the Nation, whofe God is the Lord, and the People whom he hath chofen for his own Inheritance.

lxv. 4. Bleffed is the Man whom thou chufeft and causest to approach unto thee, that he may dwell in thy Courts.

cv. 43. The Lord brought forth his People with Joy, and his Chofen with Gladness.

cvi. 4. Remember me, O Lord, with the Favour, that thou bearest unto thy People, O vifit me, with thy Salvation.

Ver. 5. That I may fee the Good of thy Chofen, that I may rejoice in the Gladness of thy Nation, that I may glory with thine Inheritance.

cxxxii. 13. The Lord hath chosen Zion, he hath defired it for his Habitation.

Ver. 15. I will abundantly blefs her Provifion, &c. Pf. 78. 68.

cxxxv. 4. The Lord hath chosen Jacob unto himself, and Ifrael for his peculiar Treasure.

Ifa. xiv. 1. The Lord will yet choose Ifrael, and set him in his own Land. Ch. 49. 7. Zech. 1. 17-2 12.

xli. 8. Thou, Ifrael, art my Servant, Jacob whom I have chofen. Ver. 9. I have chosen thee, and not caft thee away.

xliii. 20. I give Waters in the Wilderness, and Rivers in the Defart, to give Drink to my People, my Chofen.

xliv. 2. Thus faith the Lord, that made thee, and formed thee from the Womb, which will help thee, fear not, O Jacob, my Servant, and Jefhurun whom I have chofen.


Ver 3. For I will pour Water upon him that is thirsty, and Floods upon the dry Ground, I will pour my Spirit upon thy Seed, and my Bleffing upon thine Offspring.

Ver. 4. And they fhall fpring up, &c.

xlv. 4. For Jacob my Servant's Sake, and Ifrael mine Elect, I have called thee by thy Name (Cyrus,) I have furnamed thee, though thou haft not known me.

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