Imatges de pÓgina

21 Jews were commanded to fanctify themselves.

22 God doth fanctify Chriftians.

23 God doth fanctify Chriftians by his Word and Spirit.

24 Juftification and Sanctification, otherwife expreffed, God
doth wash-Our Duty to wash ourselves.

80 25 God doth cleanfe.Duty to cleanfe qurfelves. Promifes to


77 God is the Creator of Chriftians, they are new Creatures,
God's Workmanship.

2 The Testimony of Prophefy urged by the Apostles.

3 Prophefies concerning Chrift fulfilled, in his Incarnation, Life,
Death, Refurrection and Afcenfion.


4 The Nation, Tribe and Family he was to defcend from.

5 The time of his Life and Death fixed by other Events, fore-
told in Prophefy.

6 The Country and Town where Chrift fhould be born.
7 Prophefies concerning his Forerunner John Baptift.
8 His purging the Temple.

9 His working Miracles.

10 That the Spirit of the Lord fhould be upon him.
11 That he should be a Prophet.

12 That he should preach or teach.

13 That he should not feek the Applause of Men.

14 That he fhould be a Sufferer.

Infirmities he was touched with.

41 The Witneffes of his Refurrection.
42 Other Evidences of his Resurrection.

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