Art and Architecture of Late Medieval Pilgrimage in Northern Europe and the British Isles: Texts

Sarah Blick, Rita Tekippe
BRILL, 2005 - 876 pàgines
This collection includes essays on the visual experience and material culture at medieval pilgrimage shrines of northern Europe and the British Isles, particularly the art and architecture created to intensify spiritual experience for visitors. These studies focus on regional pilgrimage centers which flourished from the 12th-16th centuries, addressing various aspects of visual imagery and architectural space which inspired devotees to value cults of enshrined saints and to venerate them in memory from afar. Subjects include pilgrim dress, jeweled and painted reliquaries, labyrinths, elaborate processions, printed texts of the saint's life, shrines, sculpture and other architectural decoration, and pilgrim souvenirs. Profusely illustrated with 350 photographs, this work will interest scholars and students of art history, history, religious studies, and popular culture.Contributors include: Ilana Abend-David, Virginia Blanton, Sarah Blick, Katja Boertjes, James Bugslag, Lisa Victoria Ciresi, Daniel K. Connolly, M. Cecilia Gaposchkin, Laura D. Gelfand, Anja Grebe, Anne F. Harris, Kelly M. Holbert, Vida J. Hull, Jos Koldeweij, Marike de Kroon, Claire Labrecque, Stephen Lamia, Nora Laos, Jennifer M. Lee, Albert Lemeunier, Mitchell B. Merback, Scott B. Montgomery, Jeanne Nuechterlein, Rita Tekippe, William J. Travis, Kristen Van Ausdall, Benoît Van den Bossche.

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List of Illustrations
Chapter Six Architectural Representations on
Chapter Sixteen Reconstructing the Shrine of St Thomas
The Functions
Joachim and Anne Giving Alms to the Poor panel from Altarpiece
Chapter Two Spiritual Pilgrimage in the Paintings
Chapter Four A Case Study of the Relationship between
Chapter Five The Eventful Lives of Two Mosan Châsses 99
Chapter Twelve The Architecture and Iconographical
Chapter Thirteen Relics and Reliquaries of

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Sobre l'autor (2005)

Sarah Blick, Ph.D. (1994) in Art History, University of Kansas, is Associate Professor of Art History at Kenyon College. Her research and publications focus on medieval pilgrim souvenirs and the cult of St. Thomas Becket at Canterbury Cathedral.
Rita W. Tekippe, Ph.D. (1999) in Art History, The Ohio State University. Assistant Professor of Art History in the Department of Art, State University of West Georgia, Carrollton, Georgia. Research and publications include pilgrimage sites and artifacts, procession, medieval politics and rulership (secular and ecclesiastical).

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