Art and Guff

Bloomsbury Academic, 2001 - 104 pàgines

Lost in the big city, Art and Guff may just be 'two dull boys from Kidwelly', but still they're desperate to make it.
Time's running out for Art. Are they destined to go right back to the mobile library and hardware store? There's two wierdos downstairs, Auntie Jo has just died and their giros keep disappearing. Is somebody trying to tell them something? Is it any wonder they're paranoid?
Art and Guff was first produced by Sgript Cymru at the Soho Theatre, London, 2001

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Sobre l'autor (2001)

Catherine Tregenna trained at the Welsh College of Music and Drama and has acted on stage and screen in both Welsh and English before turning her hand to writing. She has written several episodes of the highly popular regional drama series, Belonging for BBC Wales and has recently finished writing a new ten-part Drama series set in the Magistrates Court of a small Welsh town. Art and Guff is her first theatre play, performed at the Soho Theatre, London and Chapter, Cardiff.

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