The Reports of the Commissioners Appointed to Examine, Take, and State the Public Accounts of the Kingdom,: Presented to His Majesty, and to Both Houses of Parliament: with the Appendixes Complete


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Pàgina 189 - Bounty (that is, the governors of the Bounty of Queen Anne for the Augmentation of the Maintenance of the Poor Clergy).
Pàgina i - The Reports of the Commissioners appointed to examine, take, and state the Public Accounts of the Kingdom : presented to his Majesty, and to both Houses of Parliament : with the Appendices complete.
Pàgina 22 - It appears to be cuftomary for the Receiver of the Firft Fruits, to detain in his Hands the Produce of the whole Year, until Eight or Nine Months after that Year is ended, befides receiving the current Produce of thofe Months ; and for the Receiver of the Tenths to detain in his Hands, for at...
Pàgina 70 - ... ftage. The public have a right to be informed how their money has been expended, and as fpeedily as poffible after the expenditure : the evils attending delay are many and obvious, both to the pcrfon accounting, and to thofe entitled to call for the account.
Pàgina 52 - Succeffors ; they depend not upon, nor are connected with, each other. It is regular to examine and pafs Accounts in order of Time; but in the Cafe of the Paymaster's Accounts, Convenience, both public and private, will warrant a Deviation from this Rule.
Pàgina 22 - ... advantageous to the public. We therefore, in obedience thereto, think it our duty to fubjoin one obfervation, that has occurred to us during the progrefs of our inquiries.
Pàgina 10 - ... majefty, for defraying the charge of the pay and cloathing of the militia, he is ordered to pay to the...
Pàgina 74 - ... and intelligible fyftem. To trace this alteration through every branch of the bufinefs, to mark all its effects, that it does not in anywife difturb the pay of the army, perplex the accounts, or throw difficulties or delay in the paffing them ; to point out the fteps By which it ought gradually and methodically to be introduced, is a Work of long ferious attention and accurate examination ; but the...
Pàgina 34 - Iflue until many Days after it is craved ; and therefore the Boards are careful to apply early enough, to guard againft the Hazard of a Demand upon an exhaufted Fund. To fearch into the actual and probable Demands, at that Time, upon each of thefe...