Imatges de pÓgina

Published by the late Rev. Mr. WESLEY, And fold at the New Chapel, City-Road, London.


THELife of Of HELife of Mr. THOMAS WALSH, of Bally-Linn, in Ireland; compofed chiefly from his own papers, by Mr. JAMES MORGAN. Mr. WALSH was educated in the principles of the Church of Rome, but being convinced of the errors and pernicious Doctrines of that Church, he em braced the Proteftant Religion. Soon after he was inftructed more perfectly in the truth as it is in Jefus, and became an Itinerant Preacher in the Methodist Connection. This Narrative contains a particular account of his remarkable Convictions and Conver fion; his deep experience, inward fufferings, perfecutions afflictions, and temptations: his almoft unexampled zeal for the converfion of finners, and indefatigable labours in the miniftry, both in England and Ireland. Bound is. 6d. fewed 1s.

2. The Life of the pious and venerable Mr. JOHN FLETCHER, Vicar of Madeley, Author of the Checks against Antinomianifm, and many other valuable pieces of polemical and practical Divinity. For the Character of Mr. Fletcher fee the Arminian Magazine for the year 1793. Price bound 2s. 6d. fewed 2s.

3. Extract of the Life of Madam GUION. The account of this extraordinary person abounds with m any excellent things, tending to promote the piritual advantage of the children of God. She was often favoured with uncommon influences of the Holy Spirit; and, notwithstanding her education among a dark, degenerate people, the attained through Grace, a large meafure of the Mind that was in Chrift Jefus: of righteoufnefs, peace, and joy in the Holy Ghoft: few inftances are to be found of fuch exalted love to God and our neigh

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bour; of genuine humility, invincible mecknefs, and unbounded refignation. Price bound 25. 6d. fewed 2s.

4. The Life of Mr. THOMAS HALIBUR TON, Profeffor of Divinity in the University of St. Andrews, Scotland. In this Narrative is de fcribed the Work of God in the Soul of Man, in a way fo clear and instructing, as is rarely to be met with either in ancient or modern Writings. Mr. Haliburton went through deep convictions and diftreffing temptations, for feveral years; he was particularly exercifed with preplexing doubts concerning the Being of GoD, and the Veracity of the Holy Scriptures; and was happily and powerfully delivered from all his fears and anxieties. His labours in the Miniftry were fuccefsful, and he finished his course with holy triumph in the Lord. Price 6d.

5. The Life of M. DE RENTY, a French Nobleman, of exemplary piety and devotedness to GOD. Some years before his death he could teftify "I carry about with me ordinarily, an experimen tal verity, and a plenitude of the prefence of the Holy Trinity; and this in fo lively a manner, that my outward employments create me no disturbance at all." Price 6d.

6. An Account of God's Dealings with Mr. JOHN HAIME. He was brought to the know. ledge of the Truth when a foldier in the Queen's Regiment of Dragoons, and preached the Gospel to the British Army in Flanders, in the years 1744 and 45. This Narrative includes fome account of the Methodist Soldiers who were killed at the bat tle of Fontenoy. 4d.

7. The Journal and Chriftian Experience of Mrs. ELIZABETH HARPER, of Redruth in Cornwall. 8. The Life of Mr. JOHN JANEWAY, tel low of King's College, Cambridge. 4d.

9. A fhort Account of the happy Death of Mrs. HANNAH RICHARDSON; by Mr. Charles Wefley. id.



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