Imatges de pàgina

priest, sorry to be absent so long from the charms of his seraglio, may hurry homeward without caring how many colporteurs may have visited the town. He feels sure that the Gospel, which procures so many creature comforts for his domestic establishment, will not be overturned till he is done eating and drinking. This remark, however, applies mostly to those who may be called the country pastor8.

From these points of view and some others which I might mention, it will appear that the colporteur system is peculiarly suited to the wants of New Mexico. It is unimportant at present whether colporteurs or Missionaries, properly so called, are engaged in this work. It is the work, the work, that is needed, and needed now. Some five or six natives have been baptized by our Missionaries in that Territory, and a considerable interest is manifesting itself in some districts; but so far as I have been informed, all this good has been effected chiefly by colporteur labor, performed in part by our Missionaries, and in part by colporteurs under the patronage of this Society.

I have been asked, "What are the prospects of success in New Mexico 9" When this inquiry is resolved into two others, the reply is not so difficult. First, what proportion of our strength should be employed in that Territory? How many men can wisely be drafted from our ministerial corps and sent

among that stationary population! How much of our funds should be designated to a field so expensive and so much less promising as some other fields. This inquiry settled, the next is, In what manner can such a judicious outlay of strength be brought most efficiently into contact with the irreligion of the land. Having sent there all the force God's providence has placed at our disposal for such a work, what must be the plan of the campaign, and what must be the order of battle? Our General Government is at this very time called upon to answer a question similar to this. For more than a year past the Indians of New Mexico have been at war, and our troops, who carried the American flag so bravely through the terrible scenes of Cerro Gordo, Cherubusco and Chapultepec, and finally unfurled it in the plaza of the Mexican capital, have failed to subdue that handful of Indians. Why? Not because the courage, skill, or endurance of our army is at fault, nor because vast resources have not been expended, but because the mode of warfare is not adapted to the character of the foe. And when we have designated for that country all the power which its circumstances require, and when that power is brought to bear against the enemy in the most direct and efficient manner, then nothing but success ought to be expected. How much or how speedy that success will be, is not for man to inquire. Missionary duty rests on the basis of a command, and not on any conjecture as to the result. It is enough for us to know that if our available resources are properly employed, the success will be just such as heaven ordains. And I believe that with a few Missionaries located in the most populous districts of New Mexico, and with a sufficient number of colporteurs to act in concert with them, radiating from the different centres, and diffusing God's true and imperishable light wherever they go, from the nearest to the remotest towns—I believe that such a system of effort vigorously carried on, will, in the end, accomplish such results, that when we stand before the Judge of all the earth, we shall have the consciousness of fidelity to our trust, and shall hear the enrapturing plaudit falling from the lips of our Lord, Well done, good and faithful serrante.


March.- Bar. ch., Waterville, per Rev. N. M. Wood, 15. 1st Bap. ch., Kenduskeag, per Rev.

T. B. Robinson, 8. Collections by Rev. S. Boothby, Ag't : North Diamoni, J. Young, 50e.
East Dixinont, J. Porter, 50c.; H. R. Watson, 25c.; E Watson, 250.; Mis. S. Curus, 500.;
L. Holt, 50c.; S. A. Wallace, 50c. West Hamden, John Holt, 2 ; Dea. E. Pickard, 2 ; J. P.,
1; Mrs. Pickard, 500.; E. Pickard, 2; Miss Pichard, 25c.; E Sawyer, 25c.; James Miller, 1;
J. Pickard, 2 ; J H. Sawyer, 50c. ; Dea. 8. Leonard, 500"; Mrs. H. Patten, 20. ; C. Patten,
5. East Corinth, Mrs. E. Wadleigh, 50c.; J. Hunting, 1;E. Alden 50c.; G. Tibbetts, 250.; H.
L. Piersons, 25c.; E. Herrick, 25c.; E. Piersons, 25c.; A Davis, 25c., Mrs. 0. Jackson, 25c.;
Mrs. M. A. Barilett, 50c.; C. C. Bartleti, 10c.; N. W. Bartlett, 10c.; Dea. J. G. Ridley, 50c.;
Dea. S. Dexter, 1 ; Wm. J. Bliss, 1 ; H. K. Dexter, 1 ; C. D. Chapman, 250 ; C. F. Smith,
25c.; H. Gould, 50c.; Mary Thomas, 50c.; Dr. Fuller, 1; C, Richardson, 8c.; G. W. Jones,
50c.; Miss C. D. Jones, 1. Charleston, Dea. H. Tibbeis, 50c.; Miss J. G. Tibbetts, 25c.; Miss
8. Tibbets, 25c.; D. Stockman, 25c.; Dea. F. Millett, 1 ; Mrs. Nancy Millett, 50c.; Dan. Her-
rick, 3 ; Harriet Herrick, 250.; D. Page, 25C. ; S. Dunning, 50c. ; A. R. Thurston, 25C. ; S.
Eastman, 1; M. Eastman, 1; J. F. Norcross, 50c.; Rev. H. Hale, 50c.; Mrs. H. Hale, 25c. ;
Dea. Huckings, 1; B. Huckings, 50€. South Dover, 750. Omvelt, M. D. Ewer, 50c. Brad-
ford, T. H. Coombs, 50c.; Rev. J. Strout, 50c ; Dea. E. Kingsbury, 50c.; Wm. Coombs, 25c.;
N. Hibbard, 25c.; S. Williams, 25c.; Mrs. Humphrey, 50c.; R. Field, 25c., Jane True, 25c.;
Jane E. Field, 10c.; E Field, 10c. Plymouth, J. Twichell, 50c. Kenduskeag, Mrs. L.
Robinson, 5. Eina, D. Dennet, 1; Mrs. Dennel, 50c.; Dea. Moseley, 50c.; A C. Moseley,50c.;
N. Whiten, 50c.; Mrs. R. Whitter, 50c. Palmyra, Rev J. Roberis, 1 ; Mrs. Roberts, 25c.
Hartland, W. H. Page, 3; H. M. Stewart, 2. Jay, Mrs. E. Noyse, 1 ; s. Noyse, 1 ; Mrs.
Hide, 50c.; 8. Noyse, jr., 64c.; Mrs. H. Stacy, 1; C. Kimball, 19c.; Mrs. Starr, 1; J. Start,
Esq., 1; C. Bumpus, 1; Dea. Phinney, 3; N. L. Phinney, 25c.; A Friend, 50c.; S. Crasis, 1;
A. F. Adams, 50c. Liverinore Falls, Mrs. Hale, 50c.; Dea. Tilton, 50c.; Mrs. Tilton, 12c.
Wilton, G. Gage, 1; E. Teague, 50c.; S $. Wood, 1; J. Haich, 50c.; James Scales, 50€.; J.
Green. 25c.; T. Robinson, 50c.; Jane Scales, 6c. ; Temple, Contribution, 4.25. Philips T.
Josselyn, 50c.; C. Peas, 50c.; A Friend, 1; J. D. Josselyn, 1; A C. J., 1; Rev. A. H. Mor.
rell, 50c.; Mrs. E. Morrell, 50c,; Dea J. Smith, 25c.; Wm. Tonhaken, 5; 8. D. Stone, 25c.;
C. B. Sylvester, 25c. ; N. Gammon, 25c.; Mrs. E. Gammon, 250.; S. Wheeler, 50c.; B. Tar-
box, 25c.;0, W. Russell, 25c.; D. Robbins, 50c.; Dea. 8. Hoyt, 25c. Farmington, Mr. Wheeler,
50c.; A. Vaughn, 25c. ; Capi. Childs, 1; Rev. Mr. Gower, 1.05. Warren, L. Hoffers, 5;
Baptist church, Alfred, 9,

. $133 73 April. ---Ist Bap. ch. West Gardner, in connection with Z. Morton's donation, 10. Collected by

Rev. Samuel Boothby, Agit : Industry, B. A. Higgins, 50c.; R. Trask, 1 ; J. Higgins, 50c.;
J. Bullen, 2. Chesterville, Wm. 0. Bradbury, 2; A. W. Bradbury, 10€. ; L. G. Triden, 50e.
Wilton, R. Taylor, 50c.; L. T. Chaney, 20c.; J. Peas, 1; Mrs. A. Chaney, 20C.; A. Goding,

Moore Hill, T. Reckord, 50c.; Mrs. P. Woodworth, 25c. ; A Lathrop, 50c.; S. Fulsom,
12c.; H. Josleyn, 25c.; Mrs. Josleyn, 250.; Mrs. Marsion, 50c.; P. Wadsworth, 25e. East
Livermore, A. Ford, 50c. ; J. Wyman, 1; Mrs. Lyford, 250 Monmouth, J. G. Jewell, 1.
Waterville, T. Bowiell, 3. Bangor, Rev. Mr. Weaver, 1; J. Higgins, 1. Buxport, Dea. H.
Darling, 3; M. G. Buck, 1. Orland, W. E. Buck, 75c.; Mrs. S. Buck, 25c.; J. Barnard, 9c.;
Dea. L. Philips, 1; J. Trott, 1; J. Whitmore 1; J. Bowden, 1; P. T. Perkins and Children,
6; A. Gray, 1.50. N. Penobscot, Mrs. S. Gray, 56c.; William Manks, 1. Blue Hill, Bap.
ch., 12.38. North Sedgewick, Á. Allen, 1; H. Allen, 50c.; D. M. Allen, 1; E. Closson, 1.
Brooklin, A. Cole, 3; Dea. H. 'Herrick, 1; Dea. S. B. Freethy, 1; J. P. B. Bacheler, 50c.;
William Babson , 1; John Babson, 50c.; S. Herrick, 25c.; R. A. Herrick, 1.50; J. Herrick,
75c.; Mrs. M Herrick, 30c.; 0. W. Herrick, 50c.; N. Herrick, 1; A. M. Herrick, 50c.; Mrs.
Julia Walker, 25c.; R. Watson, 1; J. W. Babson, 1; S. Lurkin, 50c.; Abigail Herrick, 25c.;
J. Dority, 1 ; Mrs. Smith, 25c; John York, 50c.; E Babson, 25c.; E. Nutter, 25€.; G. R.
Allen, 50c.; W. Wells, 50c.; D. Babson, 25c.; S. A. Smith. 500.; E. C. Allen, 25c.; J. Wai-
son, 35c.; Elizabeth Freethy, 10c. Sedgwick, D. M. Means, 4.26; W. Sargent, 3; Bap. ch.
27.20. Surry, Dea. S. S. Green, 1; Rev. R. Chase, 1; Mrs. S. Chase, 1; Mrs. H. Gibbs, 50c.,
L. Lord, 1; Mrs. A. Garland, 25c. Elsworth, Mrs. R. Dellatre, 1; A. H. Jaurden, 50c.; Dea.
J. Morrison, 50c. Trenion, S. Whitmore, 250.; S Whitmore, 50c,; Solomon Whitmore, 1;
Betsy Harden, 50c.; Dea. J. Harden, 4; Mrs. R. P. Higgins, 1.10. Fayette, Bap. ch, 12.
Collected by Rev. A Brown, Ag'l, viz.: Saco ch., 32.50. Biddeford, A Friend, 50c.; H. N.
Boyden, 1; William Cummings, 1; S. Pillsburg, 1; S. Knapp, 1; C. J. Wedgewood, i; Rev.
John Hubbard, 50c.; Freeport church, 18.13 ; Biddeford Free Will Baptist church, S. C.
Hamilton, 3; Joseph Hobson, 3; E. A. Fenderson, 50c.; Freedom Parker, 50c.; Harpswell
Baptist church, 577. New Gloucester, F. W. Baplist church, 4.72. Turner, Mrs. Eliza S.

, 2; John Blakeman, 5; Thomas Waterman, 1. ton, Free Will church, 9 13. North Livermore church, E Ricker, 3; Do., 12. Paris, N. Dudley, 50c.; W. Stearns, 50c.; A. Wilson, 1; M. Stearns, 1; E. Hamblin, 1; L. Thayer, 1.50; P. Noyes, 50; A. King, 1; A. Chase, 1; N. Chase, 50c.; D. Chase, 25c.; J. A. King, 50c.; M. P. King, 25c.; Others, 77c.; B. Parsons, 1; 2. Thayer, 1; P. Morse, 1; T. Stevens, 1; M. Stevens, 50c.; S. Ayerson, 25c.; Mary Cummings, 5; Thomas Stephens, 7 50. Bethel, 'Bap. ch., J. Abboit, 3; Others, 6.01; E. Foster, 3; Others, 53c. West Bethel church, 10.19. Wells, Baptist church, 30; Do. do., 10. Saco, F. W. Bap. ch collection, 7,...

$343 46

April.-John Brown, of Brentwood, 3. Collections by Rev A. Brown, Ag't: Hudson. H. Marsh,

6; H. C. Greeley, 3; J. C. M. Greeley, 5; N. B. Merrill, 5; John M. Thomson, 3; D. Foster,
1; Others, 750.; Eames M. Greeley, 5. Nashua, Baptist church, David Crosby, 2; J.
Baldwin, 3; L. Kimball, 3; Miss Ann Maria Baldwin, 10; S. Woodbury, 50c.; B. Frost, 50c.;
M Sanborn, 1; E. G. Hutchin, 1; L. Doty, 1; Geo. Davis, 50c.; Jolin Baldwin, 2; S Sears,
1; J. Brown, 1; B. Shaw, 50c.; J. Doly, 25c.; S. C. Davis, 5; C. Whiting, 3; C. G. Putman,
3; E. P. Gouch, 3. Manchester, 2d church, James Holbrook, 2; Wm. II. Gilmore, 3; Mrs.
Field, 25c. Milford, Bap. ch., 19.48. Deerfield church, Rev. J. N. Chase, ); J. Tilion, 1;
J. M. Ballou, 1; S. Merrill, 1; E. Veazey, 1; Samuel Whittier, 1; John Fellows, 1; Others,
10.98. Plaiston, Bap. ch., 3.82 ; Do., 2.18. Hampton Falls, Ba;. ch., 15.25. 1st church,
Manchester, N. Smith, 5; Wm. F. Brown, 1; Bapust Church, 11.50. Deerfield, F. W. Bap.
ch., 9.05. New Boston, J. Dodge, 1; S. Dodge, 1; J. Andrews, 1. Livermore Langdell, 2;
Mrs. L., 1; P. Dodge, 1; S. Smith, 1; S. E. Merrill, 1; Hannah Whipple, 2; John Dodge, 1;
Jesse Beard, 1; S. Goodin, 1; N. Farlee, 1; Others, 6.70; Rev. John Atwood, 6; S. Whipple,
30. Guilford, J. Smith, 1. Rumney, A. Waid, 2; J. French, 1; J. Hardy, 1; R. Smari, 1;
Geo. Burns, 1; M. Bradlee, 1; H. H. Dearborn, 2; J. Ramsey, 1; Dea. Bladgett, 1; Juvenile
Sewing Circle, 50c.; Others, 18.55. Concord, P. Sanborn, 1. Walpole, S. N. Perry, per
Rev. O. Crane, 70c.

$322 26

VERMONT. March.-Saxon's River, A Friend, 50c. Collections by Rev. J. Keach, Ag't: Bennington, Bap. ch., 19.75. Shaftesbury, Bap. ch., 8,

$28 25 April.—Shaftesbury, Bap. ch., 63,...

$63 00 May.-West Enosburgh, H. M. Smith, 10. Fairfax, Bap. ch., per. Rev. J. Keach, 17,.. $27 00

March.-Collections by Rev. O Crane, Ag't: Lee, A. P. Werden, 5. Amherst, Baptist ch., 12.

West Acton, Baptist church, 14.13. East Staughton church, 6.11. South Sutton ch., 2.33.
Chelmsford, Baplist church, 4.37; Dea. Perham, 4. Chelmsford, Central Bap. ch., 40.20.
Webster, Mrs. R. Brackett, 10. Ashland, Bap. ch., 9.60. Boston, Dea. H. Safford, 10.
Framingham, Bap. ch., 40. Plymouth, C. Rider, 3; Dea. B. Hubbard, 1; A. A. Harvey, 2;
L A. Harvey, 2; General Collection, 4. Brewster, Mrs. M. H. True, 6. Woburn, Bap. ch.
and Congregation, 40. · Holden, Bap. ch, and Congregation, 15. Winchester, A. J. Bel-
lows, M.D., for German Mission, 100. Collections by Rev. J. C. Morril, Ag'i, viz. New
Bedford, ist ch., Rev. D. E. Millard, 1; 0. A. Pierce, 1 ; N. Chase, 1; J. Perkins, 1; G. Wil.
son, 1; H. H. Crapo, 1; L. D. Davis, 1; P. Allen, 1; M. 'H. Toby, 1; J. H. Chapman, 1; F. D.
Shaw, 1; A. Lathrop, 50c.; M. Wood, 50c.; C. M. Puni, 1; T. Penniman, 1; B. Penniman, 1;
Mrs. B. Penniman, 1; T. Whittemore, 1; P. P. Brayton, 1; C. Hatford, 2; J. Howland, 10; G.
Taber, 3. Chatham, church collection, 7. New Bedford, 2d Christian Bap. ch., Wm. Wil-
cox, 1; Mrs. Wilcox, 1; J. D. Ashley, 1; Mr. Arnold, 50c.; A. Sherman, 1; B. Sherman,
50c.; Mrs. J. P. A., 1; 3d Bap. ch., Isaac Bly, 2. South Dartmouth, ch. coll., 8; Seekonk,
E. Ide, 30, ...

.....$416 74 April.–1st Bap. ch., Fall River, 60.25. Collections by Rev. 0. Crane, Ag't: West Newton,

S. Davis, 10; Mrs E. Purdie, 5 Auburn Dale, G. W. Briggs, 1. Winchester, Bap. ch., 5. West Boylston ch, 19.22. Lowell, 1st Bap. ch., 40. Watertown ch., 5. Old Colony Ass., per John Brooks, 15.50. Malick ch., 5. Leominster, M. D. Richardson, 2; Mrs. Parker, 4. Barre, Bap, ch., 20. Milbury, Mr. Sylvester, 5. South Reading, B. Yale, Esq., 30. Randolph ch., 40. Charlestown ch., 37. Cambridgeport, E. Hovey, for Bible Distribution in the West, 10; Mrs. Harriet Hovey, same purpose, 20. Lancaster, B. Willard, to circulate Bibles in New Mexico, 14; Mrs. M. G. Willard, do., 10; A. F. Willard, 6. Westboro', Baptist ch., 8. Boston, C. H. Nichols, 100; Mrs. J. Loring, 10. Union, Bap. ch., 21.68; G. M. Guild, 5; $. Whitney, 5; D. Bowker, 10. Rowe St. Bap. ch., 107.81. South Reading, Rev. Wm. Heath, 5. Fitchburg, Dea. Crocker, 50c.; Fap. ch., 26.85. Littleton, Mrs. 8. Turtle, 30,..$693 81

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March.-Moonsocket, Bap. ch., per Rev. J. B. Breed, 10. 1st Bap. ch., Warren, 23,.......

$33 00

March.--North Colbrook, 1st Bap. ch., 10. Collections by Rev. J. C. Morrill, Ag't: Bristol, Mrs.

T. Welch, 1; Rev. J.T. Smith, 2. Southington, S. Bethbey, 1; A. C. Sanford, 1; H. Clarke,
1.50; John 1; 0. Neal, 1; A. Barnes, 1; Rev. N. J. Clarke, 50c. Meriden, Kev. H.
Miller, 3. Dea. N. F. Goodrich, 5; E. Ives, 2; E. Rutiy, 2; J. Smith, 1; S. L. Wilcox, 50c. ;
Wm. Cutler, 1; E. Howell, 3; R B Perkins, 6; A. Seger, 1; Wm. J. Ives, 3,....

$16 50 April.--Packersville, Rev. A. Gates, 2. Mansfield, Bap. ch., 12. Collections by Rev. J. C. Mer

rill, Ag't: 2d church, Lyme, 10.60. 1st ch., Waterford, 9.75. 1st ch., East Lyme, 17. 1st Bap. ch., Hartford, 138 37; South Bap. ch., do., 152.32, per. Mr. Griswold. Deep River, Bap. ch, per W. Griswold, 40. ' 1st Bap. ch., New Haven, per Rev. S. D. Phelps, 60,

$432 04 May.--Mrs. Jane Hannah Allen, of Suffield, 10. Mystic River, Bap. ch., 2. New Britain, Bap. cl., per Rev. E. P. Bond, 7,....

..$19 00

March. Collections by Rev. J. Keach, Ag'l: Stephentown, W. Smith, 5; P. Shaw, 1; S. How.

ard, 1; L Sheldon, 1; C. Jenks, l; J. Glass, 5; J. Russell, 2; Rogers, 50c.; T. Horton, 50c.;
Mrs. Sheldon, 50c.' Lebanon, C. Goodrich, 1. 1st Nassau, A. Ambler, 50c.; N. Ambler,
500.; C. Ambler, 12c.; D. Brown, 1; B. Lord, 1. 2d Yassau, G. Mead, 1; A Waterbury, 1.
Catskill, W. Page, 5; Collection, 30. Sand Lake, C. Gregory, 3. Athens, Jonas Orser, 5.
Stillwater, A. Hany, 50c. Gloversville, Vírs. L. Burr, 5; S. Wells, 1; J. Lasher, 1; W.
Kenyon, 1; Miss Gustin, 250 ; W. W. Kenyon 2; A. Simmons, 2; Miss Leonard, 50c.; J. H.
Seymour, 2; J. Phelps, 1.25; Miss Corwin, 1; R. Evans, 6; S. Mills, 2; Miss Simons, 50c.;
Mrs. A. Burr, 5: P. Cobb, 1; M. Helling. 5; D. Miller, 5; Mrs. A. C. Churchill, 5; T. Hudson,
1; Mrs. Emily Burt, 20; Mrs. F. Burr, 30. Johnstown, C. Tabor, 16. Collections by Rev.
James Reed, Agit: Yates, Orleans Association, 13.40. Albion, Bap. ch. collection, 10.
Livingston Ass., Moscow, T. Dodge, 1; J. Forbes, 1; 8. Wheeler, 1; H. Bush, 2; Wm. B.
Smead, 1; A. Smead, 2.50; Mrs. J. P. Kelly, 50c.; J. Forbes, 1; John Forbes, 1. South
Livonia, A. S. Wilcox, 1; Mrs. R. Clark, 1; C. C. Chapin, 1; Mrs. D. Lewis, 250.; D. C. Mc.
Donald, 25c.; Wm. F. Lewis, 25c.; E. Lewis, 25c.; M. Eldridge, 19c.; A Friend, 200.; M.
Coe, 22C.; L Chapin, jr., 1; L. Chapin, 1; Wm. Summer, 500.; A. Summer, 50c. Lima,
Mrs. M. Winans, 5. York, J. M. Bigalo, 1; E. A. Beckwith, 50C.; J. F. Chapin, 50c.; W. S.
M. man, 1; P. Kendall, 1; A. Macumber, 1; S. N. Newman, 50c.; 0. Reed, 1; G. Shep-
hard, 25c.; H. E. Smuth, 3; S. Woolsey, 50c.; E West, 25C.; B. Bedwell, 50c.; L. Kendall,
50c ; Mrs. 8. Newman, 50c.; Mrs. Z. Reed, 50c ; Mrs. E. Smith, 1; Mrs. S. Chapin, 25c.;
Mrs. M. Weller, 1; B. F. Dow, 1; J. McNaugton, 10: D. McNaugton, 1; J. M. Campbell, 1;
Mrs. 0. Pomroy, 50c.; J. Rosenburgh, 25c.; Mrs. D. Taylor, 50c.; Mrs. L. Goddard, 50c.; C.
Lyon, 2; J. G Lyon, 1; Mrs. A. Pomroy, 1; J. Goddard, 2; A.W. Smith, 5; Mrs. H. M Blake,
1; Mrs. E. Powers, 1; C. Powers, 50c.; Wm. D. Powers, 4; Mrs.P. Smith, 25c.; Miss P. Smith,
50c.; S. P. Smith, 50c.; H. Rice, 1; S. Blakeslee, 1; G. Thompson, 1. Bath, Collection, 333; T.
Corbetis, 5; W. McNeil, 1; Others, 69c. Campbell and Ewing, A. Purer, 1; Mrs. S. Purer,
50c.; ch., 75c.; S. Hammond, 1; J. Woodward, 1; A. Bixby, 1; Others, 2.29. Painted Posi,
Collection, 5.13. Horse Heads, Collection, 2.60. Castile, Collection, 9.75. Collected by
Rev. C. H. Underhill, Ag't: Carme!, Thomas Wilson, 5; from Others, 14. Sing Sing, Bap.
ch., 15.12. Collection by Rev. Wm. Rees, Ag’t: Fabius, Bar, ch, coll., 6; Free Will Bap.
ch., 5.

Castle Creek, Bap. ch., 8.75. Union Village, Bap. ch., 6.75. Owego. Bap. ch., Geo. Truman, 10; S. S. Truman, 10; Mrs. Sybil Stone, 10; Mrs. M. A. Pinney, 5; W. P. Raymond, 5; Collection, 3.30 Binghamton, Hon. L. Badger 5; Mrs. Griswold, 1. Courtlandville, Bap. ch., 2.75; D. Brown. 2. McLane, Mrs. T. L. Purinton, 5. Colesville, M. P. Marsh, 5; Albert Martin, 5. Harpersville, W. E. Martin. 3. Nineveh, A. P. Verrill, 5; coll., 4; J. M. Gates, 1. Penfield, i. Auburn, E L. Ford, 3; B. C. Smith, 3. Deposite, Bap. ch., 5. Troopsville, S. Munro, 7, ...

$474 69 April.--New Hartford ch , Oneida co., 42. Albion, C. F. Richards, 5. Erie, Bap. Ass, per H.

Cressey, treas , 32.21. Welsh Bap. ch., Freedom, 52. Collections from Rev. J. Keach, Ag’ı, viz. : Broadalbin, Dea. Kennicut & Daughter, 3. Northville, Bap. ch., from various members, 18.62. Providence, Bap. ch., 13.51. Crescent, J. P. Wiley, 5; Hoosick, Bap. ch., 21.25. Suillwater, S. Tompkins, 1. Po'keepsie, coll. by Dr. Babcock, 50. 1si Bap. ch., Newark, Rev. F. F. Randolph, treas., 100. Collected by Rev. J. Read, Ag't: From the estate of John Grover, deceased, late of Perry, N. Y., G. C. Chapin, executor, with interest, 235. Ovid, Bap. ch., per Mr. Harris, 7.52. Amenia, Bap. ch., per Dr. Babcock, 16. Rochester, R. Wilson, 30. Albany, Pearl St. Bap. ch., 250,

.$882 11 May:--Nineveh, H. P. Birdsdall, 1. Coll, by Rev. C. Sawyer, Ag't: Oswego, C. Smith, S; L.

Hutching, 1; James Coan, 1; D. B. Palmer, 1; S. Palmer, 2. Vermilion P. O., A. B. Mason, 50c.; S. Mason, 1; A. W. Loomis, 50c,; Mrs. H. W. Loomis, 50c.; G. P. Loomis, 1; Mrs. Loomis, 50c.; Miss M. Loomis, 25c. ; Charles Loomis, 25c.; L. Dunbar, 1; Jacob Onsier hont, 50c.; D. Phelps, 50c.; Miss Lucy Phelps, 50c.; Rev. P. Wit1, 2; R. Loomis, 1; E. Bartlett, 50c; G. Gauli, 10; N. Flanders, 50c. Hannibal, J. Dumas, 50c.; Mrs. M. A. Dumas, 25c.; J. Deale, 50c.; A. Loomis, 50c.; Mrs. A. Loomis, 25c.; C. Wiltsie, 50c.; A Widow, 250.; J B. Curtis, 1; Mrs. J. B. Curtis, 50c.; J.Griggs, 25c. : Mrs. A. Cowle, 25€.: S. Stephenson, 25c. Sou:hwest Oswego P. O., D. Merwin, 50c.; Mrs. S. Demming, 1; Others in Southwest, 4.74. Oswego, S. Clark and Others, 12.50. Scriba Corners, P. Stone and Others, 6.90. New Haven P.O., J. S Davis and Others, 4.14. Mexico, S. C. Smith and Others, 5.50. South Richland, J. N. Dewey and Others, 12.35. Pulaski, J.C. Hatch and Others, 12.10. Whiteshoro', Mr. & Mrs. Champlin, 2. Plainfield, Unadilla Forks, A. Penny & Others, 4.25. Brookfield, 500. Leonardsville, A. Brown & Others, 4. Brookfield, Wm. Brown & Others, 10. West Winfield, 0. Holmes & Others, 6.750. Collections by Rev. J. Keach, Agt., 46 : Masonville ch., Rev. M. M. Evarts, 4.50. Harmony Association, per Mr. Burrows, 45,67. Middleton and Piermont Bible Society, 5. Per Rev. J. Keach. Agt. : Hebron ch., 14; Schuylerville ch., 13.37 ; Stanfordville ch., 30.18,

$272 95

March. From Tabernacle Bap. ch., collected by Mrs. W. W. Todd, viz.: W. W. Todd, 100;

Wm. James Todd, 25; T. W. Todd, 25; Carrie Todd, 1; Chas. H. Todd, 4; M. L. Todd, 5;
Mrs. Alwell, 5; Mrs. Mitchell, 3; Mrs. Pryer, 3; Miss Tooker, 2; Master Tooker, 1; Mrs. Bevan,
1; Mrs. Boyd, 1; Miss Martin, 1; Miss Mills, 1. Female Bible Soc. of the Oliver S. Church,
per Miss Jane E Pegg, 144.47. Central Bap. ch , Brooklyn, 30,..

$353 47 April. —Tabernacle Bap. ch., Mrs. Jane Bleecker, 30; Mrs. Geo. Colgate, 25; John M. Bruce,

100; John M. Bruce, jr., 100; Wm. Winterton, 20; R. W. Martin, jr., 6; Mr. Anderson, 5; Jas. S. Dickerson, 10; John M. Davies, 50; Chas. C. Colgate, 25. Leight St. Bap. ch., per

Rev. J. Keach's collections, 60. McDougal St. Bap. ch., do., 34.50, Calvary Bap. ch., New York, M H. Barrett, 10; H. H. Salmon, 10; Thomas Dewey. 3; Mrs. C. C. Bleecker, 50; E. Cauldwell, 50. West 23d St. Bap. ch., Dr. Ranney, 5; A. Demarest, 2; R. W. Ran. dolph, 1; E. Shephard, 2; F. S. Miner, 5; W. Weed, 25c. Atlantic St. Bap. ch., Brooklyn, Rev. G. M. Hodge, 3; Mrs A. Sales, 1; A Friend, 50c. Pierpont St. Bap. ch., Brooklyn, viz.: Coll., 25.06; Mr. Ballard, 10; Mr. Ludlar, 5; A Friend, 1; Mrs. Conkie, 1; Mrs. Morrison, 1; P. Wickoff: 5; Mrs. Tenwick, 1; J. N. Smith, 5; Messrs Vernon, 8 Tabernacle ch., S. Otis Livingston, 25; Chas J. Martin, 20; Colgate Gilbert, 25; John Hati, 5; Thos. Goodby, 5; R. W. Martin, jr., 5. City Missionary & Bible Society, 728.15. 16th St. Bap. ch., per Rev. J. N. Taggart, 120.18. Washington Av. Bap. ch., Brooklyn, 50. 230 St Bap. ch , 10 (First Bap. ch.). Williamsburgh, 50.30. Collections by Rev. Wm. Reeves, viz.: Olive Branch ch., Wm. A. Walker, 25; P. W. Boyle, 1; Thos. Warner, 3; G. Smith, 1; W. B. Wescott, 1; C. J. Harris, 1. Stanton St. ch., J. H. Rideback, 1; Mr. G., 25c. ; Mrs. Cooper, 5; Hannah Ashford, 5; J.P. Pranckard, 2; Mr. Cole, 1; Mr. Grout, 1; Mr. Davenport, 2; Cash, 25c.; G. Sibell, 1; cash, 1; S. Dayton, 5; W. G. King, 2.50 ; Mr. Mangam, 3. Collection Young Men's Bible Society, 70. First Bap. ch., Brooklyn, Dea. Jewis, 1; L G. Wheaton, 5; collection, 57.10; Dea. H. Purser, 50; C. D. White, 10; W. Hagar, jr., 5; R. S. Bussing, 10; W. J. Bebee, 10. Oliver St. Bar ch., S. Raynor, 20; A. Rankin & Co, 10; S. Millbank, 10; Dr. Evans, 2; Miss Davies, 2; John P. Hays, 5; Elizabeth Cauldwell, 30; Wm Phelps, 100 ; M. E. Kingman, 50; Robert Edwards, 150; A. Decker, 50; Richard Stout, 50; G. T. Hope, 25.; W. H. Slocum, 5; C. S. Webb, 5; B. T. Ford, 10; W. A. Brissle, 10; Mrs. Pegg, 5. Cannon St. ch., collection, 16.44. 12th St. Bap. ch., E. D. Knower, 5; H Bergman, 5; James Berrian, 5; Mrs. Cox, 1; collection, 5. Tabernacle Bap. ch., James L. Todd, per Mr. Seaver, 15; R. M. Tucker, 10; R. G. Larcomb, 10; J. B. Hoyt, 10 ; R. Maplesdin, 30; Wm. Slokes, 5. Free Will Bap: ch., Sullivan St., per Rev. Mr. Graham, 11 37. Tabernacle Bap. ch, R. W. Martin, 25; N. C. Plait, 150. Strong Place Bap. ch., Brooklyn, 150. 12th Bap. ch., F. Smalley, per, Rev. S. Corey, 15,

$3010 03

Karch.- Andrew Johnson, of Newark, 30. Collections by Rev. C. H. Underhill, Ag't Jacobs-

town, D. E. Pointsell. 5; A. Longstreet, 5; collection, 16; Caroline Marceley, 5. 20 ch.,
Plainfield, D. Boyce, 5; collection, 12.68, S. Bordentown, S. White, 10, R. Brokan, of Eliza.
bethtown, 5; Others, 2.50 Haddonfield, Margaret Gretf, 5: cash, 25c. Trenton, J. J. Robert-
son, 1; Josh. Trimmer, 5. Sandy Ridge, Bap. ch., collection, 16.68. Collection in Lambert-
ville, 5.47. New Brunswick, Bap. ch., 100. 1st Bap. ch. of Plainfield, 45.25. New Mar.
ket, Bap. ch., 10,.

$284 83 April.-Perth Amboy, Female Bible Soc., per Miss M. Manning, 3 02. Bordentown, Bap. ch.,

11.25. Jersey City, Bap. ch., 30. Baptistown, Wm. Laire, 5. Collections by Rev. C. H. Underhill, Ag't : Sandy Ridge, Bap. ch , ?. Flemington, A. Suydam, 5; Ann E. Ewing, 5; Others, 33 89. Cherryville ch., 9.30. Paterson, Mrs. Jane Rogers, 8; Others in Paterson, 26.75. New Brunswick, Bible Soc., per A. J. Stoul, 110. Female Bible Soc.,

Plainfield, 58.45. Hightstown, Bap. ch., 20. Morristown, Bap. ch., 5.50,

$338 76 May.—Rahway Bap ch , per D. Haynes, Esq., 20. Burlington, Bible Soc., per N, E. Wright,

52.07. Cherryville. Bap. ch., 15. Flemington, Bap. ch , 5 25. Per Rev. c. H. Underhill : Baptistown, Robert Lee, 5,..

$97 32

March.-Collections by the Rev. Lewis Leonard, Ag't, viz. : Philadelphia, Tabernacle Bap. ch.,

131.50; Sansom St. Bap. ch., 149; Tenth Bar, ch, 25: Eleventh Bap. ch., 30 84. First Bap.
ch., 91.16; Broad St. Bap: ch., 52,61 ; Spruce St. Bap. ch., 25; Individuals, 28; Fourth Bap.
ch., 45.55. Collections by Rev. J. L. Richmond, Ag't: Philadelphia, S. M. Hinman, 10.
Spread Eagle, H Clearn, 5. Pennington, Geo. W. Philips, 3; J. M. Philips, 12.50. W.
Kensington, J. G. Neafie, 1; P. S. Fisher, 500.; C Jones, 1. 12th Bap, ch., 12; Miss Jane
Anderson, 5; G. B. Baines, 5; D. Weckerly, 5; D. W. H. White, 1; E. I. Stokes, 5. Lever-
ington, N. L. Jones, 10. Schuylkill, C. F. Abbott, 5. West Vincent ch., 9.10.

Vincent, Bap. ch., 1,

$669 76 April. -Upland, Bap. ch., per John P. Crozer, 33. Collections by Rev. J. L. Richmond, Ag'i:

Rush, Bap. ch., 6.73. Snamokin ch , 3.99. Lewisburg, Prof. Loomis, 3; Rev. H. D. Walker, 3 New Britain ch., Miss R. Mathias, 5 ; individuals, 5.65. Hilltown, Bap. ch., 3.75. Philadelphia, Miss M. B. Livingston, 100; A Friend, for Christ's sake, 2.50. Spread Eagle ch., 16.22,

$182 84


March-Scott, Bap. ch.,..
April.-Kenosha, Mr. Monroy,

$3 00


April.–First Bap. ch., Lexington, per Rev. Wm. M. Pratt,
May-Gasper River Bible Soc., per H. B.Wiggins, Treas., 116.00,

$50.00 $116 001

April.-Cleveland, H. Alger, 30. 1st Bap. ch., Cleveland, 70. Palmyra, Bap. ch., 10,
May.--Rev. T. G. Lamb, of Alexandria, on account of collection,...

. $110 00 3118 71

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