Letters on the Elementary Principles of Education, Volum 1

R. Cruttwell, 1801

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PÓgina 216 - For that which I do, I allow not; for what I would, that do I not ; but what I hate, that do I.
PÓgina 108 - Rome, therefore, it was regarded as the mark of a good citizen, never to despair of the fortunes of the republic ; — so the good citizen of the world, whatever may be the political aspect of his own times, will never despair of the fortunes of the human race, but will act upon the conviction, that prejudice, slavery, and corruption, must gradually give way to truth, liberty...
PÓgina 4 - When I call to remembrance the unfeigned faith that is in thee, which dwelt first in thy grandmother Lois, and thy mother Eunice ; and I am persuaded that in thee also.
PÓgina 427 - He who, in the end of the eighteenth century, has brought himself to abandon all his early principles without discrimination, would probably have been a bigot in the days of the League.
PÓgina 323 - A rich man beginning to fall, is held up of his friends ; but a poor man being down, is thruft away by his friends: when a rich man is fallen, he hath many helpers ; he fpeaketh things not to be fpoken, and yet men juftify him : the poor man flipt, and they rebuked him; he fpoke wifely, and could have no place. When a rich man fpeaketh, e. very man holdeth his tongue, and, look, what he faith they extol it to the clouds; butif a poor man fpeaks, they fay, What fellow is this...
PÓgina 376 - Sultan prouder than his fetter'd slave : Slaves build their little Babylons of straw, Echo the proud Assyrian in their hearts, And cry, — " Behold the wonders of my might !
PÓgina 238 - By far the greater part of the opinions on which we act in life are not the result of our own investigations, but are adopted implicitly, in infancy and youth, upon the authority of others.
PÓgina 239 - When a child hears either a speculative absurdity or an erroneous principle of action, recommended and enforced daily, by the same voice which first conveyed to it those simple and sublime lessons of morality and religion which are congenial to its nature, is it to be wondered at, that, in future life, it should find it so difficult to eradicate prejudices which have twined their roots with all the essential principles of the human frame...
PÓgina 39 - There are few individuals whose education has been conducted in every respect with attention and judgment. Almost every man of reflection is conscious, when he arrives at maturity, of many defects in his mental powers ; and of many inconvenient habits, which might have been prevented or remedied in his infancy or youth.
PÓgina 167 - Gratifications of the will without the consequent expected pleasure, and disappointments of it without the consequent expected pain, are particularly useful to us here : and it is by this, amongst other means, that the human will is brought to a conformity with the divine ; which is the only radical cure for all our evils and disappointments, and the only earnest and medium for obtaining lasting happiness.

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