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be ignorant of God and of His ways.

ways. Thy understanding shall be opened to understand the Scriptures; thy heart shall be disposed to receive and relish divine truth. Are there not some among us who can testify to these things ? Some, who have been awakened and quickened ; and who, comparing their past with their present state, can each for himself confidently say, “One thing I know, that whereas I was blind, now I see.” Once

· • I was sadly ignorant of God, and of my

duty. I knew nothing of my own heart, nothing of the way of salvation. I was in

darkness, and in the shadow of death. But • Christ has given me light. He has taken away the veil from my eyes. He has

brought me by a way that I knew not. • He has led me into paths I did not know.

I asked, and it has been given me. I sought, and I have found. I knocked, • and it has been opened to me.'

2. Christ also will give thee Peace. This is another blessing, which, on obeying the Call in the text, thou shalt receive. At present thou art a stranger to peace. It is utterly impossible that thou canst know what real peace is : for Sin and the World cannot give peace.

The utinost peace which they can give is that fearlessness, which arises from ignorance of danger: such as a sleeping man might experience,

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while a drawn sword were suspended by a single hair over his head. But far different is the peace which Christ will give. It is a real, solid, positive peace; a peace which springs not from ignorance, but from knowledge; not from seeing no danger, but from seeing a way of safety, a door of escape from all danger. Now, whatever peace thou mayest have, arises from not knowing and not feeling that thou art a sinner, and daily exposed to the wrath of God: but the peace which Christ offers thee, is a peace which will arise from a consciousness, that thy sins are forgiven, and that although thou art a sinner, thou art yet reconciled to God. This is true Peace. And How will Christ give thee this Peace ? By showing thee that He Himself is become thy Peace; that having taken thy sins upon Himself, and suffered for them on the Cross, He has made thy peace with God: by teaching and enabling thee to trust in His blood and righteousness, and promises, and so to apply to thyself the all-sufficient benefits of His obedience unto death. My brethren, do not some of us know what this peace is ? Do not we feel the difference between that false, presumptuous security which we once had, and the firm substantial comfort, which we enjoy in Christ Jesus? I trust we do. I



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trust we can truly say, I was dead, but • am alive. I was in darkness, but Christ • has given me light. I knew not the way • of peace, but He has shed abroad in my • heart that peace, which passeth all under• standing, which the world can neither give . nor take away.'

3. Christ will give thee Holiness. Re. member that without Holiness thou canst never see the Lord. Holiness is our meet. ness for heaven. It is that state and disposition of heart which alone can fit us for seeing and serving God. At

At present thou knowest nothing of this state of heart. It is impossible, while thou sleepest, and art dead in Sin, that thou canst know any thing of it. But obey the Call in the text, Awake, arise, and Christ will give thee light. He will make thee holy. He will change and sanctify thy heart. He will cause thee to love Him, and to find pleasure in His ways. Obedience to God shall be thy delight; and the sin, of which thou art now so fond, shall become thy aversion, thy burden, and thy grief.- May I not again hope, that some of us can testify to the reality of this change also ? Have we not found this blessed effect, in some degree at least, wrought upon our hearts? All who have really come to Christ in the Gospel, must have found it thus : for wheresoever He gives Knowledge,

and Peace, He assuredly gives Holiness also. These things are never separated. And where Christ gives these, He will as assuredly give more, He will give also Eternal Life : for all these Blessings are the steps to Heaven, and the earnest of it.

Upon the whole, what Encouragement is there to obey the Call in the Text! Since Christ is ready, and has promised to give such great and glorious blessings to those who obey His call, why should any of

you continue in a state of sleep and death? May His grace accompany the Call to your hearts! May His Spirit rouse and quickeni you! So shall you awake indeed, and be roused to newness of life. So shall you die unto sin and live unto righteousness. Be warned. Be admonished. Sleep not till you awake in another world, and find too late that a Death in sin here will surely end in Death Eternal hereafter.


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MATTHEW, xi. 28.

Come unto me all ye that labour and are heavy

laden, and I will give you rest.

One reason why men esteem Religion so little is, that they so little understand it. They know not its worth and excellence. They are not aware of the consolation and delight which it would yield, if they would but heartily embrace it. They look upon

it as a dull, and an unprofitable thing. They think, that it would make them gloomy, would spoil their enjoyments, and destroy their

peace. But how great is their mistake! Did they see the matter aright, they would know, that to be truly religious, is in fact another expression for being truly happy. Would they but make trial of the ways of God, they would find in them that real enjoyment, that practical satisfaction, which they are vainly seeking in other ways. There is no passage more likely to fix this truth

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