The History of England, Volum 4

Talboys and Wheeler, 1826

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PÓgina 405 - With us the nobility, gentry, and students, do ordinarily go to dinner at eleven before noon, and to supper at five, or between five and six at afternoon. The merchants dine and sup seldom before twelve at noon and six at night, especially in London. The husbandmen dine also at high noon, as they call it, and sup at seven or eight ; but out of term in our universities the scholars dine at ten.
PÓgina 91 - ... had I but served God as diligently as I have served the king, he would not have given me over in my gray hairs.
PÓgina 319 - He expired at Greenwich, in the sixteenth year of his age, and the seventh of his reign.
PÓgina 404 - ... and thereto a sack of chaff to rest his head upon, he thought himself to be as well lodged as the lord of the town, that peradventure lay seldom in a bed of down or whole feathers...
PÓgina 134 - ... placed far beyond the sphere of vulgar comprehension ; and ecclesiastics themselves, though assisted by all the advantages of education, erudition, and an assiduous study of the science, could not be fully assured of a just decision, except by the promise 1536. made them in scripture, that God would be ever present with his church, and that the gates of hell should not prevail against her...
PÓgina 404 - Pillows, said they, were thought meet only for women in childbed : As for servants, if they had any sheet above them it was well : For seldom had they any under their bodies to keep them from the pricking straws that ran oft through the canvass, and rased their hardened hides.
PÓgina 235 - ... extraordinary, that notwithstanding his cruelty, his extortion, his violence, his arbitrary administration, this prince not only acquired the regard of his subjects; but never was the object of their hatred: he seems even in some degree to have possessed, to the last, their love and affection.
PÓgina 183 - I, a most woful prisoner, am ready lo submit to death when it shall please God and your majesty ; and yet the frail flesh incites me to call to your grace for mercy and pardon of mine offences. Written at the Tower with the heavy heart and trembling hand of your highness's most miserable prisoner and poor slave, Thomas Cromwell.
PÓgina 27 - ... by some novelty, to excite the languid devotion of his audience. No regard will be paid to truth, morals, or decency, in the doctrines inculcated. Every tenet will be adopted that best suits the disorderly affections of the human frame.
PÓgina 404 - For so common were all sorts of treen stuff in old time that a man should hardly find four pieces of pewter (of which one was peradventure a salt) in a good farmer's house...

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