Imatges de pàgina


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Map of Africa,........

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VIGNETTE-Caravan in the Desert.
Group of Figures—Chief, Jillemen or Native Musi-
cians, and Gree-gree Man or Magician,.

.Page 71
Female Negro Dancer,..

92 Park's Routes, .

100 Tuarick on his Camel, with Male and Female Tibboo, 174 Denham and Clapperton's Routes,.

.178 Sultan of Bornou,..

185 Fishing in the River Yeoug......

.188 Bornou Horseman, Kanemboo Spearman, and Munga Bowman,....

.205 Timbuctoo according to Caillié,

259 Ashantee Warrior and Attendant,...

..270 Queen of Lattakoo, Lattakoo Warrior, and two Bosjesman Hottentots......

.302 Negroes Preparing the Manioc Root,...

.309 Negro Palaver-House, ....

312 Group of African Animals-In front, in the centre, the

Rhinoceros ;—to the right, the Hippopotamus and Orang-outang. In the centre back-ground, the Giraffe ;-to the left, Antelopes and Zebra,... .395





General View of the Natural Features of Africa.

BEFORE following the career of adventure and discovery in Africa, and viewing its kingdoms and regions under their varied aspects, it may be interesting to take a rapid survey of this continent in its original state, as it came from the hands of Nature. Though immense, and abounding even with the most striking and surprising contrasts, yet, on a general view, a certain uniformity, approaching almost to monotony, appears to pervade it. From one end to the other, dreary wastes, of almost boundless extent, are spread over its surface, alternating with bright intervals of the most luxuriant vegetation. These arid tracts also have their borders embellished by shrubs and flowers, tinted with the most brilliant hues ; while a profusion of animal life, in all its forms, distinguishes the more temperate latitudes.


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