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pearing of our Lord Jesus 18 That they do good, that Chrift:

they be rich in good works, 15 Which in his times he ready to distribute, willing to shall shew, who is the blessed communicate; and only Potentate, the King 19 Laying up in store for of kings, and Lord of lords; themselves a good foundation

16 Who only hath immor-against the time to come, that tality, dwelling in the light they may lay hold on eternal which no man can approach life. unto, whom no man hath 20 O Timothy, keep that seen, nor can fee: to whom which is committed to thy be honour and power ever- trust, avoiding profane and lasting. Amen.

vain babblings, and opposi17. Charge them that are tions of science falsely so rich in this world, that they called : be not high-minded, nor

21 Which some profefling, trust in uncertain riches, but have erred concerning the in the living God, who giveth faith. .Grace be with thee; us richly all things to enjoys | Amen, From the Second Epistle of PAUĻ to


may please him who hath

chosen him to be a soldier. HOU therefore, my

5 And if a man alfo ftrive son, be strong in the for masteries, yet is he not grace that is in Christ Jesus. crowned, except he strive

2 And the things that thou lawfully. haft heard of me among many

6 The husbandman that witnesses, the same commit laboureth, must be first par

. thou to faithful men, who taker of the fruits. shall be able to teach others 7 Consider what I says also.

and the Lord give thee un3 Thou therefore endure derstanding in all things. hardness, as a good soldier of 8 Remember that Jesus Jesus Chrift,

Christ, of the seed of David, 4 No man that warreth was raised from the dead acentangleth himself with the cording to my gospel : affairs of this life; that he 9 Wherein I suffor trouble


that they may

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us :


as an evil doer, even untojalready; and overthrow the
bonds : but the word of God faith of fome.
is not bound.

19. Nevertheless the foun1o Therefore I endure all dation of God ftandeth fure, things for the elect's fakes, having this seal, The Lord

also obtain the knoweth them that are his, salvation which is in Christ And, Let every one that Jesus, with eternal glory. nameth the name of Chrift

11 It is a faithful saying: depart from iniquity. For if we be dead with him, 20 But in a great house we shall also live with him: there are not only vessels of

12 If we suffer, we shall gold, and of filyer, but also also reign with him: if we of wood, and of earth; and deny him, he also will deny some to honour, and some

to dishonour. 13 If we believe not, yet If

a man therefore he abideth faithful : he can- purge himself from these, he not deny himself.

shall be a vessel unto honour, 14. Of these things put sanctified and meet for the them in remembrance, charg- master's use, and prepared ing them before the Lord, unto every good work. that they strive not about 22 Flee also youthful words to no profit, but to lusts : but follow righteousthe fubyerting of the hearers, ness, faith, charity, peace,

15 Study to shew thyself with them that call on the approved unto God, a work- Lord, out of a pure heart. man that needeth not to be 23 But foolish and unalhamed, rightly dividing the learned questions avoid, word of truth.

knowing that they do gen16. But fhun profane and der strifes, vain babblings: for they will 24 And the servant of the increase unto more ungodli- Lord must not strive; but ness.

be gentle unto all men, apt 17 And their word will to teach, patient, eat as doth a canker : of 25 In meekness instruct. whom is Hymeneus and ing those that oppose themPhiletus;

selves; if God peradventure 18 Who, concerning the will give them repentance truth, have erred, saying, to the acknowledging of the that the resurrection is paft truth;

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26 And that they may re- 9 But they shall proceed cover themselves out of the no further : 'for their folly snare of the devil, who are shall be manifest unto all taken captive by him at his men, as their's also was, will.

10 But thou haft fully

known my doctrine, manner CHAP, III.

is, of life, purpose, faith, longHIS know also, that suffering, charity, patience,

in the last days pe- 11 Persecutions, afflicti. rilous times shall come. ons, which came unto me

2 For men fhall be lovers at Antioch, at Iconium, at of their own felves, cove- Lyftra; what persecutions I tous, boasters, proud, blaf- endured; but out of them all phemers, disobedient to pa- the Lord delivered me. rents, unthankful, unholy, 12 Yea, and all that will

3 Without natural affec- live godly in Christ Jesus tion, truce-breakers, false shall suffer persecution. accusers, incontinent, fierce, 13 But evil men and fedespisers of those that are ducers shall wax worse and good,

worse, deceiving, and being 4 Traitors, heady, high- deceived. minded, lovers of pleasures 14 But continue thou in more than lovers of God; the things which thou haft

5 Having a form of gad- learned, and haft been assured liness, but denying the power of, knowing of whom thou thereof: from such turn haft learned them; away:

15 And that from a child 6 For of this sort are they thou hast known the holy which creep into houses, and fcriptures, which are able to lead captive filly women, make thee wife unto salvaladen with fins, led away tion, through faith which is with divers lufts,

in Christ Jefus. 7 Ever learning, and never 16 All scripture is given able to come to the know- by inspiration of God, and is ledge of the truth.

profitable for doctrine, for 8 Now as Jannes, and reproof, for correction, for Jambres withstood Mofes, fo instruction in righteousness : do these also resist the truth; 17 That the man of God men of corrupt minds, re- may be perfect, throughly furprobate concerning the faith. nished unto all good works.

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to me:

The Epistle of Paul to PHILEMON.
AUL, a prisoner of Je- and now also a prisoner of

sus Christ, and Timo- Jesus Christ. thy our brother, unto Phile- 10 I beseech thee for my mon, our dearly beloved and son Onesimus, whom I have fellow-labourer,

begotten in my bonds : 2 And to our beloved Ap- 11 Which in time past phia, and Archippus our fel- was to thee unprofitable, but. low-foldier, and to the church now profitable to thee and in thy house: 3 Grace to


peace 12 Whom I have sent from God our Father, and again : thou therefore rethe Lord Jesus Christ. ceive him, that is, mine

4 I thank my God, mak- own bowels : ing mention of thee always 13 Whom I would have in my prayers,

retained with me, that in thy 5 Hearing of thy love and stead he might have minilfaith, which thou haft toward tered unto me in the bonds the Lord Jesus, and toward of the gospel : all saints;

14 But without thy mind 6 That the communica- would I do nothing ; that tion of thy faith may become thy benefit should not be as effectual by the acknowledg- it were of necessity, but wiling of every good thing lingly. which is in you in Christ 15 For perhaps he thereJefus.

fore departed for a season, 7 For we have great joy that thou shouldest receive and consolation in thy love, him for ever ; because the bowels of the 16 Not now as a servant, faints are refreshed by thee, but above a servant, a brobrother.

ther beloved, specially to me, 8 Wherefore, though I but how much more unto might be much bold in Christ thee, both in the flesh, and to injoin thee that which is in the Lord ? convenient,

17. If thou count 9 Yet for love's fake I therefore a partner, receive rather beseech thee, being him as myself. such an one as Paul the aged, 18 If he hath wronged



thee, or oweth thee ought, wilt also do more than I say. put that on mine account; 22 But withal prepare me

19 I Paul have written it also a lodging: for I trust with mine own hand, I will that through your prayers I repay it : albeit I do not say shall be given unto you. to thee how thou owest unto 23 There falute thee Epame even thine ownself be- phras, my fellow-prisoner in sides.

Christ Jefus ; 20 Yea, brother let me 24 Marcus, Aristarchus, have joy of thee in the Lord: Demas, Lucas, my fellow refresh my bowels in the labourers. Lord.

25 The grace of our Lord 21 Having confidence in Jesus Christ be with your thy obedience, I wrote unto spirit. Amen. thee, knowing that thou

From the Epistle of PAUL to the HEBREWS.


4. Being made so much

better than the angels, as he OD, who at sundry hath by inheritance obtained

G ,

manners, spake in time past they. unto the fathers by the pro- 5 For unto which of the phets,

angels said he at any time, 2 Hath in these last days Thou art my Son, this day spoken unto us by his Son, have I begotten thee? whom he hath appointed heir again, I will be to him a Faof all things, by whom also he ther, and he shall be to me a made the worlds :

Son ? 3 Who, being the bright- 6 And again, when he ness of his glory, and the ex- bringeth in the first begotpress image of his person, and ten into the world, he saith, upholding all things by the And let all the angels of God word of his power, when he worship him. had by himself purged our 7 And of the angels he fins, fát down on the right saith, Who maketh his angels hand of the Majesty on spirits, and his ministers a high;

Aame of fire.

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