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9 For inquisition shall be thought to have it their made into the counsels of the friend, they consumed ungodly: and the sound of nought, and made a covehis words fhall come unto nant with it, because they the Lord, for the manifesta- are worthy to take part with tion of his wicked deeds. it. 10 For the ear of jealousy

Chap. II. heareth all things: and the

"OR the ungodly said, reanoile of murmurings is not foning with themselves, hid.

but not aright, Our life is u Therefore beware of thort and tedious, and in the murmuring, which is un

death of a man there is no profitable, and refrain your remedy: neither was there tongue from backbiting; for

any man known to have rethere is no word so secret, turned from the grave. that ihall go for nought: and

2 For we are born at all the mouth that belieth, slay- adventure: and we shall be eth the soul.

hereafter, as though we had 12 Seek not death in the

never been: for the breath error of your life: and pull in our nostrils is as smoke, no: upon yourselves destruc- and a little spark in the movtion, with the works of your ing of our heart : hands.

3. Which being extin13 For God male not guilhed, our body shall be death: neither hath he plea- turned into ashes, and our fure in the destruction of the spirit shall vanish as the soft living.

air, 14 For he created all

4 And our name shall be things; that they might forgotten in time, and no have their being: and the man shall have our works in generations of the world remembrance, and our life were healthful: and there is shall pass away as the trace of no poison of destruction in a cloud, and shall be di:perfed them: nor the kingdom of as a mist that is driven away death upon the earth.

with the beams of the sun, 15 For righteousness is

righteousness is and overcome with the heat immortal,

thereof.. 16 But ungodly men with

59 For our time is a vetheir works and words called rv íhadow that pafleth away: it to them: for when they and after our end, there is

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no returning: for it is fast the knowledge of God: and sealed, so that no man com- he callėth himself the child of eth again.

the Lord. ..,69 Come on therefore,

14 He was made to relet us enjoy the good things prove our thoughts. that are present: and let us 15 He is grievous unto us speedily use the creatures like even to behold: for his life as in youth.

is not like other men's, his 7 Let us fill ourselves ways are of another fashion. with coftly wine and oint- 16 We are esteemed of ments: and let no flower of him as counterfeits : he ab. the spring pass by us. Itaineth from our ways as 8 Let us crown ourselves from filthiness: he

prowith rose-buds before they be nounceth the end of the withered.

just to be blessed, and mak9 Let none of us with-erh his boast that God is out his part of our voluptu- his father. ousness : let us leave tokens 17 Let us fee if his words of our joyfulness in every | be true : and let us prove place: for this is our por- what shall happen in the end tion, and our lot is this. of him.

10 9 Let us oppress the 18 For if the juft man be poor righteous man, let us the son of God, he will help not spare the widow, nor re- him, and deliver him from verence the ancient gray the hand of his enemies. hairs of the aged.

19 Let us examine him 11 Let our strength be the with despitefulness and torlaw of justice, for that which ture, that we may know his is feeble is found to be no-meekness, and prove his pathing worth.

tience. 12 Therefore let us lie in 20 Let us condemn him wait for the righteous: be- with a shameful death: for cause he is not for our turn, by his own saying he shall be and he is clean contrary to respected. our doings : he upbraideth 21 Such things they did us with our offending the imagine, and were deceive law; and objecteth to our in-ed: for their own wickfamy the transgreffings of our edness hath blinded them. education.

22 As for the myitories 13 He profefscth to have of God, they knew them



grace and

mercy is

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not: neither hoped they for visitation they shall shine, and the wages of righteousness : run to and fro like sparks anor discerned a reward for mong the stubble. blameless souls.

8 They shall judge the 23 For God created man nations, and have domito be immortal, and made nion over the people, and him to be an image of his their Lord shall reign for own eternity.

24 Nevertheless, through 9 They that put their trust envy of the devil came death in him shall understand the into the world: and they truth : and such as be faiththat do hold of his fide do ful in love shall abide with find it.

him : for

to his faints, and he hath care CHAP. III.

for his elect. UT the souls of the 10 9 But the ungodly

righteous are in the hall be punished according hand of God, and there shall to their own imaginations, no torment touch them. which have neglected the

2 In the fight of the un-righteous, and forfaken the wile they seemed to die: and Lord. their departure is taken for In For whoso despiseth misery,

wisdom and nurture, he is 3 And their going from miserable, and their hope is us to be utter destruction : vain, their labours unfruitbut they are in peace.

ful, and their works unpro4 For though they be pu- fitable. nished in the light of men : 12 Their wives are foola yet is their hope full of imith, and their children wickmortality.

ed. 59 And having been a lit- 13 Their offspring is tle chastised, they shall be cursed: wherefore blefled is greatly rewarded: for God the barren that is undefiled, proved them, and found which hath not known the them worthy for himself. sinful bed: The shall have

6 As gold in the furnace fruit in the visitation of hath he tried them, and re- souls. ceived them as a burnt-offer- 14 And blessed is the euing.

nuch, which with his hands 7 And in the time of their hath wrought no iniquity,


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fall away

nor imagined wicked things | umpheth for ever, having against God: for unto him gotten the victory, striving shall be given the special gift for undefiled rewards. of faith, and an inheritance 39 But the multiplying in the temple of the Lord, brood of the ungodly shall more acceptable to his not thrive, nor take deep mind.

rooting from bastard flips, 15 For glorious is the fruit nor lay any fast foundaof good labours : and the tion. root of wisdom shall never 4 For though they Aourish. .

in branches for a time; yet 16 q As for the children standing not faft, they shall of adulterers, they shall not be shaken with the wind, and come to their perfection, and through the force of winds the feed of an unrighteous they Ihall be rooted out. bed shall be rooted out, $ The imperfect branches

17 For though they live shall be broken off, their long, yet shall they be no- fruit unprofitable, not ripe to thing regarded: and their eat, yea, meet for nothing. last age shall be without ho

6 For children begotten

of unlawful beds, are wit18 Or if they die quickly, nesses of wickedness against they have no hope, neither their parents in their trial. comfort in the day of trial. 7 But though the righte

19 For horrible is the end ous be prevented with of the unrighteous genera- death; yet shall he be in tion.


8 For honourable age is CHAP. IV.

not that which standeth in

length of time, nor that is ETTER it is to have measured by number of

no children, and to have years : virtue: for the memorial 9 But wisdom is the gray thereof is immortal: because hair unto men, and an unit is known with God, and spotted life is old age. with men.

10 He pleased God, and 2 When it is present, men was beloved of him:, fo that take example at it; and when living amongst finners he was it is gone, they desire it: ittrandated. weareth a crown, and tri- 11 Yea, speedily was I



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taken away, left that wick carcase, and a reproach a. edness should alter his un- mong the dead for evermore. derstanding, or deceit beguile 19 For he shall rend them, his soul.

and cast them down head12 For the bewitching of long, that they shall be naughtiness doth obscure speechless: and he shall shake things that are honest: and them from the foundation: the wandering of concupi- and they shall be utterly laid scence doth undermine the waste, and be in forrow: fimple mind.

and their memorial shall pe13 He being made perfect rih. in a short time, fulfilled a 20° And when they cast long time.

up the accounts of their fins, 14 For his soul pleased they shall come with fear : the Lord : therefore hafted and their own iniquities shall he to take him away from a- convince them to their face. mong the wicked.

CHAP. V. 15 This the people faw, and understood it not, nei- THEN shall the rightether laid they up this in their ous man stand in great minds, that his grace and boldnels, before the face of mercy is with his faints, and such as have afflicted him, that he hath respect unto his and made no account of his chosen.

labours. 16 Thus the righteous 2 When they see it, they that is dead, shall condemn thall be troubled with territhe ungodly which are living; ble fear, and shall be amazed and youth that is foon per- at the strangeness of his falfected, the many years and vation, so far beyond all that old age of the unrighteous. they looked for.

17 For they shall see the 3 And they repenting, end of the wise, and shall not and groaning for anguish of understand what God in his spirit, ihall say within themcounsel hath decreed of him, lelves, This was he whom and to what end the Lord we had sometimes in derihath set him in safety. fion, and a proverb of re

18 They ihall see him, and proach. despise him: but God shall 4. We fools accounted laugh then to scorn, and his life madness; and his they shall hereafter be a vile end to be without honour.

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