Imatges de pÓgina

NOTE.... The Works to which the letter J. is prefixed, were in the Library

90 Unitarian Miscellany, 6 v. 12mo; Baltimore, 1822-'24. (present.)

317 Upham's History and Doctrine of Budhism, popularly illustrated, folio; London, 1829.

J. 115

Van Dale: Dissertationes de Aristea et Sanchoniathone, et Historia Baptismorum, p. 4to; Amst. 1705.

Verplanck's Essays on the Evidences of Revealed Religion, 8vo; New York, 1824.


J. 14

J. 92

Vetus Testamentum, Gr. LXX, p. 8vo; Londini, 1653.
Vetus Testamentum, Gr. LXX, Grabii, 10 v. 8vo; Oxon.


278 Vetus Testamentum, Gr. LXX, Lamb. Bos, 4to; Franequeræ, 1709.

J. 11

Vetus Testamentum, Gr. LXX, et Nov. Test. Gr. 3 v. 12mo; Cantab. 1665.

J. 295

Vetus Testamentum, Lat. Junii et Tremellii, folio; Hanoviæ, 1603.

265 Walker's Sermons on Practical Subjects, 3 v. 8vo; Edinburgh,


123 Wall's History of Infant Baptism, 3 v. 8vo; London, 1819. J. 212 Warburton's Divine Legation of Moses, 3 v. 8vo; London,



Works, 12 v. 8vo; London, 1811. 170 Wardlaw's Discourses on the Socinian Controversy, 8vo; London, 1815.

160 Watson's Apologies for Christianity and the Bible, 8vo; London, 1820.


J. 224
J. 225


Theological Tracts, 6 v. 8vo; London, 1785.
Welsted's Scheme of Providence, 8vo; London, 1736.
West on the Resurrection, and Littleton on the Conversion
of St. Paul, 8vo; London, 1749.


94 Whiston's Primitive Christianity, 5 v. 8vo; Lond. 1711-'12. White's Evidence against Catholicism, 12mo; Georgetown,


Wilberforce's View of Christianity, 8vo; London, 1797.
Witherspoon's Works, 2 v. 8vo; Philadelphia, 1800.

J. 150

266 Wrangham's Sermons, &c. 3 v. 8vo; London, 1816. J. 127 Young's Estimate of Human Life, 8vo; London, 1728.



of the late President JEFFERSON, when it was purchased by Congress in 1815.






SEC. 1.-Commentaries-Treatises-Entries-Conveyancing.
SEC. 2.-Criminal Law-Trials.

SEC. 3.-Military Law-Courts-Martial.


Adams' Treatise on Ejectments, with references to Am. Decisions, by P. Ruggles, 8vo; New York, 1821. 111 Angell's Treatise on the Common Law relating to Water

Courses, 8vo; Boston, 1824.


Treatise on the Right of Property in Tide Waters, 8vo; Boston, 1826.

103 Archbold's Collection of the Forms and Entries in the Courts of King's Bench and Common Pleas, 8vo; New York, 1828.


Digest of the Law of Pleading and Evidence in Actions Real, Personal, and Mixed, 8vo; N. York, 1824. Practice of the Court of King's Bench, in Personal Actions, &c., 8 vo; New York, 1823.

Summary of the Law relative to Appeals, (Poor Laws) 12mo; Lond. 1826.

J. 21

J. 100
J. 58

J. 57



Treatise on the Law of Sett-Off and Mutual Credit, 8vo; London, 1827.

J. 207 Bacon's Abridgment, with additions, &c., by H. Gwillim,

7 v. 8vo; Lond. 1798.

Ballantine on Limitations, with references to Am. Decisions, 8vo; N. York, 1812.

Aston's Entries, p. 4to; Lond. 1661.

Attorney's Practice in the Court of Common Pleas, by Richardson, 2d v. 8vo; London, 1746.

Attorney's Practice in the Court of King's Bench, by Richardson, 2 v. 8vo; Lond. 1750.


Babington's Treatise on the Law of Auctions, 8vo; London, 1826.

J. 79 Baron & Feme, 8vo; Lond. 1738.

J 268 Barry's Irish Tenures, fol.; Dublin, 1637.

NOTE.... The Works to which the letter J. is prefixed, were in the Library

109 Bayldon's Treatise on the Valuation of Property for Poor Rates, 8vo; London, 1828.

Bayley on Bills of Exchange, &c. 8vo; London, 1822.
Beame's Sketch of the Doctrine relative to Commitments in
Bankruptcy, 8vo; London, 1827.

122 146


J. 11


J. 10



126 J. 282 150


J. 154
J. 283
J. 92

J. 90

J. 91

J. 17 18


J. 300

158 J. 204

J. 52
J. 9

J. 277

J. 271

J. 48

J. 309

J. 38

J. 310 J. 177 175

J. 8



Translation of Glanville, 8vo; London, 1812. Bellew: Ans du Roy Richard II., 16s; Lond. 1585. Bentham's Rationale of Judicial Evidence, 5 v. 8vo; Lond.


Billinghurst on the Statutes concerning Bankrupts, 12mo;
Lond. 1676.
Bingham's Digest of the Law of Landlord and Tenant, 8vo;
Lond. 1820.

Bingham on Infancy and Overture, with notes and references
to Am. Decisions, 8vo; Exeter, 1824.

on Judgments and Executions, 8vo; Lond. 1815. Blackstone's Commentaries, 4 v. 4to; Oxford, 1770.

by Tucker, 5 v. 8vo; Phila. 1803.
with Field's Analysis, and Notes

by Christian, Archbold, and Chitty, and by a member of
the New York Bar, 4 v. in 2, 8vo; Phila. 1827.
Blackstone's (Wm.) Law Tracts, 2 v. 8vo; Oxford, 1762.
Blount's Law Dictionary, fol.; London, 1717.
Bohun's Customs of London, 8vo; London, 1723.
English Lawyer, 8vo; Lond. 1732.
Institutio Legalis, 8vo; Lond. 1732.
Book of Judgments, 12mo; London, 1655.
Book of Oaths, 12mo; London, 1689.

Booth's Nature of Real Actions, fol.; Lond. 1701.
Brackenridge's Law Miscellanies, 8vo; 1814.

Bracton: De Legibus et Consuetudinibus Angliæ, p. 4to;
Lond. 1640.

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Bridall's Conveyancer, part 2d, 8vo; Lond. 1698.

Brook's Pleading upon the Statute of Limitations, 16s; Lond.


Brooke's Abridgment, 4to; London, 1586.
Brown's Brevia Judicialia, fol.; Lond. 1662.

Entering Clerk's Vade Mecum, 8vo; Lond. 1678.
Entries, fol.; London, 1671.

Modus Intrandi, 2 v. 8vo; London, 1702.

Brownlow's Entries, fol.; Lond. 1693. (2 copies.)
Buller's Nisi Prius, 8vo; Dublin, 1791.

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Caine's Practical Forms of the Supreme Court of N. York,
from Tidd's Appendix, 8vo; New York, 1808.

Calthrop's Customs and Usages of London, 12mo; Lond., 1655.
Chitty on Bills of Exchange, &c., 8vo; Philadelphia, 1821.
on Pleading, &c., with Corrections and Additions, by
J. A. Dunlap, 3 v. 8vo; Philadelphia, 1819.

of the late President JEFFERSON, when it was purchased by Congress in 1815.



J. 49

142 Chitty on the Law of Contracts, Svo; London, 1826.
Christian's Origin, Progress, and Practice, of the Bankrupt
Law in England and Ireland, 3 v. 8vo; London, 1818.
Clerk's Assistant, 8vo; London, 1683.
Clerk's Manual, 8vo; London, 1678.
Coke's Entries, folio; London, 1671.

J. 311

J. 15 Coke's (Lord) Institutes; Abridgment of the First Part, by

W. Hawkins, 12mo; London, 1751.

J. 279

J. 280

J. 281

210 Coke upon Littleton, with Notes, &c., by Hargrave, Butler, Hale, Nottingham, and Day, 3 v. 8vo; Philadelphia, 1812. with notes of Hargrave, &c., by Thomas,


J. 44
J. 55
J. 53
J. 60


3 v. 8vo; Philadelphia, 1827.

Complete Attorney and Solicitor, 8vo; London, 1695.
Complete Clerk and Scrivener's Guide, p. 4to; Lond. 1655.
Complete English Copyholder, 2 v. 8vo; London, 1735.
Complete Sheriff, 8vo; London, 1727.

Comyn's Digest of the Laws of England, 5 v. folio; London,

Continued, by a Gentleman of the Inner Temple, to the present time, folio; London, 1776.

of the Laws of England, by Hammond, with American Decisions, by T. Day, 8 v. 8vo; Phila. 1826. Law of Contracts and Promises, 8vo; Lond. 1824. Cooke's Cases of Practice, folio; London, 1742.

189 J. 301

148 Cooper's Bankrupt Law of America, 8vo; Philadelphia, 1801. Coote's Treatise on the Law of Mortgage, 2 v. 8vo; London,



2d Institute, edition 1662, folio.

2d Institute, 6th edition, 1681, folio.

3d and 4th Institute, 4th edition, 1670, folio.

J. 59
J. 284
J. 274


138 Cornish's Essay on the Doctrine of Remainder, 8vo; London,


J. 36 194

J. 287
J. 46
J. 93

J. 305

J. 289

Covert's Scrivener's Guide, 2 v. 8vo; London, 1740.
Cowell's Interpreter Improved, folio; London, 1708.
Cragii Jus Feudale, folio; Edinb. apud T. & W. Ruddimanno,


Crompton on Courts, p. 4to; London, 1794.

Cruise's Digest of the Laws of England respecting Real Pro-
perty, with American Decisions, by E. D. Ingraham, 4 v.
8vo; Brookfield, 1823.

Cunningham's Law Dictionary, 2 v. folio; London, 1781.
Curson's Arcana Clericalia, 8vo; London, 1705.

Dalrymple's Essay on Feudal Property, 8vo; London, 1758.
Dalton's Office of Sheriff, folio; London, 1700.

Dane's Abridgment and Digest of American Law, 8 v. 8vo;
Boston, 1823.

D'Anver's Abridgment of the Common Law, 3 v. folio;
London, 1725-37.

NOTE...The Works to which the letter J. is prefixed, were in the Library

114 Davies' Collection of Cases respecting Patents of Invention, 8vo; London, 1816.

134 Dixon's Treatise on the Law relating to Title Deeds, 2 v. 8vo; London, 1826.

J. 273 Doctrina Placitandi, 4to; Lond. 1677.

110 Dunlop's Treatise on the Law of Scotland relative to Poor Rates, 8vo; Edinburgh, 1828.

162 Du Ponceau's Dissertation on the Jurisdiction of the United States' Courts, 8vo; Philadelphia, 1824.


Eden's Practical Treatise on the Bankrupt Law, 8vo; Lond.

J. 269
J. 97

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Egerton's Observations on Coke's Reports, folio; London.
Speech on the Post-Nati, p. 4to; London, 1609.
Exposition of Law Terms, 12mo; London.

Fearne's Essay on Contingent Remainders and Executory De-
vises; with Notes and Index, by Butler, 8vo; Philadelphia,


Fessenden on the Law of Patents, 8vo; Boston, 1822.
Field's Analysis of Blackstone's Commentaries, 8vo; New
York, 1822.

Finch's Discourse on Law, 8vo; London, 1759.

Fitzherbert's Abridgment, p. folio; Tottell, London, 1577. Fortescue de Laudibus Legum Angliæ; et Hengham, Magna et Parva, Seldeni, folio; Lond. 1741.

Fulbecke's Parallel of the Civil, Canon, and Common Law,
p. 4to; London, 1618.

Gilbert's History of the Exchequer, 8vo; London, 1738.
Law of Distresses, 8vo; London, 1757--
Law of Ejectments, 8vo; 1741.

Law of Tenures, 8vo; 1757.

Glanvil: Tractatus de Legibus, &c., 12mo; Lond. 1673.
editio Totteli,

Topics in the Laws of England, by J. C.; Lon-
don, 1646,

1 v. 12mo.

Noy's Complete Lawyer; London, 1651,
Glisson's Common Law Epitomized; London, 1679.
Goodinge on Bankrupts, 8vo; London, 1701.
Greenwood on Courts, 12mo; London, 1722.

Griffith's Annual Law Register of the United States, 3d and
4th v. 8vo; New Jersey, 1822.

Guide to English Juries, 12mo; London, 1725.

Hale's History of the Common Law of England, 8vo; London, 1739.


Hall's American Law Journal, 7 v. 8vo; Phila. 1808-'21. 127 Hammond's Treatise on Parties to Actions, 8vo; Exeter, 1822. Treatise on the Law of Nisi Prius, 8vo; Exeter,


J. 312 Hansard's Entries, folio; London, 1685.

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