Imatges de pÓgina

J. 42 Nicephori Breviarium Historicum, de rebus gestis ab obitu Mauricii ad Constantinum usque Copronymum, Gr. Lat. Petavii, p. 8vo; Paris. 1616.

138 J. 127 J. 117

J. 118

NOTE....The Works to which the letter J. is prefixed, were in the Library

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Niebuhr, B. G: History of Rome, 1st v. 8vo; Camb. 1828.
Orosius, p. 4to; Paris. 1506.

Paterculus, C. Velleius: Historiæ Romanæ, not. var. curâ P.
Burmanni, 8vo; Lugd. Bat. 1719.

Idem, cum variis Lectionibus, &c. a J. Hudsoni, 8vo; Oxoniæ, 1791.

History of Rome, tr. by Geo. Ba

ker, 8vo; London, 1814.

Perizonii Commentarii in Epitomen Horat. Tursellini, 3 v.

4to; MS. 1714.

Perizonius, Jac.: Ægyptiarum Originum Investigatio, 12mo;
Lugd. Bat. 1711.

Animadversiones Historicæ, 12mo; Amst.


Origines Babylonicæ et Ægyptiacæ, 12mo;
Lugd. Bat. 1711.
Plutarch's Lives, trans. by J. and W. Langhorne, 6 v. 8vo;
Lond. 1813.
Plutarchi Vitæ, Gr. Lat. Cruserii, 4 v. p. fol.; Basileæ, 1564.
Gr. Lat Eng. 13 v. 12mo; Edinb. 1774.
Polyæni Strategematum, Gr. Lat. Vulteii, 8vo; Lugd. Bat.


Polybius: Historiarum libri qui supersunt, Gr. Lat. Casauboni, not. var. Gronovii et Ernesti, Lipsia, 1764; and in English, by Hampton, Lond. 1772; 8 v. 8vo.

Idem, Gr. Lat. Casauboni, folio; Paris. 1619. Potocki, Jean: Chronologie de Manethon, 4to; St. Petersburgh, 1805.

Dynasties de Manethon, 12mo; Florence,

Principes de Chronologie Antérieurs aux
Olympiades, 4to; St. Petersburgh, 1810.

Potter, John: Antiquities of Greece, 2 v. 8vo; Lond. 1751.
Procopius: Arcana Historia, Gr. Lat. Alemanni, fol.; Lugd.



Quintus Curtius: De Rebus Gestis Alexandri Magni, Lat. Fr.
de Vaugelas, avec les Supplemens de J. Freinshemius,
trad. par Feu M. Du Ryer, 12mo; Berlin, 1746.
Idem, à Maittaire, 12mo; Lond. 1716.

The same, in English, 2 v. 8vo; Lond. 1809. Idem, in usum Delphini, cum Supplemento Freinshemii, 8vo; Lond. 1705.

J. 76

Idem, not. var. 8vo; Elzevir ed.

J. 197 Raleigh, Sir Walter: History of the World, 2 v. fol.; Lond.

of the late President JEFFERSON, when it was purchased by Congress in 1815.

J. 56 Richer, Adrien: Abrégé Chronologique de l'Histoire des Empereurs Romaines, 2 v. 12mo; Paris, 1767.


Robertson, Joseph: The Parian Chronicle, or the Chronicle of the Arundelian Marbles; with a Dissertation concerning its authenticity, 8vo; Lond. 1788.

Robertson, William: History of Ancient Greece, 8vo; Edinb.


Robinson, John: Antiquities of Greece, 8vo; Lond. 1807. 125 Rogers, Elisa: Lives of the Twelve Cæsars, 5 v. 8vo; Lond.


J. 65

Rollin, Charles: Histoire Ancienne, 13 v. 12mo; Amst. 1735



Ancient History, 10 v. 12mo; N. York, 1815. 154 Russell, William: History of Ancient Europe, 3 v. 8vo; Lond.


64 Rutherford, William: View of Ancient History, 2 v. 12mo;


J. 105

J. 106

Lond. 1809.

94 Sabbathier, M.: Institutions, Manners, and Customs of the Ancient Nations; trans. from the French, by P. Stockdale, 2 v. 8vo; London, 1776.

2 Sallust, C. C.: Opera, 16s; Lipsia: ed. stereotypa.
Idem, à Maittaire, 12mo; Lond. 1725.




J. 83 172

J. 122




J. 121


96 Shuckford, Samuel: Connexion of the Sacred and Profane History of the World; revised and improved by J. Creighton, 2 v. 8vo; Phila. 1824.

J. 168 Stanley, Thomas: Lives of the Philosophers, 2 v. 4to; Lond.

Idem, in usum Delphini, 8vo; Lond. 1746. Idem, quæ extant, cum notis variorum, etc. Cantab. 1710.

Works, tr. by A. Murphy, 8vo; Lond. 1807.
Works, tr, by William Rose, Svo; London,


Stanyan, Temple: Grecian History, 2 v. 8vo; Lond. 1739.
Suetonius, C. Tranquillus: Opera, a J. G. Grævius, 4to;
Haga-Com. 1691.

Opera omnia quæ extant, in usum

Delphini, 8vo; Lond. 1718.

Lives of the First Twelve Cæsars, tr. by Alexander Thompson, 8vo; Lond. 1796. J. 192 Tacitus, C. C.: Opera, cum Commentariis, accessit C. Vel

J. 34

leius Paterculus, cum notis a Lipsio; folio; Antv. 1668.
Opera, edition of Brotier, Paris, 1776; with
Span. by Sveyro, Anvers, 1619; and Eng. by Gordon,
Dublin, 1787; 12 v. 12mo.

Opera, a Gronovii, not. var. Elzevir, Amstel. 1672; and Eng. by T. Gordon, Lond. 1737; 9 v. 8vo.

NOTE....The Works to which the letter J. is prefixed, were in the Library

103 Tacitus, C. C.: Works, with an Essay on his Life and Genius, and notes, supplement, &c. by Arthur Murphy, 6 v. 8vo; Phila. 1813.

178 Thucydides: De Bello Peloponnesiaco, Libri Octo, Gr. Lat. not. var. Hudsonii, folio; Oxoniæ, 1696.

J. 191

Idem, Gr. Lat. not. var. Dukeri, folio; Amst.

J. 10

J. 177

102 J. 169




102 a

Maps and Plans illustrative of, 8vo; Oxford. J. 57 Tracts in Ancient History, by Priestley and Fabbroni, 8vo;

Lond. 1785; Firenze, 1783.

J. 50

J. 20

J. 151
J. 143

Idem, Gr. Lat. ex ed. Wassii et Dukeri, 8 v. 12mo; Glasguæ, 1759. Foulis ed.

Peloponnesian War, tr. by T. Hobbes, folio;



London, 1629.

J. 11



J. 12

The same, tr. by T. Hobbes, 8vo; London, 1823.
The same, tr. by Wm. Smith, 2v. 4to; London,

J. 27 Vertot, D'A. R. A. de: Revolutions de Rome, 3 v. 12mo;

La Haye, 1734.

Revolutions of the Roman Republic,

trans. by Ozell, 2 v. 8vo; Lond. 1724. Volney, C. F.: Recherches Nouvelles sur l'Histoire Ancienne, 3 v. 8vo; Paris, 1814. (present.)

95 a

New Researches on Ancient History, trans. by Col. Corbet, 2 v. 8vo; Lond. 1819.

40 Watterston, George: History of Rome, for the use of Schools, 8vo; Washington, 1820. (present.)

Tuningius, Gerardus: Apophthegmata Græca, Latina, Italica,
Gallica, et Hispanica, 12mo; Lugd. Bat. 1609.

Tursellinus, Hor.: Epit. Historiarum, 12mo; Ultrajecti, 1710.
Universal History, 20 v. 8vo; Lond. 1747.

Valerius Maximus, cum notis a Thysius, 8vo.
Velleius. See Paterculus.

Wilcox, Joseph: Roman Conversations, 2 v. 8vo; Lond. 1792. Xenophon's Cyropædia, tr. by Ashley, 2 v. in 1, 8vo; Dublin, 1798.

84 Xenophon's History of the Affairs of Greece, tr. by W Smith, 8vo; Lond. 1812.

J. 13

J 72
J. 170

Xenophontis Cyropædia, Gr. Lat. Hutchinson, 4 v. 12mo;
Glasguæ, 1767. Foulis ed.

The same, in Eng. by Spelman, 2 v. Svo; London, 1749.
Xenophontis Cyropædia, Gr. Lat. T. Hutchinson, 4to; Oxo-
nii, 1727.

Xenophontis Hellenica, et Agesilaus, Gr. Lat. Ed. Wells, 4 v. 12mo; Glasguæ, 1762. Foulis ed.

Xenophontis Expeditio Cyri, Gr. Lat. ex ed. T. Hutchinson; De Magisterio Equitum, Gr. Lat. ex ed. E. Wells, 4 v. 12mo; Glasguæ, 1764. Foulis ed.

of the late President JEFFERSON, when it was purchased by Congress in 1815.

J. 175 Xiphilinus, Gr. Lat. Blanci, 2 v. 4to; Lutetiæ, 1551. 166 Yorke, Philip, Earl of Hardwicke: Athenian Letters, 2 v. 4to; Lond. 1810.

153 Young, Sir William: History of Athens, 8vo; Lond. 1804. J. 131 Zosimus: Historia Novæ, Gr. Lat. 8vo; Oxonii, 1679.



SOUTHERN EUROPE.-Italy, Rome, Florence, Naples, Venice, Spain, Portugal, France.

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NORTHERN EUROPE.-Lapland, Russia, Poland, Hungary, Sweden, Denmark, Prussia, Germany, Flanders, United Netherlands, Switzerland, Geneva.


J. 24 Abrégé Chronologique de l'Histoire d'Espagne et de Portugal, 2 v. 12mo; Paris, 1777.

J. 82 Abrégé Chronologique de l'Histoire de Pologne, 12mo; Var

sovie, 1763.

J. 129

Abridgment of the Historical, Geographical, Chronological, and Poetical Dictionary, 1st vol. 8vo; London, 1703. 43 Adventures of a French Sergeant, 12mo; London, 1826. 42 Adventures of a Young Rifleman, 12mo; London, 1826. J. 348 Aitzema, Lion: History of the United Netherlands, 1650 and 1651, p. folio; London, 1653.


Alfieri, Victor: Vita di, scritta da esso, 2 v. 8vo; Firenze,



The same, translated from the Italian, 2 v. 8vo; London, 1810.


Anderson, James: Royal Genealogies, folio; Lond. 1732. 274 Anderson, William: Sketches of the History and Present State of the Russian Empire, 8vo; London, 1815.

104 Angoulême, Duchess d': Private Memoirs of the Captivity of the Royal Family of France, in the Tower of the Temple, 12mo; Edinburgh, 1817.

124 Annals of Europe, or Regal Register, 8vo; London, 1779. 248 Antommarchi, Dr. F.: Last Days of the Emperor Napoleon, 2 v. 8vo; London, 1825.

NOTE....The Works to which the letter J. is prefixed, were in the Library

333 Asiatic Annual Register, from 1799 to 1811, 12 v. 8vo; Lond. 52 Autobiography, viz: Colley Cibber, Hume, Lilly, Voltaire, Marmontel, R. Drury, Whitefield, Ferguson, Mary Robinson, Charlotte Charke, Lord Herbert, Prince Eugene, Kotzebue, J. Creichton, W. Gifford, T. Ellwood, L. Holberg, J. H. Vaux, Edward Gibbon, Benvenuto Cellini, James Lackington, Wolfe Tone, Margravine of Bareith, George Bubb Doddington, Carlo Goldoni, Vidocq, Madame Du Barri, 30 v. 12mo; London, 1826-'30. 132 Baily, Francis: Epitome of Universal History, 2 v. 8vo. Lon

don, 1813.

Bareith, Margrave de. See Book of Kings, vols. 1 and 2, in ch. 3, No. 66.

413 Barrè, Richard (Lord Ashburton): Genealogical Memoirs of the Royal House of France, 2 v. folio; Lond. 1825. (pres.) Barri. Anecdotes sur M. la Comtesse du Barri, 12mo; Londres, 1775.

J. 60

J. 218 Bastille Dévoilée, ou Recueil de Pieces Authentiques pour servir a son Histoire, 2 v. 8vo; Paris, 1789-'90. J. 278 Bassville, M. de: Vie de François Le Fort, 8vo; Geneve,




Batty, Captain: Campaign in the Western Pyrenees and South
of France, in 1813 and 1814, 4to; London, 1823.
Bausset, L. F. J. de: Private Memoirs of the Court of Na-
poleon, Svo; Philadelphia, 1828.

J. 401 Bayle, Pierre: Dictionnaire Historique et Critique, 5me ed. revue, corrigée, et augmentée, avec de la Vie de l'Auteur,

par Maizeaux, 4 v. folio; Amst. 1740.

Historical and Critical Dictionary, trans. into Eng. with additions, corrections, and observations, by Bernard, Birch, Lockman, Sale, &c. 10 v. folio; London, 1734-'41.



J. 95

J. 95

J. 95

Benger, Eliz. O.: Memoirs of Elizabeth Stuart, Queen of
Bohemia, 2 v. Svo; London, 182

Bentivoglio, Guido: Della Guerra di Fiandra, 3a parte, 12mo;
Colonia, 1640.


J. 94

Della Guerra di Fiandra, 1ma parte,

12mo; Colonia, 1635.

Dell' Historia di Fiandri, 2da parte,

12mo; Colonia, 1636.

Opere Storiche, 5 v. 8vo; Milano, 1806-'7. Relatione delle Provincie Unite di Fiandra, 12mo; Brusselles, 1632.

342 Berington, Joseph: History of the Lives of Abeillard and

Heloisa, 4to; Birmingham, 1788.

233 Bertrand de Moleville, A. F.: Annals of the French Revolution, trans. into English, by R. C. Dallas, 9 v. 8vo; London, 1800-'2.

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