Imatges de pÓgina
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of the late President JEFFERSON, when it was purchased by Congress in 1815.

45 Mills, Charles: History of the Crusades for the Recovery and Possession of the Holy Land, 2 v. 8vo; London, 1822.

16 Milner, Joseph: History of the Church of Christ; with additions and corrections, by the Rev. Isaac Milner, 5 v. 12mo; Boston, 1822.

J. 18 Mosheim, John Lawrence: Ecclesiastical History, Ancient and Modern, translated from the Latin, with Notes, &c., by A. Maclaine, 6 v. 8vo; London, 1782.

Neal, Daniel: History of the Puritans; corrected and enlarged by Joshua Toulmin, 5 v. 8vo; Boston, 1816-'17. Nicephorus, Callistus: Ecclesiastica Historiæ, Gr.; adjecta est Latina interpretatio Joannis Langii, à R. P. Frontone Ducæo, 2 v. folio; Lut. Par. 1630. J. 42 Paolo, Padre: Historia del Concilio Tridentino, 2 v. p. 4to; Geneva, 1660.


J. 64

J. 62

J. 56



J. 59

Platina, Baptista: Historia de Vitis Pontificum Romanorum,
4to; Coloniæ, 1600.

Puigblanch, Antonio: Inquisition Unmasked; tr. by William
Walton, 2 v. 8vo; Lond. 1816.


Reece, Richard: Compendious Martyrology, 3 v. 8vo; Lond. Sguropulum, Sylvestrum: Historia Concilii Florentini, Græcè scripta, transtulit in Sermonem Latinum, notasque ad calcem Libri adjecit, Robertus Creyghton, folio; HagæComitis, 1660.

49 Sismondi, J. C. L. Simonde de: History of the Crusades against the Albigenses, in the 13th Century; tr. from the French, 8vo; Lond. 1826.

27 J. 65

27 Soame, Henry: History of the Reformation of the Church of

England, 3 v. 8vo; Lond. 1826.

The same, 1st and 2d vols. 8vo; Lond. 1826. Socrates Scholasticus et Hermias Sozomenus: Historia Ecclesiastica, Gr. et Lat. cum Annotationibus, ab H. Valesio, folio; Paris, 1668.

Southey, Robert: Book of the Church, 2 v. 8vo; Boston,



J. 7

The same, trans. into Eng. by Nathaniel Brent, fol.; Lond. 1629.

J. 19

J. 54

Spelman, Henry: History and Fate of Sacrilege; with Twis-
den's Beginners of a Monastic Life in Asia, Africa, and
Europe, 8vo; Lond. 1698.

Stackhouse, Thomas: New History of the Bible, 6 v. 8vo;
Edinb. 1765-'7.

Stockdale, John Joseph: History of the Inquisitions, 4to;
London, 1810.

J. 67 Strype, John: Annals of the Reformation and Establishment

of Religion, and other various occurrences in the Church of England, during the first 12 years of Queen Elizabeth's happy Reign, 2 v. folio; Lond. 1725.

NOTE....The Works to which the letter J. is prefixed, were in the Library

J. 66

J. 1 Sulpitius, Severus: Opera Omnia quæ extant, 16s; Lugd.
Bat. 1635.
Theodoretus et Evagrius: Historia Ecclesiastica, item Excerp-
ta ex Historiis Philostorgii et Theodori, Gr. et Latin,
cum Annotationibus, ab H. Valesio, folio; Paris, 1673.
Todd, Henry John: Memoirs of the Life and Writings of the
Right Reverend Brian Walton, 2 v. 8vo; Lond. 1821.
Toland, John: Critical History of the Celtic Religion and
Learning; containing an account of the Druids, &c., 8vo;



J. 11


Twisden, Roger. See Spelman.

Vertot, D’A. R. A. de: Origine de la Grandeur de la Cour de Rome, 12mo; Lausanne, 1745.

Viller, Charles: Essay on the Spirit and Influence of the Reformation of Luther; tr. from the French, by James Mills, 8vo; Lond. 1805.

J. 61 Wharton, Henry; Anglia Sacra, 2 v. folio; Londoni, 1691. 31 Wilson, Walter: History and Antiquities of Dissenting Churches and Meeting-houses, in London, &c., 4 v. 8vo; Lond. 1808-'14.

Wodrow, Robert: History of the Sufferings of the Church of Scotland, from the Restoration to the Revolution, 2 v. fol.; Edinb. 1721–222.

Wordsworth, Christopher: Ecclesiastical Biography, 6 v. 8vo;
Lond. 1818.




35 Beche, H. T. De la: Selection of the Geological Memoirs contained in the Annales des Mines, &c., (tr. from the French,) 8vo; Lond. 1824.

44 Bose, Geo. Matt.: Tracts on Electricity, Lat., 4to; Wittem

bergæ, 1747.

38 Brande, William Thomas: Outlines of Geology, 8vo; Lond.

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42 Bremontier, M. N. Th.: Recherches sur le Mouvement des Ondes, 8vo; Paris, 1809.

of the late President JEFFERSON, when it was purchased by Congress in 1815.

J. 58

J. 41

J. 56 29



Theory of the Earth, fol.; Lond. 1684. Cavallo, Tiberius: Elements of Natural or Experimental Philosophy, with Notes selected by F. X. Brosius, 2 v. 8vo; Philadelphia, 1819.

6 Clarke, C. C.: Hundred Wonders of the World, 12mo; New Haven, 1821.


Clerc, John le: Physica sive de Rebus Corporeis, 12mo; Londoni, 1696.

Buffon, G. L. le Clerc, Count de: Supplément à l'Histoire
Naturelle, 4to; Paris, 1778.

Cuvier, G.: Essay on the Theory of the Earth; with Mineralogical Notes, &c., by Professor Jameson, and Observations on the Geology of North America, by Dr. S. L. Mitchill, 8vo; New York, 1818.


Daniell, J. Frederic: Meteorological Essays and Observations,
Svo; London, 1823.

13 Delamétherie, Jean-Claude: Théorie de la Terre, 3 v. 8vo; Paris, 1795.

J. 11 Description and Use of Nairne's Electrical Machine, 8vo; Lon

don, 1783.


Burnet, Thomas: Archæologiæ Philosophicæ, p. 4to; Londoni, 1692.

40a Eaton, Amos: Geological and Agricultural Survey of Rensselaer County, New York, 8vo; Albany, 1822.

Geological and Agricultural Survey of the District adjoining the Erie Canal, 8vo; Alb. 1824. (present.) J. 53 Ellicott, Andrew: Astronomical and Thermometrical Obser

vations on the Mississippi, made in the years 1796, 7, 8, 9, and 1800, 4to; Philadelphia, 1801.


J. 22
J. 51


J. 32

J. 55

J. 54

4to; Paris, 1803.

9 Forster, Thomas: Pocket Encyclopædia of Natural Phænomena, 12mo; London, 1827.

Ephemerides Mediolanenses anni 1779, 8vo; Mediolani, 1778.
Ephemerides Meteorologica Palatina, 1781-25, 5 v. 4to;
Manheimii, 1783-'87.

Erdmann, J. F.: Tracts on Electricity, Latin, 4to; Wittem-
bergæ, 1807.

Faujas de St. Fond, B.: Essai de Géologie, 2 v. 8vo; Paris,


Histoire Naturelle de la Montagne

de St. Pierre de Maestricht, 4to; Paris, 1800.
Voyage Géologique a Oberstein, &c.

Researches about Atmospheric Phænomena, 8vo; London, 1823.

J. 50 Franklin, Benjamin: Experiments and Observations on Electricity, with Letters and Papers on Philosophical Subjects, 4to; London, 1774.

J. 24 Hamilton, Sir William: Observations on Mount Vesuvius, Mount Etna, and other Volcanos, 8vo; London, 1774.

NOTE. The Works to which the letter J. is prefixed, were in the Library

30 Hayden, Horace H.: Geologica! Essays, 8vo; Balt 1820.
46 Hibbert, Samuel: Description of the Shetland Islands, 4to;
Edinburgh, 1822.

J. 5

34 Humboldt, A. de: Geognostical Essay on the Superposition of Rocks, tr. from the French, 8vo; London, 1823. Tableaux de la Nature, tr. de l'Allemand, par J. B. B. Eyriès, 2 v. 12mo; Paris, 1808. J. 26 Isle, De Romé de l': L'Action du Feu Central démontrée



Nulle a la Surface du Globe, contre les Assertions de MM.
le Comte de Buffon, Bailly, de Mairan, &c., 8vo; Pa-
ris, 1781.-Lettre a Madame la Baronne de
sur la
Chaleur du Globe, démontrée par MM. de Mairan et
le Comte de Buffon, soutenue par M. Bailly; et encore
existante, malgré les Assertions de M. D. R. D. L., par
M. L. S. ****, 8vo; Amst. 1780.

Izarn, Joseph: Lithologie Atmospherique, 8vo; Paris, 1803.
Kirwan, Richard: Estimate of the Temperature of different
Latitudes, 8vo; London, 1787.

J. 18
J. 17

J. 2


J. 21

J. 27

J. 28

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Lamarck, J. B.: Annuaire Météorologique, pour l'an 8, 9,
et 10 de la République Française, 12mo; Paris, 1800-22.
Lippi, C.: Fu il Fuoco, o l'Acqua che Sotterrò Pompei ed
Ercolano? Svo; Paris, 1800.

Luc, J. A. de: Idées sur la Météorologie, 2 v. 8vo; Paris,

Lettres Physiques et Morales sur l'Histoire de la Terre et de l'Homme, 5 v. 8vo; Paris, 1779. Lettres sur quelques Parties de la Suisse, et sur le Climat d'Hiéres, vol. 1, 1ere partie, Svo; La Haye,


Macculloch, John: Description of the Western Islands of
Scotland, &c., 2 v. 8vo; and Atlas, 4to; London, 1819.
Macleay, K.: Description of the Spar Cave in the Island of
Skye; to which is added, the Mermaid, a poem, svo; Edin-
burgh, 1811.

J. 3

Météorologie des Cultivateurs, par le Citoyen D. C. 12mo;
Paris, 1798.

J. 49

Météorologie de Marseilles, 1779 to 1786, 4to; MS.

J. 23 Ordinaire, C. N.: Histoire Naturelle des Volcans, 8vo; Paris,



Parkinson, James: Organic Remains of a former World, 3 v. 4to; London, 1804-'11.



Pluche, Abbé Antoine Noel de: Histoire du Ciel, 2 v. 12mo;
Paris, 1788.

J. 7

Spectacle de la Nature, 8 v.

12mo; Paris, 1771.

J. 1 Rohault, Jacques: Traité de Physique, 2 v. 16s; Paris, 1683. J. 36 Sauvagere, M. de la: Recueil de Dissertations, &c., 8vo; Paris,

of the late President JEFFERSON, when it was purchased by Congress in 1815.

10 Shaw, Simeon: Nature Displayed in the Heavens, and on the Earth, 6 v. 12mo; London, 1823.

J. 16

Tracts. Description and Use of a New Portable Orrery, by William Jones, 8vo; Lond. 1787.-Catalogue of Optical, Mathematical, and Philosophical Instruments, made and sold by William and Samuel Jones, London.-Eulogium on David Rittenhouse, by Dr. B. Rush, 8vo; Phila. 1796.— Memoir concerning the fascinating faculty which has been ascribed to the Rattlesnake, &c., by B. S. Barton, 8vo; Phila. 1796.-Monthly Magazine, for Sept. 1796, 8vo; London, 1796.-Scientific and Descriptive Catalogue of Peale's Museum, by C. W. Peale and A. M. F. J. Beauvois, Svo; Phila. 1796.-Inquiry into, and Observations upon the Causes and Effects of, the Epidemic Disease which raged in Philadelphia, from the month of August till towards the middle of December, 1793; by Jean Deveze, Fr. and Eng., 8vo; Phila. 1794.-Brief Account of the Epidemical Fever in the City of New York, with the Names of the Persons who died of it, from July 29 to November 1, 1795; by M. L. Davis, 8vo; N. York, 1795. J. 47 Tracts in Cosmology, by Pownal, Williams, Parmentier,

J. 48 Tracts in Physics, viz: Delambre, Ginguene, Rampasse, Delile, Conover, Humboldt, Pearson, Girardin, De Fer, Lambert, Davy, Sinclair, and Galatin, 4to.

60 Transactions of the Geological Society, 5 v. 4to; London,

J. 59


Planazu, Ingenhousz, Barton, &c., 4to.

Tracts in Cosmology, Geology, Mineralogy, Botany, &c., by
Peyroux, Churchman, Mitchill, Rouelle, McClurg, Bland,
Rush, &c., p. 4to.


31 Ure, Andrew: New System of Geology, in which the Great Revolutions of the Earth and Animated Nature are reconciled at once to Modern Science and Sacred History, 8vo; London, 1829.

J. 12

J. 57

Whitehurst, John: Inquiry into the Original State and Formation of the Earth, 4to; Lond. 1786.

Wild, François Sam.: Essai sur la Montagne Salifere du Gouvernemente d'Aigle, situé dans le Canton de Berne, 8vo; Genève, 1788.

Williams, Jonathan: Thermometrical Navigation, Svo; Phil.


Woodward, John: Essay sur l'Histoire Nuturelle de la Terre, tr. de l'Anglois, par M. Noguez; avec la Réponse aux Observations de M. le Docteur Camerarius, concernant l'Essay, &c., 4to; Paris, 1735.

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