Imatges de pÓgina

of the late President JEFFERSON, when it was purchased by Congress in 1815.

J. 45


On the Culture of Lucerne, p. 12mo; Richmond.-Country Habitations, 8vo.-Letter to Lord Somerville, late President of the Board of Agriculture, with a View to show the Inutility of the Plans and Researches of that Institution, by Thomas Stone, Svo; London, 1800.-Treatise on Practical Farming, by John A. Binns, 8vo; Fredericktown, 1803.-L'Abondance, ou la Véritable Pierre Philosophale, by F. de la Jutais, 12mo; Phila. 1805.-Directions for the Transplantation, &c., of Young Thorn or other Hedge Plants, by Thomas Main, 8vo; Washington, 1807.-Notice sur l'Agriculture des Celtes et des Gaulois, 8vo; Paris, 1806.-Mémoire sur la Naturalisation des Arbres Forestiers de l'Amerique Septentrionale, par F. A. Michaux, Svo; Paris, 1805.-Plan of the re-printed Reports of the Board of Agriculture, 8vo; London, 1806.Coup-d'Eil sur la Culture de quelques Végétaux exotiques, dans les Départemens Méridionaux de la France, par Dr. L. Valentin, 8vo; Paris, 1807.-Rapport, et Médailles d'Encouragement données par la Société d'Agriculture du Département de la Seine, 1808, 8vo; Paris, 1808.Address to the People of the United States, on the importance of encouraging Agriculture and Domestic Manufactures, by G. W. P. Custis, 8vo; Alexandria, 1808.

J, 43 Tracts.-Particulars of the Breeding Stock, late the property of Robert Fowler, of the County of Oxford, England, 8vo; Lond. 1791.-Sketches of Rotations of Crops, &c., by J. B. Bordley, 8vo; Phil. 1796.-Outlines of a Plan for Establishing a State Society of Agriculture in Pennsylvania, 8vo; Phila. 1794.-Manures most advantageously applied to the various sorts of Soils, by R. Kirwen, 8vo; Lond. 1796.-Agricultural Experiments on Gypsum; and experiments to ascertain the best rotation of Crops, by G. Logan, 8vo; Phil. 1797.

J. 70


J. 55 Tracts.-Rapport sur le Perfectionnement des Charrues, par Citoyen François (de Neufchâteau,) 8vo; Paris, 1801.Lettres du Lord Somerville, du Duc de Bedford, de M. Arthur Young, au C. François (de Neufchâteau) sur la Charrue, 8vo; Paris, 1803.-Médailles d'Encouragement données par la Société d'Agriculture du Département de la Seine, 1803, 8vo; Paris, 1803.

Traité sur la Culture de la Vigne, par Chaptal, Rozier, Par-
mentier, et Dussieux, 2 v. 8vo; Paris, 1801.

Transactions of the Horticultural Society of London, 5 v. 4to;
Lond. 1812-'24.

J. 89 Transactions of the Society, instituted in the State of New York, for the promotion of Agriculture, Arts, and Manufactures, 4to; part 1; New York, 1792.

J. 8 Trinci, Cosimo: L'Agricoltore Sperimentato, 2 v. 12mo; Ve

nezia, 1796.

NOTE.... The Works to which the letter J. is prefixed, were in the Library

J. 34 Tupputi, Dominique: Réflexions Succinctes sur l'état de l'Agriculture, et de quelques autres parties de l'Administration, dans le de 1807.

J. 36

Vettori, Piero. Trattato della Coltivazione degli Ulivi, 8vo;
Firenze, 1762.

59 Walker, John: Economical History of the Hebrides and Highlands of Scotland, 2 v. 8vo; Lond. 1812.


White, James: Compendium of the Veterinary Art, 4 v. 12mo; Lond. 1822.

J. 23

Young, Arthur: Farmer's Guide, in Hiring and Stocking
Farms, 2 v. 8vo; Dublin, 1771.

J. 22
J. 24

lin, 1793.

Rural Economy, 8vo; Lond. 1773.

Travels in France, 1787-'89, 2 v. 8vo; Dub



7 Accum, Frederick: Chemical Amusements; with additions, by Thomas Cooper, 12mo; Phila. 1818.

J. 23

26 Alcock, Thomas: Essay on the Use of Chlorurets of Oxide of Sodium and of Lime, as powerful Disinfecting Agents, 8vo; Lond. 1827.'


Adet, Pierre-August: Leçons Elémentaires de Chimie, 8vo;
Paris, 1804.

J. 30 Archer, James: Inaugural Essay on the Effects and Modus Operandi of the Carbonates of Lime, Magnesia, and Potash, in the cure of general and local Diseases, 8vo; Phila. 1804.-The Doctrine of Phlogiston established, and that of the Composition of Water refuted, by Joseph Priestley, 8vo; Northumberland, 1803.

J. 9

Baumé, Antoine: Chymie Expérimentale et Raisonnée, 3 v. 8vo; Paris, 1773.


Bergman, Sir Torbern: Physical and Chemical Essays, tr. by E. Cullen, with Notes, &c., 3 v. 8vo; Lond. 1788. 34 Black, Joseph: Lectures on the Elements of Chemistry, 3 v.

Svo; Phila. 1807.

37 Brande, William Thomas: Manual of Chemistry, 3 v. 8vo;

London, 1821.

Third Dissertation on the Progress of Chemical Philosophy, 8vo; Boston, 1818.

of the late President JEFFERSON, when it was purchased by Congress in 1815.

J. 32 Cazalet, Jean-André: Théorie de la Nature, 8vo; Bordeaux, 1796.

Chaptal, J. A.: Elémens de Chimie, 3 v. 8vo; Paris, 1796.
Cooper, Thomas: Introductory Lecture in Chemistry, 8vo;
Carlisle, 1812.

Some Information concerning Gas Lights, 8vo;

J. 22
J. 31




J. 18

J. 15


J. 10

J. 24



J. 17

J. 16

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Crawford, Adair: Experiments and Observations on Animal
Heat, Svo; Lond. 1808.

Davy, Sir Humphrey: Elements of Chemical Philosophy,
part 1, vol. 1, Svo; Philadelphia, 1812.

Dobson, Matthew: Medical Commentary on Fixed Air; with
additions, by William Falconer, 8vo; London, 1787.
Ewell, Thomas: Discourses on Modern Chemistry, 8vo; New
York, 1806.

Explanatory Dictionary of the Apparatus and Instruments em-
ployed in Philosophical and Experimental Chemistry, 8vo;
London, 1824.

J. 12 Fond, Sigaud de la: Essai sur Différentes Especes d'Air-Fixe, ou Gas; revue et augmentée, par N. Rouland, 8vo; Paris, 1785.

Phila. 1816.

Conversations on Chemistry, 2 v. 12mo; Lond. 1807.
Cramer, John Andrew: Elements of the Art of Assaying
Metals; tr. from the Latin, 8vo; Lond. 1741.

J. 27 Foronda, Valentin de: Lecciones Ligeras de Chîmica, 8vo; Madrid, 1791.

J. 21



Fourcroy, A. F.: Elémens d'Histoire Naturelle et de Chimie,
4 v. 8vo; Paris, 1786.

Hare, Robert: Compendium of the Course of Chemical In-
struction in the Medical Department of the University of
Pennsylvania, 8vo; Philadelphia, 1828. (present.)
Henry, William: Elements of Experimental Chemistry, 2 v.
Svo; London, 1815.

Ingen-Housz, Jean: Expériences et Observations sur divers objets de Physique, 2 v. 8vo; Paris, 1785-'89. Expériences sur les Végétaux, vol. 2,

Svo; Paris, 1789. J. 28 Jacobs, W. Stephen: Experiments and Observations on Urinary and Intestinal Calculi, Svo; Philadelphia, 1801. Student's Chemical Pocket Companion, 12mo; Philadelphia, 1802.

J. 1

J. 20 Lavoisier, A. L.: Traité Elémentaire de Chimie, 2 v. 8vo;

Paris, 1789.

Mackenzie, Colin: One Thousand Experiments in Chemistry, 3 v. 8vo; London, 1821.


3 Macquer, Joseph: Dictionnaire de Chimie, 4 v. 12mo; Paris,


NOTE....The Works to which the letter J. is prefixed, were in the Libra y


8 Macquer, Joseph: Elements of the Theory and Practice of
Chemistry; trans. from the French, by Andrew Reid, 2 v.
8vo; London, 1758.

Metherie, M. de la: Essay Analytique sur l'Air Pur, et les
Différentes Espèces d'Air, 8vo; Paris, 1785.

Morveau, L. B. Guyton de: Traité des Moyens de Désinfec-
ter l'Air, 8vo; Paris, 1805.

Neumann, Caspar: Chemical Works; abridged, &c., by Wm.
Lewis, 4to; London, 1759.

Penington, John: Chemical and Economical Essays, 8vo;
Philadelphia, 1790.

Rouland, N.: Tableau Historique des Propriétés des Phénom-
ènes de l'Air, 8vo; Paris, 1784.

Schéele, Ch. Wm.: Mémoires de Chimie, 12mo; Dijon, 1785. Traité Chimique de l'Air et du Feu, 12mo; Paris, 1781.

J. 29 Smith, Thomas P.: Sketch of the Revolutions in Chemis

try, 8vo; Philadelphia, 1798.

35 Thomson, Thomas: System of Chemistry; with Notes, by Thomas Cooper, 4 v. 8vo; Philadelphia, 1818.


2 Watson, Richard: Chemical Essays, 5 v. 12mo; London,


J. 13

J. 25

J. 43

J. 19

J. 11

J. 4
J. 5



4 Abernethy, John: Surgical Observations, 2 v. 8vo; Phila. 1811. Lectures on Ana omy, Surgery, and Pathology, 2 v. 8vo; Boston, 1828.


6 Bell, Charles: Letters concerning the Diseases of the Urethra,

8vo; Boston, 1811.



System of Operative Surgery, founded on the basis of Anatomy, 2 v. 8vo; Hartford, 1816.


8 Bell, John: Discourses on the Nature and Cure of Wounds,


2 v. in 1, 8vo; Edinburgh, 1795.

Principles of Surgery; abridged by J. A. Smith, with Notes, &c., 8vo; New York, 1810.

10 Boyer, J. B. N.: Lectures upon Diseases of the Bones, ar

ranged by Richerand; tr. from the French, by M. Farrell; with Notes, &c., by J. Hartshorne, 8vo; Phila. 1805.

of the late President JEFFERSON, when it was purchased by Congress in 1815.

11 Boyer, J. B. N.: Treatise on Surgical Diseases, tr. from the French, by A. H. Stevens, with Notes by the Translator, 2 v. 8vo; New York, 1815-'16.

Burns, Allan: Observations on the Surgical Anatomy of the
Head and Neck; with a Life of the Author, and additional
Cases and Observations, by G. S. Pattison, 8vo; Balt. 1823.
Cooper, Samuel: Dictionary of Practical Surgery; with Notes
and Additions, by J. S. Dorsey, 2 v. 8vo; Phila. 1810.
First Lines of the Practice of Surgery, 8vo;



J. 13

Phila. 1808.

15 Desault, P. J.: Surgical Works, by X. Bichat; tr. from the original, by E. D. Smith, 2 v. 8vo; Phila. 1814.





J. 16



J. 57
J. 58

81 J. 4 102 J. 32 J. 130


J. 53

J. 38
J. 65
J. 92


Laforest, M.: L'Art de Soigner les Pieds, 12mo; Paris, 1782.
Laforgue, L.: L'Art du Dentiste, 8vo; Paris, 1802.
Mauriceau, François: Traité des Maladies des Femmes Gros-
ses, 4to; Paris, 1681.

Waters, N. B.: System of Surgery, extracted from the Works of Benjamin Bell, of Edinburgh, 8vo; Phil. 1791.

CHAPTER X.....[ ALCOVE N°. 3.]


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Adair's Medical Cautions to Invalids, 8vo; Bath, 1787.

- Natural History of the Body and Mind, 8vo; Bath, 1787.

Ainslie's Materia Indica, 2 v. 8vo; London, 1826.
Aikin on the Cow Pox, 12mo; Lond. 1801.

American Medical Journal, 3 v. 8vo; Phila. 1827 and 1828.
Aphorisms of Sanctorius, by Quincey, 8vo; London, 1723.
Aretai Opera, cum Commentario Henischii, folio; 1603.
Art of Beauty, 12mo; London, 1825.

Astruc's Diseases of Children, 8vo; London, 1746.
Barnwell's Physical Investigations, Svo; Phila. 1802.
Baynard on Cold Bathing, 8vo; London, 1709.

Beddoe's Observations on Calculus, &c., 8vo; Phila. 1797.
Bell's Treatise on the Lues Venerea, 8vo; Albany, 1814.
Berthe de la Maladie (Fievre Jaune) d'Andalousie de 1800,
8vo; Paris, 1802.

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