Recollections of Travels in the East: Forming a Continuation of the Letters from the East

H. Colburn and R. Bentley, 1830 - 348 pàgines

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Pàgina 158 - Hebron, is covered by a large and ancient mosque, and all around the soil is held inviolable. The cave is in the middle of the interior of the edifice ; its dark and deep entrance only is visible, and it is rarely entered, even by the steps of the faithful. For more than a century, not more than two or three Europeans are known, either by daring or bribery, to have visited it ; the last was an Italian Count, a traveller, who by paying very high, was allowed by his...
Pàgina 161 - All round this simple tomb lie thickly strewn the graves of the Mussulmans. No slender pillars of wood or stone, with inscriptions in letters of gold, are here ; not a single memorial which this people are otherwise so fond of erecting in their cemeteries. It seems to be sufficient that they are placed beneath the favorite sod: the small and numerous mounds, over which the survivor sometimes comes and weeps, mark the places of their graves.
Pàgina 42 - No part of the promised land creates a deeper interest in the traveller than the rich and extensive bosom of Mount Carmel : while barrenness spreads on every side, and the curse of the withered soil is felt on hill, valley, and shore, this beautiful mountain seems to retain its ancient " excellency" of flowers, trees, and a perpetual verdure.
Pàgina 158 - Jehosaphat, or of the Kings in the plain of Jeremiah, the traveller looks at with careless indifference ; beside that of Rachel his fancy wanders " to the land of the people of the East...
Pàgina 42 - ... of flowers, trees, and a perpetual verdure. The scenes in its interior are often bold and romantic in the highest degree : deep and verdant precipices descending into lonely glens, through which a rivulet is seen dashing wildly ; the shepherd and his flock on the long grassy slopes, that afford at present as rich pasture-ground as in the days when Nabal fed his numerous herds in Carmel.
Pàgina 139 - Sun, stand thou still on Gibeon, and thou moon in the valley of Ajalon.
Pàgina 345 - And, behold, the Lord passed by, and a great and strong wind rent the mountains, and brake in pieces the rocks before the Lord; but the Lord was not in the wind: and after the wind an earthquake; but the Lord was not in the earthquake: and after the earthquake a fire; but the Lord was not in the fire: and after the fire a still small voice.
Pàgina 157 - The spot is as wild and solitary as can well be conceived ; no palms or cypresses give their shelter from the blast ; not a single tree spreads its shade where the ashes of the beautiful mother of Israel rest.
Pàgina 288 - Impressions, p. 176. his hand, and politely placed it before her. Perfectly dismayed at the compliment, and the sight of the savoury morsel which rested on her plate, she turned to her companion, who was more used to oriental manners, and earnestly asked what she was to do. * Eat it to be sure,
Pàgina 44 - Just above, on the side of Carmel, is the spot pointed out by tradition as having been the scene of Elijah's slaying the prophete of Baal.

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