Imatges de pÓgina
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presenting this second edition to the scrutiny and attention of the profession, if it may be deemed worthy of their notice, I cannot recur without grateful satisfaction to the manner in which the first was received, and the present has been called for ; and as I then had great reason to solicit their favourable extenuation, I have no less earnest anxiety at this time to entreat their accustomed candour : the work will be found to have been much enlarged by the addition of most, if not all of the subsequent cases, to this period, which I have either found in the several reports, or which the kindness of some professional friends have communicated, and of others which have arisen in my own practice. That I might not extend the work too far, my desire of brevity has induced me to avoid the insertion of every case that has occurred; but all those which are the most material have been carefully no. ticed, and their principal points detailed ; and


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