“A” Collection of State Papers, Relative to the War Against France: Now Carrying on by Great-Britain and the Several Other European Powers...

J. Debrett, 1795

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Pàgina 310 - That an humble address be presented to his Majesty, that he will be graciously pleased to give directions that a monument be erected in the Cathedral Church of ST. PAUL, LONDON, to the memory of...
Pàgina 276 - But if a copy of the proceedings cannot be procured in due time, an inhibition may be obtained, by sending over a copy of the instrument of appeal, or by writing to the correspondent an account only of the time and substance of the sentence. Upon an appeal, fresh evidence may be introduced, if, upon hearing the...
Pàgina 297 - Moved, that an humble addrefs be prefented to his Majefty, to return his majefty the thanks of this houfe for his moft gracious fpeech from the throne.
Pàgina 272 - When two powers are at war, they have a right to make prizes of the ships, goods, and effects of each other, upon the high seas ; whatever is the property of the enemy, may be acquired by capture at sea ; but the property of a friend cannot be taken, provided he observes his neutrality.
Pàgina 272 - By the maritime law of nations universally and immemorially received, there is an established method of determination, whether the capture be, or be not, lawful prize. Before the ship or goods can be disposed of by the captor there must be a regular judicial proceeding wherein both parties may be heard, and condemnation thereupon as prize in a Court of Admiralty, judging by the law of nations and treaties. The proper and regular Court for these condemnations is the Court of that state to whom the...
Pàgina 19 - Vienna, to the amount in value of the fum of four millions fterling, bearing intereft at the rate of five per cent, on the amount of the nominal capitals of this loan ; and, according to the gradual redemption of the bonds bearing...
Pàgina 89 - ... shall be erected, at the expense of the Republic, a monument, having on one side this decree, and on the other the following inscription : " • This ground, restored to liberty by the bravery of Republicans, was polluted by the body of Thomas Dundas, Major-General and Governor of Guadaloupe, for the George the Third. In recollecting his crimes, the public indignation caused him to be taken up, and has ordered this monument to be erected, to hand them down to posterity.
Pàgina 288 - ... the progressive and rapid decay of their resources and the instability of every part of that violent and unnatural system, which is equally ruinous to France, and incompatible with the tranquillity of other nations.
Pàgina 293 - I have therefore continued to use the most effectual means for the further augmentation of my forces; and I shall omit no opportunity of concerting the operations of the next campaign with such of the powers of Europe as are impressed with the same sense of the necessity of vigour and exertion.
Pàgina 289 - I have great pleasure in informing you, that I have concluded a treaty of amity, commerce, and navigation, with the United States of America, in which it has been my object to remove, as far as possible, all grounds of jealousy and misunderstanding, and to improve an intercourse beneficial to both countries. As...

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