Imatges de pÓgina

O, let Religion then be nigh!
Her comforts were not made to die.

4 Her powerful aid supports the soul,
And nature owns her kind control ;
While she unfolds the sacred page,
Our fiercest griefs resign their rage.

5 Then gentle Patience smiles on pain,
And dying Hope revives again;

Hope wipes the tear from Sorrow's eye, And Faith points upward to the sky.

8 & 7 s. M.


At the Grave of a Child.

MOIR varied.

FARE thee well, our fondly cherished;
Dear, dear blossom, fare thee well;
He who lent thee hath recalled thee,
Back with him and his to dwell.

2 Like a sunbeam, through our dwelling
Shone thy presence, bright and calm;
Thou didst add a zest to pleasure ;
To our sorrows thou wert balm.

3 Yet while mourning, O our lost one!
Come no visions of despair;
Seated on thy tomb, Faith's angel
Saith, thou art not, art not, there.

4 Where, then, art thou? With the Saviour, Blest, for ever blest to be;

'Mid the sinless little children,

Who have heard his "Come to me."

5 Passed the shades of death's dark valley,
Thou art leaning on his breast,
Where the wicked may not enter,
And the weary are at rest.

6 Plead that, in a Father's mercy,
All our sins may be forgiven;
Angel! plead, that thou mayst greet us,
Ransomed, at the gates of heaven.



8 & 7 s. M.


"Be thou ready."

1 Be thou ready, fellow-mortal,
In thy pilgrimage of life,
Ever ready to uphold thee

In the toil and in the strife.
Let no hope, however pleasant,
Lure thy footsteps from the right;
Nor the sunshine leave thee straying
In the sudden gloom of night.

2 Be thou ready when thy brother
Bows in dark affliction's shade ;
Be thou ready when thy sister
Needs thy kindness and thy aid;
Let thine arm sustain and cheer them,
They have claims upon us all,
And thy deeds like morning sunlight
On their weary hearts shall fall.

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3 Be thou ready when the erring
List to sin's enchanting strain,
Ready with kind words to woo them
Back to virtue's path again.
Be thou ready, in thy meekness,
To do good to friend and foe,
As thy Father sheddeth freely
Light on all that dwell below.

4 Be thou ready for the morrow,
When delight shall please no more ;
When the rose and lily fadeth,

And the charm of song is o'er.
When the voices of thy kindred
Faintly move thy dying ear,
Be thou ready for thy journey
To some higher, brighter sphere.

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L. M.



Ordination Hymn.

1 O THOU, who art above all height!

Our God, our Father, and our Friend!
Beneath thy throne of love and light
Let thine adoring children bend.

2 We kneel in praise, that here is set
A vine that by thy culture grew;
We kneel in prayer, that thou wouldst wet
Its opening leaves with heavenly dew.

3 Since thy young servant now hath given
Himself, his powers, his hopes, his youth,
To the great cause of truth and heaven,
Be thou his guide, O God of truth!

4 Here may his doctrines drop like rain,
His speech like Hermon's dew distil,
Till green fields smile, and golden grain,
Ripe for the harvest, waits thy will.

5 And when he sinks in death, — by care,
Or pain, or toil, or years oppressed,-
O God! remember then our prayer,
And take his spirit to thy rest.

L. M.



Dedication Hymn.

1 O BOW thine ear, Eternal One !
On thee our heart adoring calls;

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