Commentaries on the Laws of England: In Four Books, Volum 3

A. Strahan and W. Woodfall, law-printers to the King, 1791

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Pàgina 309 - And when he that denies or traverses the fact pleaded by his antagonist has tendered the issue, thus, "and this he prays may be inquired of by the country;" or, " and of this he puts himself upon the country ;" it may immediately be subjoined by the other party, " and the said AB doth the like.
Pàgina 336 - Then shall an oath of the LORD be between them both, that he hath not put his hand unto his neighbour's goods; and the owner of it shall accept thereof, and he shall not make it good.
Pàgina 346 - ... that he cause to come here, on such a day, twelve free and lawful men, liberos et legales homines, of the body of his county, by whom the truth of the matter may be better known, and who are neither of kin to the aforesaid A nor the aforesaid B, to recognize the truth of the issue between the said parties.
Pàgina 155 - Evidence, therefore, of the agreement cannot be received without the writing or secondary evidence of its contents : 1. An agreement that by its terms is not to be performed within a year from the making thereof ; 2.
Pàgina 126 - Such is, lastly, the common writ ad faciendum ct recipiendum, which issues out of any of the courts of Westminster hall, when a person is sued in some inferior jurisdiction, and is desirous to remove the action into the superior court; commanding the inferior judges to produce the body of the defendant, together with the day and cause of his caption and detainer (whence the writ is frequently denominated an habeas corpus cum causa) to do and receive whatsoever the king's court shall consider in that...
Pàgina 24 - A custom has of late years prevailed of granting letters patent of precedence to such barristers, as the crown thinks proper to honour with that mark of distinction : whereby they are entitled to such rank and pre-audience as are assigned in their respective patents ; sometimes next after the king's attorneygeneral, but usually next after his majesty's counsel then being.
Pàgina 373 - ... the state, their decisions, in spite of their own natural integrity, will have frequently an involuntary bias towards those of their own rank and dignity ; it is not to be expected from human nature, that the few should be always attentive to the interests and good of the many.
Pàgina 105 - I am next to consider such injuries as are cognizable by the courts of the common law. And herein I shall for the present only remark that all possible injuries whatsoever that did not fall within the exclusive cognizance of either the ecclesiastical, military or maritime tribunals, are for that very reason within the cognizance of the common law courts of justice; for it is a settled and invariable...

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