Walking with the Master: Answering the Call of Jesus

Summit University Press, 2002 - 436 pàgines

Two thousand years ago Jesus called a small band of disciples to leave their nets and follow him. He gave them a teaching and a path of initiation, only fragments of which are found in the New Testament. This path is as real and vital today as it was in Jesus' time. And now, at the turning of an age, the ascended master Jesus calls those who would be his disciples to take up that path, to walk and work with him again. Twenty-eight steps on that path are presented here, with commentary and explanation by Elizabeth Clare Prophet and the staff of Summit Uiversity. The goal is to find and externalize the Christ within. The means is a practical path of initiation for the modern world.


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Elizabeth Clare prophet is a pioneers of modern spirituality and an internationality renown author for more than 40 years. She has published the teachings of the immortal saints and sages of East and West known as the ascended masters. She has given the world a new understandin of the ancient wisdom as well as a path of practical mysticism.

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