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THERE is no title in the laws of England more extensive, or more generally interesting, than that of Corporations. The present work is an attempt to reduce into a systematic form the law upon that subject, which lies scattered in so many volumes of reports. The introduction prepares the reader for the perusal of the body of the work, by giving a definition and description of a corporation, the distribution of corporations into their different kinds, and the manner in which a corporation is composed.

The first chapter treats of the authority by which a corporation is created; the fecond, of corporations considered in their relation to the public; the third, of their internal conftitution; the fourth, of the manner in which they are visited; and the fifth, of the dissolution of a corporation, and its effects. a 3


The present volume contains the first and fecond chapters, and a considerable part of the third; the rest of the latter, and the two succeeding chapters, will make two other volumes similar to the present. The whole of the work will be published before the end of next Trinity term.

Should the present work be favourably received, it is the author's intention to publish another volume on the constitution and laws of the city of London.

No. 4, Hare-Court, TEMPLE,

NOVEMBER 4th, 1793.


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