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" This type, which I call the 2 : 5 type, is naturally ungraceful, and therefore rare. Here is an example from The Prioress's Tale : I seye that in a wardrobe they him threwe Where-as these Jewes purgen hir entraille. || O cursed folk of Herodes al newe,... "
The Prioress's Tale - Pàgina 5
per Wiebke Formann - 2007 - 24 pàgines
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The Leading English Poets from Chaucer to Browning: Ed., with Introduction ...

Lucius Hudson Holt - 1915 - 918 pàgines
...these lewes purgeu hir eutraille. О cursed folk of Heredes al newe, 121 What may your yvel entente vow ; Save that from yonder ivy-mantled tower, The moping owl does to the thonour of god shal sprede, The blood out cryeth on your cursed dede. ' O mártir, souded to virginitee,...
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