Seeds of Spirituality of the Church Within

Tate Pub & Enterprises Llc, 1 de març 2007 - 89 pàgines
Seeds are cast today to all people constraining The Church Within to prevent them from relying on the Word of God. Author Betsy Cobb Wise identifies seven Seeds of Spirituality that attempt to lodge themselves in our hearts. The Seeds of Spirituality of The Church Within are distinctive in description, personality, and spiritual nature as they manifest themselves to world. Test your heart and see what grows there. Let God, as seedsman, produce a protective seed coat over you, and enter into His manufacturing threshold of spirituality. Wear the seed coat (God's Word), dispel the infested Germ Seed (satan's lies), and walk past the gatepost shutting darkness behind you forever. Abiding in Christ daily and identifying The Seeds of Spirituality of The Church Within-in you-will be God's threshing floor of deliverance.

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Sobre l'autor (2007)

Author Betsy Cobb Wise was a full-time student at The College of William and Mary when she and her husband were expecting their daughter. She chose a path of part-time jobs so that she could give full attention to parenting. Because of that decision she now realizes that God was drawing her to Him for at least two decades in order to change her from "glory to glory." As His process continues, Betsy is able to pass on revelations that God pours into her. She and her family live in a quiet country cottage on the East Coast.

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