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[ 1 THE Saviour's glorious name

Forever shall endure,
Long as the sun, his matchless fame

Shall ever stand secure.
2 Wonders of grace and power

To thee alone belong;
Thy church those wonders shall adore,

In everlasting song.
3 O Israel, bless him still,

His name to honor raise
Let all the earth his glory fill,

Midst songs of grateful praise.
4 Jehovah God most high!

We spread thy praise abroad;
Through all the world thy fame shall fly,

O God, thine Israel's God!

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FOURTH PART. 7s. Lincoln 1 HASTEN, Lord, the glorious time,

When, beneath Messiah's sway,
Every nation, every clime,

Shall the gospel call obey.
2 Mightiest kings his power shall own,

Heathen tribes his name adore;
Satan and his host, o'erthrown,

Bound in chains, shall hurt no more.
3 Then shall wars and tumults cease,

Then be banished grief and pain;
Righteousness, and joy, and peace,

Undisturbed shall ever reign.
[ 4 Bless we, then, our gracious Lord,

Ever praise his glorious name;
All his mighty acts record,

All his wondrous love proclaim.

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73 FIRST Part. L. M. Middlebury.

Folly of enoying the Prosperity of Sinners.
1 LORD, what a thoughtless wretch was 1,

To mourn, and murmur, and repine,
To see the wicked placed on high,

In pride, and robes of honor shine!
Aff 2 But oh! their end-their dreadful end!

Thy sanctuary taught me so ;
On slippery rocks I see them stand,

And fiery billows roll below.
3 Now I esteem their mirth and wine

Too dear to purchase with my blood;
Lord, 'tis enough that thou art mine,

My life, my portion, and my God.

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73 Second Part. C. M. Dundee.

God the Portion of the Soul.
1 GOD, my supporter, and my hope,

My help forever near,
Thine arm of mercy held me up,

When sinking in despair.
- 2 Thy counsels, Lord, shall guide my feet,

Through this dark wilderness ;
Thine hand conduct me near thy seat,

To dwell before thy face.
3 Were I in heaven, without my God,

"Twould be no joy to me;,
And while the earth is my abode,

I long for none but thee.
4 What if the springs of life were broke,

And flesh and heart should faint,
Thou art my soul's eternal rock,

The strength of every saint.
5 Then to draw near to thee, my God,

Shall be my sweet employ;
My tongue shall sound thy works abroad,
And tell the world my joy.

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73 THIRD PART. C. M. Corinth 1 WHOM have we, Lord, in heaven, but thee,

And whom on earth beside ?
Where else for succor can we flee,

Or in whose strength confide?
2 Thou art our portion here below,

Our promised bliss above;
Ne'er may our souls an object know

So precious as thy love.
mp 3 When heart and flesh, O Lord, shall fail,

Thou wilt our spirits cheer,
Support us through life's thorny vale,

And calm each anxious fear.
4 Yes—thou shalt be our guide through life,

And help and strength supply;
Sustain us in death's fearful strife,
And welcome us on high.




73 FOURTH PART. S. M. Olmutz.

Folly of envying the Prosperity Sinners. "I SURE there's a righteous God,

Nor is religion vain;
Though men of vice may boast aloud,

And men of grace complain.
2 I saw the wicked rise,

And felt my heart repine,
While haughty fools, with scornful eyes,

In robes of honor shine.
3 The tumult of my thought

Held me in hard suspense,
Till to thy house my feet were brought

To learn thy justice thence.
4 Thy word with light and power

Does my mistake amend ;
I viewed the sinner's life before,

But here I learn his end. e 5 On what a slippery steep.

The thoughtless wretches go!
And oh! that dreadful, fiery deep

That waits their fall below!


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H. M.

God only to be feared and worshipped.
1 THY glories, mighty God!

Alone our reverence claim:
Thy terrors spread abroad,

How awful is thy name!
Thine anger shown,

Who dare appear
Thy judgments near, Before thy throne ?
2 Let man his anger raise,

With persecuting rage,
His wrath shall work thy praise,

The rest thy hands assuage :
Then still obey Your offerings bring,
Th’ Eternal King,

And vows repay.
3 Let all, who round his throne

With holy gifts draw near,
There lay their offerings down,

Jehovah claims their fear:
Before his word

And princes know
The world shall bow, Thy terrors, Lord.

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C. M.

Despondency forbidden.
1 TO God I cried, with mournful voice,

I sought his gracious ear,
In the sad day when trouble rose,

And filled my heart with fear.
2 Will he forever cast me off?

llis promise ever fail?
Has he forgot his tender love?

Shall anger still prevail ?
3 But I forbid this hopeless thought,

This dark despairing frame,
Remembering what thy hand has wrought

Thy hand is still the same.

4 I'll think again of all thy ways,

And talk thy wonders o'er-
Thy wonders of recovering grace,

When I could hope no more;
5 Grace dwells with justice on the throne,

And men who love thy word
Have in thy holy temple known

The counsels of the Lord.

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C. M.

The Works of God recounted to Posterity.
"1 LET children hear the mighty deeds,

Which God performed of old;
Which in our younger years we saw,

And which our fathers told.
2 He bids us make his glories known,
His works of

grace ;
And we'll convey his wonders down

Through every rising race.
3 Our lips shall tell them to our sons,

And they again to theirs,
That generations yet unborn

May teach them to their heirs.
4 Thus shall they learn, in God alone

Their hope securely stands,
That they may ne'er forget his works,

But practise his commands.

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S. M.
Pardoning Mercy supplicated.
Af 1 THOU gracious God and kind,

Oh cast our sins away ;
Nor call our former guilt to mind,

Thy justice to display.
2 Thy tenderest mercies show,

Thy richest grace prepare,
Ere yet, with guilty fears laid low,

We perish in despair.

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