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3 They go from strength to strength,

Through this dark vale of tears,
Till each arrives at length,

Till each in heaven appears:
O glorious seat,

Shall thither

bring When God Scart king | Sur Willing mets

SEVENTH PART. H. M. Newbury. 1 TO spend one sacred day

Where God and saints abide,
Affords diviner joy.

Than thousand days beside:
Where God resorts,

door, I love it more

| Thane shine in cours. 2 God is our sun and shield,

Our light, and our defence:
With gifts his hands are filled;

We draw our blessings thence:
He shall bestow

Peculiar grace,
On Jacob's race


And glory too.
3 The Lord his people loves ;

His hand no good withholds
From those his heart approves,

From pure and upright souls:
Thrice happy be,

Whose spirit trusts
O God of hosts! Alone in thee.

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FIRST PART. L. M. Ralston.

Quickening Grace implored.
1 LORD, thou hast called thy grace to mind,

Thou hast reversed our heavy doom:
So God forgave, when Israel sinned,

And brought his wandering captives homo. 2 Thou hast begun to set us free,

And made thy fiercest wrath'abate:
Now let our hearts be turned to thee,

And thy salvation be complete.
3 Revive our dying graces, Lord,

And let thy saints in thee rejoice:
Make known thy truth-fulfil thy word
We wait for praise to tune our voice.


• God

To see my

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4 We wait to hear what God will say,

He'll speak—and give his people peace;
But let them go no more astray,

Lest his returning wrath increase. 85 Second PART. L. M. Uxbridge.

Salvation through Christ. 11 1 SALVATION is forever nigh

The souls who fear and trust the Lord ;
And grace, descending from on high,

Fresh hopes of glory shall afford.
2 Mercy and truth on earth are met, [heaven;

Since Christ, the Lord, came down from By his obedience, so complete,

Justice is pleased-and peace is given.
3 His righteousness is gone

To give us free access to God;
Our wandering feet shall stray no more,

But mark his steps, and keep the road. 85

THIRD PART. H. M. Acton. 1 JESUS, the Saviour's nigh

To those who fear his name;
He comes !-his praise on high

Let all his church proclaim!
His footsteps still And all the land
On earth shall stand, His glory fill.
2 Thy mercy, 0 our God,

To all thy church display:
Proclaim thy grace abroad,

And spread the gospel day:
High on thy throne, And quickly send
Our prayer attend ; Salvation down.

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FOURTH PART. H. M. Acton. 1 THE Lord his blessing pours

Around our favored land;
His grace, like gentle showers,
Descends at his command:

In rich supplies,
Blest fruits arise,

O’er all the plains | Since Jesus reigns.


2 His righteousness alone

Prepares his wondrous way:
He rises to his throne,

In realms of endless day!
His steps we trace,

And, heaven in view, His path pursue ;

Adore his grace.


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86 FIRST PART. L. M. Old Hundred.

The Creator only worthy to be worshipped. 1

Of earth, and sea, and worlds unknown; All things are subject to thy laws,

All things depend on thee alone.
2 Thy glorious being singly stands,

Of all, within itself, possessed ;
Controlled by none are thy commands;

Thou, from thyself alone, art blest.
3 To thee alone, ourselves we owe,

To thee alone, our homage pay;
All other gods we disavow,

Deny their claims-renounce their sway. f 4 Spread thy great name through heathen lands,

Their idol deities dethrone;
Subdue the world to thy commands,

And reign, as thou art—God alone.

H. M.

ar's nigh
ear his name;
raise on high
ch proclaim!

And all the land
i His glory fil.
our God,
urch display:
face abroad,
the gospel day:

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And quickly send. Salvation down

86 SECOND PART. L. M. Winchester. 1 THOU great Instructer, lest 1 stray,

Oh teach my erring feet thy way!
Thy truth, with ever fresh delight,

Shall guide iny doubtful steps aright.
2 How oft my heart's affections yield,

And wander o'er the world's wide field!
My roving passions, Lord, reclaim ;

Unite them all to fear thy name.
3 Then, to my God, my heart and tongue,

With all their powers, shall raise the song :
On earth thy glories I'll declare,
Till heaven th immortal notes shall hear.




ART. H. M. is blessing pours r favored land;

gentle showers, t his command: In rich supplies,

Jesus reigns




THIRD PART. C. M. London. 1 AMONG the princes, earthly gods,

There's none hath power divine ;
Nor is their nature, mighty Lord,

Nor are their works like thine.
2 The nations thou hast made shall bring

Their offerings round thy throne;
For thou alone dost wondrous things,

For thou art God alone.
p 3 Lord, I would walk with holy feet,

Teach me thine heavenly ways, ç

And all my wandering thoughts unite

In God my Father's praise.

86 Fourth Part. S. M. Aylesbury.

Prayer for divine Help.
1 MY God, my prayer attend !

Oh bow thine ear to me,
Without a hope-without a friend,

Without a help-but thee!
2 'Oh guard my soul around,

Which loves and trusts thy grace;
Nor let the powers of hell confound

The hopes on thee I place!
3 Thy mercy I entreat,-

Let mercy hear my cries,
While, humbly waiting at thy seat,

My daily prayers arise ! mf 4 Oh bid my heart rejoice,

And every fear control;
Since at thy throne, with suppliant voice,

To thee I lift my soul!


FIFTH PART. 7s. Lincoln. 1 THOU, Jehovah, God o'er all!

Idol gods to thee shall fall :
None thy wondrous works can share ;
None with thee in might compare.

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2 Formed by thy creative hand,

Let the nations round thee stand ;
Prostrate at thy throne confess,

And adore the Saviour's grace.
I 3 Great in power !-thine arm divine!-

Round the world thy wonders shine:
Bid the world thy glories own-
Thou art God—and thou alone!

hall bring hrone; is thùngs,

oly feet, y ways, pughts unite cise.


FIRST PART. L. M. Sterling
The Church the Dwelling-Place of God.
"1 GOD in his earthly temple lays

Foundation for his heavenly praise;
He likes the tents of Jacob well,

But still in Zion loves to dwell.
2 His mercy visits every house

That pay their night and morning vows;
But makes a more delightful stay,

Where churches meet to praise and pray. p 3 What glories were described of old !

What wonders are of Zion told !
Thou city of our God below,
Thy fame shall all the nations know.


S. M. Aylesbury.

Help. end! me, out a friend, : thee! ound, usts thy grace; 'hell confound : I place!

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y cries, ing at thy seat, arise!

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joice, ontrol; e, with suppliant voice 7 soul!

SECOND PART. H. M. Murray 1 FIXED on the sacred hills,

Its firm foundations rest:
The Lord his temple fills,

With all his glory blest!
He waits where'er his saints adore,
But loves the gates of Zion more.
2 Oh Zion, sacred place!

Thy name shall spread around;
The city of his grace,

His wonders there abound:
Thy glories shall thy God declare,
And earth thy fame resound afar.


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PART. 7s. God o'er all! shall fall: is works can share;

isht compare.

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