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2 How surely stablished is thy throne!

Which shall no change or period see;
For thou, O Lord-and thou alone,

Art God, from all eternity.
3 The floods, O Lord, lift up their voice,

And toss their troubled waves on high ;
But God above can still their noise,

And make the angry sea comply.
4 Through endless ages stands thy throne;

Thy promise, Lord, is ever sure;
The pure in heart—and they alone,

Shall find their hope of heaven secure.


Second PART. L. M. Duke Street

1 JEHOVAH reigns-he dwells in light,

Girded with majesty and might:
The world, created by his hands,

Still on its first foundation stands.
2 But ere this spacious world was made,

Or had its first foundation laid,
Thy throne eternal ages stood,

Thyself the ever-living God.
3 Like floods, the angry nations rise,

And aim their rage against the skies;
Vain floods--that aim their rage so high!

At thy rebuke the billows die.
4 Forever shall thy throne endure;

Thy promise stands forever sure;
And everlasting holiness
Becomes the dwellings of thy grace.




II 1 THE Lord Jehovah reigns,

And royal state maintains,
His head with awful glories crowned ;

Arrayed in robes of light,

Begiřt with sovereign might,
And rays of majesty around.

2 Upheld by thy commands,

The world securely stands,
And skies and stars obey thy word;
Thy throne was fixed on high

Ere stars adorned the sky:
Eternal is thy kingdom, Lord.
3 Let floods and nations rage,

And all their power engage;,
Let swelling tides assault the sky:

The terrors of thy frown

Shall beat their madness down;
Thy throne forever stands on high.
4 Thy promises are true,

Thy grace is ever new ;
There fixed-thy church shall ne'er remove;

Thy saints with holy fear

Shall in thy courts appear,
And sing thine everlasting love.

93 Fourth PART. 10s & 1ls. Lyons. 1 YE servants of God, your Master proclaim, And publish abroad his wonderful name; The name all-victorious of Jesus extol;

His kingdom is glorious, he rules over all. 2 God ruleth on high, almighty to save;

And still he is nigh-his presence we have:
The great congregation hís triumph shall sing,

Ascribing salvation to Jesus our king.
3 Salvation to God, who sits on the throne,

Let all cry aloud, and honor the Son:
The praises of Jesus the angels proclaim,

Fall down on their faces, and worship the Lamb. 4 Then let us adore, and give him his right?

All glory and power, and wisdom and might;
All honor and blessing, with angels above,

And thanks never ceasing, for infinite love. 94

FIRST PART. C. M. Dundee.

Trusting in God for Help.
1 HAD not the Lord, my rock, my help,

Sustained my fainting bead,
My life had now in silence dwelt,

My soul among the dead.

P 2 “ Alas, my sliding feet!” I cried

Thy promise was my hope;
Thy grace stood constant at my side,

Thy Spirit bore me up.
mp 3 While multitudes of mournful thoughts

Within my bosom roll,
Thy boundless love forgives my faults,

Thy comforts cheer my soul.
4 The powers of earth and sin may rise,

And frame oppressive laws;
f But God, my refuge, rules the skies,

He will defend my cause.

94 Second PART. C. M. Bedford. 1 BLEST is the man, whom thou, O Lord,

In kindness dost chastise,
And by thy sacred rules to walk,

In mercy dost advise.
2 For God will never from his saints

His favor wholly take:
His own possession, and his lot

He will not quite forsake.
3 The world shall then confess thee just,

In all that thou hast done;
And those, who choose thy upright path,

Shall in that path go on.
4 My sure defence is firmly placed

In thee, the Lord most high:
Thou art my rock-to thee I may

For refuge always fly.


FIRST PART. L. M. Appleton. Echortation to adore and praise Jehovah. "1 OH come, loud anthems let us sing,

Loud thanks to our almighty King;
For we our voices high should raise,

When our salvation's rock we praise.
2 Into his presence let us haste,

To thank him for his favors past;
To him address, in joyful song,
Praises which to his name belong.

3 Oh let us to his courts repair,

And bow with adoration there;
Down on our knees, devoutly, all
Before the Lord our Maker fall.


95 SECOND PART.. L.M. Uxbridge. 1 COME-let our voices join to raise

A sacred song of solemn praise :
God is a sovereign king-rehearse

His honor in exalted verse.
2 Come-let our souls address the Lord,

Who framed our natures with his word:
He is our shepherd—we the sheep

His mercy chose--his pastures keep.
3 Come-let us hear his voice to-day,

The counsels of his love obey ;
Nor let our hardened hearts renew

The sins and plagues that Israel knew.
4 Look back, my soul, with holy dread,

And view those ancient rebels dead:
Accept the offered grace to-day,

Nor lose the blessing by delay.
5 Come-seize the promise while it waits,

And march to Zion's heavenly gates ;
Believe-and take the promised rest;
Obey-and be forever blest.


Sterling. 1 TO God our voices let us raise,

And loudly chant the joyful strain;
That rock of strength-oh let us praise,

Whence free salvation we obtain.
2 The Lord is great-with glory crowned,

O’er all the gods of earth he reigns;
His hand supports the deeps profound,

His power alone the hills sustains.
3 Let all who now his goodness feel,

Come near, and worship at his throne ;
Before the Lord, their Maker, kneel,

And bow in adoration down.

95 FOURTH PART. C. M. Marlowo. f 1 SING to the Lord Jehovah's name,

And in his strength rejoice;
When his salvation is our theme,

Exalted be our voice.
2 With thanks, approach his awful sight,

And psalms of honor sing;
The Lord's a God of boundless might,

The whole creation's King.
p 3 Come-and with humble souls, adore;

Come-kneel before his face:
Oh may the creatures of his power

Be children of his grace!
mf 4 Now is the time-he bends his ear,

And waits for your request;

Come-lest he rouse his wrath-and swear, Len

“ Ye shall not see my rest.”




FIFTH PART. S. M. Paddington. 1 COME—sound his praise abroad,

And hymns of glory, sing:
Jehovah is the sovereign God,

The universal King.
mp 2 Come-worship at his throne,

Come-bow before the Lord;
We are his work, and not our own;

He formed us by his word.
3 To-day attend his voice,

Nor dare provoke his rod;
Come-like the people of his choice,

And own your gracious God.

96 FIRST Part. L. P. M. St. Helen's.

Rejoicing in View of God's universal Reign.
1 LET all the earth their voices raise,

To sing a psalm of lofty praise,
To sing and bless Jehovah's name;
His glory let the heathen know,
His wonders to the nations show,

And all his saving works proclaim.

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