Imatges de pÓgina


2 Oh! haste the day-the glorious hour,
When earth shall feel his saving power,

And barbarous nations fear his name:
Then shall the race of man confess
The beauty of his holiness,
And in his courts his grace proclaim.

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SECOND PART. C. M. Marlow. r111 SING to the Lord, ye distant lands,

Ye tribes of every tongue;
His new discovered grace demands

A new and noble song.
2 Say to the nations, Jesus reigns,

God's own almighty Son;
His power the sinking world sustains,

And grace surrounds his throne.
3 Let an unusual joy surprise

The islands of the sea ;-
Ye mountains, sink-ye valleys, rise-

Prepare the Lord his way.
4 Behold he comes-he comes to bless

The nations, as their God;
To show the world his righteousness,

And send his truth abroad.
P 5 But when his voice shall raise the dead,

And bid the world draw near,
How will the guilty nations dread

To see their Judge appear!

my rest.


T. S. M. Paddingtone raise abroad, y sing:

ign God, 3. s throne,

the Lord; I not our own; s word.

.ce, is rod; e of his choice, ious God.

96 THIRD PART. S. M. St. Thomas.
I 1 SING praises to our God,

And bless his sacred name:
His great salvation, all abroad,

From day to day proclaim.
2 Midst heathen nations place

The glories of his throne;
And let the wonders of his grace

Through all the earth be known.
3 The gods, the heathen boasts,

Nor hear-nor see-nor move :
Jehovah is the Lord of hosts,
Who spread the heavens above!


4. P. M. St. Helal t's universal Reigh Pir voices raise, Lofty praise, hovah's name; en know, ions show, orks proclaim.

f 4 Then let our songs arise,

In new exalted strains;
Let earth repeat it to the skies,

The Lord, the Saviour reigns !




FIRST PART. L. M. Monmouth.
Rejoicing in Christ as Sovereign and Judge.
1 HE reigns !--the Lord, the Saviour reigns!

Sing to his name in lofty strains;
Let all the earth in songs rejoice,

And in his praise exalt their voice.
2 Deep are his counsels, and unknown;

But grace and truth support his throne:
Though gloomy clouds his way surround,

Justice is their eternal ground.
3 In robes of judgment, lo! he comes, (tombs;

Shakes the wide earth-and cleaves the
Before him burns devouring fire-

The mountains melt-the seas retire. p114 His enemies, with sore dismay,

Fly from the sight-and shun the day:
Then lift your heads, ye saints, on high,

And sing—for your redemption's nigh. 97 Second Part. L. M. Arnheim. 111 THE Lord is come—the heavens proclaim

His birth-the nations learn his name:
An unknown star directs the road

Of eastern sages to their God.
2 All ye bright armies of the skies,

Go, worship, where the Saviour lies:
Angels and kings before him bow,

Those gods on high, and gods below.
3 Let idols totter to the ground,

And their own worshippers confound,
Zion shall still his glories sing,

And earth confess her sovereign king. 97

THIRD PART. L. M. Uxbridge. 1 TH' ALMIGHTY reigns-exalted high

O'er all the earth-o'er all the sky;
Though clouds and darkness veil his feet,
His dwelling is the mercy-seat.



ogs arise,
d strains;
it to the skies,
Saviour reigns!

2 Immortal light--and joys unknown,

Are for the saints in darkness sown:
Those glorious seeds shall spring and rise,

And the bright harvest bless our eyes.
3 Rejoice, ye righteous—and record

The sacred honors of the Lord;
None but the soul that feels his grace
Can triumph in his holiness.

97 Fourth Part. L. M. Timsbury.
1 JEHOVAH reigns-let all the earth

In his just government rejoice;
Let all the isles, with sacred mirth,

In his applause unite their voice.
mp 2 Darkness, and clouds of awful shade,

His dazzling glory shroud in state;
Justice and truth his guards are made,

And fixed by his pavilion wait.

97th Ps. Tune.

(Repeat the first stanza.]

PART. L. M. Monmouth
t as Sovereign and Judge.

e Lord, the Saviour reigns!
ame in lofty strains;
in songs rejoice,

exalt their voice.
unsels, and unknown;
uth support his throne:

clouds his way surround, ternal ground. ment, lo! he comes, (tombs de earth-and cleaves the s devouring fireneltthe seas retire. h sore dismay, it-and shun the day ads, ye saints, on high, ur redemption's nigh PART. L. M. Arubei. nethe heavens proclaim tions learn his name: directs the road to their God. ies of the skies, re the Saviour lies: before him bow, sh, and gods below. the ground, glories sing, her sovereign king. RT.

L. M.




FIFTH PART. C. M. Medford. 111 LET earth, with every isle and sea,

Rejoice-the Saviour reigns !
His word, like fire, prepares his way,

And mountains melt to plains.
2 His presence sinks the proudest hills,

And makes the valleys rise;
The humble soul enjoys his smiles-

The haughty sinner dies.
3 Adoring angels, at his birth,

Made the Redeemer known;
Thus shall he come to judge the earth,

And angels guard his throne.

Sixth Part. C. M. Lutzen. 11 THE heavens his righteousness declare,

And angels hail his birth :
His gospel shall his glories bear

Around th' admiring earth.
2 Ye idols, prostrate on the ground,

Th' incarnate God adore:
His arm your worship shall confound,

And all who trust your power.

orshippers confound,

Urbnids reignsexalted high o'er all the sky; darba veil his feet,


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Glorious aird joyful Reign of God the Saviour. 11 To our almighty Maker, God,

New honors be addressed;
His great salvation shines abroad,

And makes the nations blest.

2 He spake the word to Abraham first,

His truth fulfils the grace ;
The Gentiles make his name their trust,

And learn his righteousness.
[ 3 Let all the earth his love proclaim,

With all her different tongues,
And spread the honor of his name,

In melody and songs.



C. M.


111 JOY to the world—the Lord is come!

Let earth receive her King ;
Let every heart prepare him room,

And heaven and nature sing.
2 Joy to the world—the Saviour reigns,

Let men their songs employ;
While fields and floods-rocks, hills and plains

Repeat the sounding joy.
3 No more let sin and sorrow grow,

Nor thorns infest the ground;
He comes to make his blessings flow

Far as the curse is found.

4 He rules the world with truth and grace,

And makes the nations prove
The glories of his righteousness,

And wonders of his love.

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s her joys;

appears, mploys.

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f1l1 TO God address the joyful psalm,

Who wondrous things hath done;
Whose own right hand, and holy arm,

The victory have won.
2 He, to the Gentile nations round,

Hath made his mercy known;
And to the world's remotest bound

His justice shall be shown.
mp 3 The promised Saviour meekly came,

And man's full ransom paid ;
Again he comes, his own to claim,

In awful pomp arrayed.
4 He comes with power-he quits the skies,

To punish and reward;
Oh! let one general chorus rise

To praise the sovereign Lord.


[blocks in formation]


ame their trust, sness.

proclaim, ongues, his name,


FOURTH Part. C. M.

St. Ann's.

C. M. Dedhan.

11 1 SING to the Lord a new-made song,

Who wondrous things has done ;
With his right hand, and holy arm,

The conquest he has won.
2 The Lord has through th' astonished world

Displayed his saving might,
And made his righteous acts appear

In all the heathens' sight.

ord is come. ng; m room, sing. our reigns,

loy; ks, hills and


3 Of Israel's house his love and truth

Have ever mindful been;
And earth's remotest tribes the power

Of Israel's God have seen.

grow, und;

4 Let all the people of the earth

Their cheerful voices raise;
Let all, with universal joy,

Resound their Maker's praise.

ngs flow

15 *

h and grace,

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