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C. M.

Blessedness of obeying and serving God.
1 OH happy man, whose soul is filled

With zeal and reverend awe!
His lips to God their honors yield,

His life adorns thy law.
2 A careful providence shall stand,

And ever guard his head;
Shall on the labors of his hand

Its kindly blessings shed.
3 The Lord shall his best hopes fulfil,

For months and years to come;
The Lord, who dwells on Zion's hill,

Shall send the blessings honie.
4 This is the man, whose happy eyes

Shall see his house increase ;
Shall see the mourning, church arise,
Then leave the world in peace.

r fare,

n Hymn.


130 First Part. L. M. Tallis' Ev. Hymn.

Mercy and Pardon penitently implored.
1 FROM deep distress, and troubled thoughts,

To thee, my God, I raised my cry:
If thou severely mark our faults,

Oh! who could stand before thine eye? 2 But thou hast built thy throne of grace,

Free to dispense thy pardons there,
That sinners may approach thy face,

And hope, and love-as well as fear.
mf 3 My trust is fixed upon thy word,

Nor shall I trust thy word in vain:
Let mourning, souls address the Lord,

And find relief from all their pain.
mf 4 Great is his love-and large his grace,

Through the redemption of his Son;
He turns our feet from sinful ways,

And pardous what our hands have done.




130 SECOND PART. C. M. Barby Aff 1 OUT of the deeps of long distress,

The borders of despair,
I sent my cries to seek thy grace,

My groans to move thine ear.
2 Great God! should thy severer eye,

And thine impartial hand,
Be strict to mark iniquity,

No mortal flesh could stand.
mf 3 But there are pardons with my God,

For crimes of high degree;
Thy Son has bought them with his blood,

To draw us near to thee.
my 4 I wait for thy salvation, Lord ;-

With strong desires I wait;
My soul, invited by thy word,

Stands watching at thy gate.
[ 5 In God the Lord let Israel trust,

O sinners, seek his face ;
The Lord is good, as well as just,

And plenteous is his grace. 130 THIRD PART. S. M. Little Marlboro' AF 1 FROM lowest depths of wo,

To God I send my cry;
Lord, hear my supplicating voice,

And graciously reply!
2 Shouldst thou severely judge,

Who can the trial bear?
Forgive, O Lord, lest we despond,

And quite renounce thy fear. 3 My soul with patience waits

For thee, the living Lord;
My hopes are on thy

promise built,
Thy never-failing word.
4 My longing eyes look out

For thine enlivening ray,
More duly than tha morning watch

To hail the dawning day.


5 Let Israel trust in God,

No bounds his mercy knows;
The plenteous source and spring from whence

Eternal succor flows.





FIRST PART. C. M. Dundee.

Resignation and Contentment.
1 1s there ambition in my heart?-

Search, gracious God, and see;
Or, do I act a haughty part?-

Lord, I appeal to thee.
2 Whate'er thine all-discerning eye

Sees for thy creature fit,
I'll bless the good—and to the ill

Contentedly submit.
< 3 Let not despair nor fell revenge

Be to my bosom known;
Oh give me tears for others' wo,

And patience for my own.
- 4 Feed me, O Lord, with needful food:

I ask not wealth, or fame;
But give me eyes to view thy works,

A heart to praise thy name.
5 Oh may my days obscurely pass,

Without remorse or care ;
And let me for my parting hour

From day to day prepare.
131 SECOND Part. 88 & 79. Sicilian Hymn.
1 LET thy grace, Lord, make me lowly;

Humble all my swelling pride:
Fallen, guilty, and unholy,

Greatness from my eyes I'll hide:
2 I'll forbid my vain aspiring,

Nor at earthly honors aim;
No ambitious heights desiring,

Far above my humble claim.
3 Weaned from earth's vexatious pleasures,

In thy love I'll seek for mine;
Placed in heaven my nobler treasures,

Earth I quietly resign,



19 *

mf 4 Israel, thus the world despising,

On the Lord alone rely;
Then, from him thy joys arising

Like himself shall never die.

132 FIRST PART. L. M. Dunstan

The Church the Dwelling-Place of God.
" i WHERE shall we go to seek and find

A habitation for our God?
A dwelling for the eternal mind,

Among the sons of flesh and blood ?
2 The God of Jacob chose the hill

Of Zion for his ancient rest;
And Zion is his dwelling still ;

His church is with his presence blest.
3 Here will he meet the hungry poor,

And fill their souls with living bread;
Sinners, that wait before his door,

With sweet provision shall be fed.
4 Here will I fix my gracious throne,

And reign forever-saith the Lord:
Here shall my power and love be known,

And blessings shall attend my word.

132 SECOND PART. C. M. Marlow. mf 1 ARISE ! O King of grace, arise,

And enter to thy rest;
Lo! thy church waits with longing eyes

Thus to be owned and blest.
2 Enter with all thy glorious train,

Thy Spirit and thy word;
All that the ark did once contain,
Could no such grace

mp 3 Here, mighty God, accept our yows,

Here let thy praise be spread;
Bless the provisions of thy house,

And fill thy poor with bread. mf 4 Here let the Son of David reign,

Let God's Anointed shine ;
Justice and truth his court maintain,
With love and power divine.

p 5 Here let him hold a lasting throne,

And as his kingdom grows,
Fresh honors shall adorn his crown,

And shame confound his foes.

Dunstan od.



133 FIRST PART. C. M. Bordoin.

Excellence of Christian Unanimity and Love.
1 SPIRIT of peace! celestial Dove!

How excellent thy praise !
No richer gift than Christian love

Thy gracious power displays.
dol 2 Sweet as the dew on herb and flower,

That silently distils,
At evening's soft and balmy hour,

On Zion's fruitful hills :-
3 So, with mild influence from above,

Shall promised grace descend,
Till universal peace and love
O'er all ine earth extend.





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133 SECOND PART. C. M. Arlington.
1 LO! what an entertaining sight

Those friendly brethren prove,
Whose cheerful hearts in bands unite,

Of harmony and love!
2 Where streams of bliss from Christ the spring

Descend to every soul;
And heavenly peace, with balmy wing,

Shades and bedews the whole.
3 'Tis pleasant as the morning dews

That fall on Zion's hill,
Where God his mildest glory shows,

And makes his grace distil.

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133 THIRD PART. S. M. Haverhill
dol 1 BLEST are the sons of peace,

Whose hearts and hopes are one;
Whose kind designs to serve and please

Through all their actions run.

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