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Our guilty conscience needs

No sacrifice beside :
His precious blood did once atone,
And now it pleads before the throne.
4 0 thou almighty Lord,

Our Conqueror, and our King ;
Thy sceptre and thy sword,

Thy reigning grace we sing:
Thine is the power-oh make us sit
In willing bonds beneath thy feet.

C. M.

Litchfield. Corinth. 91

Christ a Merciful High Priest.
1 WITH joy we meditate the grace

Of our ligh Priest above;
His heart is made of tenderness,

His bowels melt with love.
2 Touched with a sympathy within,

He knows our feeble frame;
He knows what sore temptations mean,

For he has felt the same.
3 He, the days of feeble flesh,

Poured out his cries and tears,
And in his measure feels afresh

What every member bears.
4 Then let our humble faith address

His mercy and his power;
We shall obtain delivering grace

In each distressing hour.


C. M.

Medford. Marlow. 92

Christ our Intercessor.
1 JESUS, by his own precious blood,

Ascends above the skies,
And, in the presence of our God,

Shows his own sacrifice.
2 Jesus is king !-behold him reign

On Zion's heavenly hill:
He seems the Lamb that had been slain,

And wears his priesthood still.
3 He ever lives to intercede,

By virtue of his blood;
And ceases not for all to plead,

Who come by him to God.

Rothwell. Shoel.

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L. M.
Peace and Hope through Christ's Intercession.
1 HE lives—the great Redeemer lives!

What joy the blest assurance gives!
And now, before his Father God,

He pleads the merits of his blood.
2 Repeated crimes awake our fears,

And justice armed with frowns appears ;
But in the Saviour's lovely face,

Sweet mercy smiles and all is peace !
3 Hence, then, ye black, despairing thoughts

Above our fears-above our faults,
His powerful intercessions rise ;

And guilt recedes—and terror dies.
4 In every dark, distressful hour,

When sin and Satan join their power,
Let this dear hope repel the dart-

That Jesus bears us on his heart.
5 Great Advocate, almighty Friend !

On thee our humble hopes depend;
Our cause can never, never fail,
For thou dost plead, and must prevail.

S. M.

Christ's Exaltation and Intercession,
1 JESUS, the conqueror, reigns,

In glorious strength arrayed ;
His kingdom over all maintains,

And bids the earth be glad.
2 Ye sons of men, rejoice

In Jesus' mighty love:
Lift up your heart-lift up your voice,

To him who rules above.
3 Extol his kingly power,

Adore th' exalted Son,
Who died, but lives, to die no more,

High on his Father's throne.
4 Our advocate with God,

He undertakes our cause,
And spreads through all the earth abroad

The victory of his cross.

Sicilian Hymn. 1 JESUS, hail! enthroned in glory,

There forever to abide;

Dover. Pentonville.

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88 & 78.

All the heavenly host adore thee,

Seated at thy Father's side.
2 There for sinners thou art pleading-

There thou dost our place prepare ;
Thou for us art interceding,

Till in glory we appear.
3 Worship, honor, power, and blessing,

Thou art worthy to receive:
Loudest praises, without ceasing,

Meet it is for us to give.
4 Help, ye bright, angelic spirits !

Bring your loudest, noblest lays;
Help to sing our Saviour's merits,
Help to chant Immanuel's praise.

L. M.

Danvers. Alfreton 96

Christ a living and almighty Saviour.
1 THE Saviour lives, no more to die:

He lives, the Lord enthroned on high:
He lives, triumphant o'er the grave :

He lives, eternally to save!
2 He lives, to still his servants' fears :

He lives, to wipe away their tears :
He lives, their mansions to prepare:

He lives, to bring them safely there!
3 Ye mourning souls, dry up your tears,

Dismiss your gloomy doubts and fears':
With cheerful hope your hearts revive,

For Christ, the Lord, is yet alive
4 His saints he loves—and never leaves;

The contrite sinner he receives :
Abundant grace will he afford,

Till all are present with the Lord ! 97

Patmos. Oakland.
God reconciled in Christ.
1 DEAREST of all the names above,

My Saviour, and my God,
Who can resist thy heavenly love,

Or trifle with thy blood?
2 'Tis by the merits of thy death,

The Father smiles again;
'Tis by thine interceding breath,

The Spirit dwells with men.

C. M.

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3 Till God in human form I see,

My thoughts no confort find:
The holy, just, and sacred Three

Are terror to my inind.
4 But if Immanuel's face appear,

My hope, my joy begins :
His name forbids iny slavish fear,

His grace removes my sins.
5 While Jews on their own law rely,

And Greeks of wisdom boast,
I love the incarnate mystery,
And there I fix my trust.

C. M.

Stamford. Nottingham.
Access to God by a Mediator.
1 COME, let us lift our joyful eyes

Up to the courts above,
And smile to see our Father there

Upon a throne of love.
2 Come, let us bow before his feet,

And venture near the Lord;
No fiery cherub guards his seat,

Nor double-flaming sword.
3 The peaceful gates of heavenly bliss

Are opened by the Son;
High let us raise our notes of praise,

And reach th' almighty throne.
4 to thee ten thousand thanks we bring,

Great Advocate on high;
And glory to th’ eternal King
Who lays his anger by.

C. M.

Grafton. Barby.
Miracles of Christ.
1 JESUS, and didst thou condescend,

When vailed in human clay,
To heal the sick, the lame, the blind,

And drive disease away?
2 Didst thou regard the beggar's cry,

And give the blind to see ?
Jesus, thou Son of David, hear

Have mercy, too, on me!
3 And didst thou pity mortal wo,

And sight and health restore?-
Oh pity, Lord, and save my soul,

Which needs thy mercy more!


e! ears, ears: evive,


S, Oakland


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L. M.

4 Didst thou thy trembling servant raise,

When sinking in the wave?
I perish, Lord !-oh, save my soul!

For thou alone canst save. 100

Divinity of Christ proved by his Miracles.
1 BEHOLD, the blind their sight receive!

Behold, the dead awake and live!
The dumb speak wonders-and the lame

Leap like the hart, and bless his name.
2 Thus doth th' eternal Spirit own

And seal the mission of the Son;
The Father vindicates his cause,

While he hangs bleeding on the cross.
р 3 He dies !—the heavens in mourning stood;

He rises, and appears a God;
Behold the Lord ascending high,

No more to bleed-no more to die.
4 Hence, and forever from my heart

I bid my doubts and fears depart;
And to those hands my soul resign,

Which bear credentials so divine. 101

Christ a Pattern for his Followers.
1 MY dear Redeemer, and my Lord,

I read my duty in thy word;
But in thy life the law appears

Drawn out in living characters.
2 Such was thy truth—and such thy zeal,

Such deference to thy Father's will,
Such love—and meekness so divine,

I would transcribe, and make them mine.
3 Cold mountains and the midnight air

Witnessed the fervor of thy prayer:
The desert thy temptations knew,

Thy conflict, and thy victory too.
4 Be thou my pattern-make me bear

More of thy gracious image here;
Then God, the Judge, shall own my name

Among the followers of the Lamb. 102

Nottingham. Litchfield. 1 BEHOLD, where, in a mortal form,

Appears each grace divine !

L. M.


C. M.

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