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3 Wide it unvails the heavenly world,

Where endless pleasures reign;
It bids us seek our portion there,

Nor bids us seek in vain.
4 Faith shows the promises, all sealed

With our Redeemer's blood;
It helps our feeble hope to rest

Upon a faithful God.
5 There, still unshaken, would we rest,

Till this frail body dies; ?

And then, on faith's triumphant wing,
To endless glory rise.

C. P. M. 303

Trusting in Christ for Pardon.
1 0 THOU that hear'st the prayer of faith,
Wilt thou not save a soul from death, cik

That casts itself on thee?
I have no refuge of my own,
But fly to what my Lord hath done qui

And suffered once for me.
2 Slain in the guilty sinner's stead,
His spotless righteousness I plead,

Ånd his availing blood:
That righteousness my robe shall be,
That merit shall atone for me,

And bring me near to God.
3 Then save me from eternal death,
The spirit of adoption breathe,

His consolations send:
By him some word of life impart,
And sweetly whisper to my heart,

Thy Maker is thy friend.'
mf 4 The king of terrors then would be

A welcome messenger to me,

To bid me come away:
Unclogged by earth, or earthly things,
I'd mount, I'd fly, with eager wings,

To everlasting day. 304

Alfreton. Rotterdam 1 HERE, at thy cross, my gracious Lord,

I lay my soul beneath thy love;
Oh, cleanse me with atoning blood,

Nor let me from thy feet remove.


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L. M.

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2 Should worlds conspire to drive me henre,

Unmoved and firm this heart should lie:
Resolved-for that's my last defence-

If I must perish, here to die.
3 But speak, O Lord, and calm my fear;

Am I not safe beneath thy shade?
Thy vengeance will not strike me here,

Nor Satan dare my soul invade.
4 Yes—I'm secure beneath thy blood,

And all my foes shall lose their aim;
i Hosanna to my Saviour God,
And loudest praises to his name.
C. M.

Judea. Jordan 305

Love the chief Grace.
1 HAPPY the heart, where graces reign,

Where love inspires the breast :
Love is the brightest of the train,

And strengthens all the rest.
2 Knowledge-alas ! 'tis all in vain-

And all in vain our fear;
Our stubborn sins will fight, and reign,

If love be absent there.
3 This is the grace that lives and sings,

When faith and hope shall cease;
'Tis this shall strike our joyful strings

In realms of endless peace. .

L. M.

1 HAD I the tongues of Greeks and Jews
And nobler speech than angels use,
If love be absent, I am found
Like tinkling brass an empty sound.
2 Were I inspired to preach and tell

All that is done in heaven or hell;
Or could my faith the world remove,

Still I am nothing without love.
3 Should I distribute all my store

To feed the hungry-clothe the poor ;
Or give my body to the flame,

To gain a martyr's glorious name-
4 If love to God, and love to men

Be absent, all my hopes are vain :
Nor tongues, nor gifts, nor fiery zeal,
The work of love can e'er fulfil.

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S. M.


C. M. Baldwin. Christmas.
God the Portion of the Soul.
1 MY God! the spring of all my joys,

The life of my delights,
The glory of my brightest days,

And comfort of my nights !-
2 In darkest shades, if thou appear,

My dawning is begun;
Thou art my soul's bright morning star,

And thou my rising sun.
3 The opening heavens around me shine

With beams of sacred bliss,
While Jesus shows his mercy mine,

And whispers, I am his!
4 My soul would leave this heavy clay

At that transporting word,
And run with joy the shining way

To meet my dearest Lord. 308

Lisbon. St. Thomas. 1 MY God-my life-my love,

To thee-to thee I call;
I cannot live, if thou remove,

For thou art all in all.
2 Nor earth-nor all the sky

Can one delight afford,
No-not a drop of real joy,
Without thy presence,

Lord. s 3 Thou art the sea of love,

Where all my pleasures roll;
The circle, where my passions move,

And centre of my soul. 309

Bedford. Medfield 1 MY God--my portion-and my love,

My everlasting all,
I've none but thee in heaven above,

Or on this earthly ball.
2 How vain a toy is glittering, wealth,

If once compared to thee!
Or what's my safety or my health,

Or all my friends to me?
3 Were I possessor of the earth,

And called the stars my own,

C. M.



Without thy graces-and thyself,

I were a wretch undone.
4 Let others stretch their arms like seas,

in all the shore:
Grant me the visits of thy grace,

And I desire no more. 310

C. M.

Dundee. Litchfield. 1 ETERNAL Source of joys divine,

To thee my soul aspires ;
Oh! could I say, 'The Lord is mine!

'Tis all my soul desires.
2 My hope, my trust, my life, my Lord,

Assuré me of thy love;
Oh! speak the kind, transporting word,

And bid my fears remove.-
3 Then shall my thankful powers rejoice,

And triumph in my God :
Till heavenly rapture tune my voice
To spread thy praise abroad.

C. M.

Mansfield. Dundee. 311

True Happiness to be found only in God.
1 IN vain I trace creation o'er,

In search of solid rest;
The whole creation is too poor,

To make me truly blest.
2 Let earth and all her charms depart,

Unworthy of the mind;
In God alone this restless heart

Enduring bliss can find.
3 Thy favor, Lord, is all I want;

Here would my spirit rest:
Oh! seal the rich, the boundless grant,

And make me fully blest. 312

Middlebury. Denton 1 THOU only Sovereign of my heart,

My refuge, my almighty friend
And can my soul from thee depart,

On whom alone my hopes depend ?
2 Whither-ah! whither shall I go,

A wretched wanderer from my Lord ? Can this dark world of sin and wo

One glimpse of happiness afford ?


L. M.

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3 Eternal life thy words impart;

On these my fainting spirit lives :
Here, sweeter comforts cheer my heart,

Than all the round of nature gives.
4 Let earth's alluring joys combine,

While thou art near, in vain they call;
One smile—one blissful smile of thine,

My dearest Lord! outweighs them all.
5 Thy name my inmost powers adore ;

Thou art my Depart from thee ?-?tis death-'tis more

Tis endless ruin-deep despair! 6 Low at thy feet my soul would lie; Here safety dwells-and peace

divine mf Still let me live beneath thine eye,

For life-eternal life is thine. 313

C. M. Judea. Grafton. Dedham. 1 WHAT though no flowers the fig-tree

Though vines their fruit deny, (clothe, The labor of the olive fail,

And fields no meat supply ;-
2 Though from the fold, with sad surprise,

My Hock cut off I see;
Though famine reign in empty stalls,

Where herds were wont to be :-
3 Yet in the Lord will I be glad,

And glory in his love;
In him I'll joy, who will the God

Of my salvation prove.
4 God is the treasure of my soul,

The source of lasting joy;
A joy-which want shall not impair,
Nor death itself destroy.

St. Thomas. Eastbun. 314

1 BEHOLD! what wondrous grace

The Father has bestowed
On einners of a mortal race,

To call them sons of God!
2 'Tis no surprising thing,

That we should be unknown;
The Jewish world knew not their King,

God's everlasting Son.


S. M.

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