Imatges de pÓgina

We lift our hearts and voices

In blest anticipation,
And cry aloud-and give to God

The praise of our salvation.
2 While in affliction's furnace,

And passing through the fire,
Thy love we praise, that knows our days,

Ånd ever brings us nigher.
We lift our hands, exulting

In thine alnıighty favor;
The love divine, that made us thine,

Shall keep us thine forever.
3 Thou dost conduct thy people

Through torrents of temptation;
Nor will we fear, while thou art near,

The fire of tribulation.
The world, with sin and Satan,

In vain our march opposes ;
By thee we will break through them all,

And sing the song of Moses.
4 Faith now beholds the glory,

To which thou wilt restore us,
And earth despise, for that high prize,

Which thou hast set before us.
And if thou count us worthy,

We each, as dyiny Stephen,
Shall see thee stand at God's right hand,

To take us up to heaven.

C. M. Colchester Stamford 404

Unshaken Hope.
1 FIRMLY I stand on Zion's hill,

And view my starry crown ;
No power on earth my hope can shake,

Nor hell can thrust me down.
2 The lofty hills, and stately towers,

That lift their heads on high,
Shall all be levelled low in dust

Their very names shall die.
3 The vaulted heavens shall melt away,

Built by Jehovah's hands;
But firmer than the heavens, the rock

Of my salvation stands.

C. M.

Marlow. Judes. 405 Communion of Saints on Earth with Saints in Heaven 1 COME, let us join our friends above,

Who have obtained the prize,
And on the eagle wings of love,

To joy celestial rise.
2 Let saints below in concert sing

With those to glory gone,
For all the servants of our King

In heaven and earth are one.
3 One family, we dwell in him,

One church, above, beneath;
Though now divided by the stream

The narrow stream of death. mp 4 Ev'n now to their eternal home

Some happy spirits fly;

And we are to the margin come,
Len And soon expect to die !
Aff 5 Dear Saviour, be our constant guide

Then, when the word is given,

Bid Jordan's narrow stream divide, Len And land us safe in heaven.

C. M

Westford. Marlow 406

Saints cheered with the Hope of Heaven. mp 1 COME, humble souls—ye mourners, come,

And wipe away your tears:
Adieu to all your sad complaints,

Your sorrows and your fears.
mf 2 Come, shout aloud the Father's grace,

And sing the Saviour's love:
Soon shall you join the glorious theme

In loftier strains above.
3 God, the eternal, mighty God,

To dearer names descends :

you his treasure, and his joy,

His children, and his friends.
Aff 4 My Father, God! and may these lips

Pronounce a name so dear?
Not thus could heaven's sweet harmony

Delight my listening ear.
5 Forever let my grateful heart

His boundless grace adore


Which gives ten thousand blessings now,

And bids me hope for more.
f 6 Transporting hope !-still on my soul

With radiant glories shine,
Till thou thyself art lost in joys,

Immortal and divine. 407

C. M.

Westford. 1 SING, all ye ransomed of the Lord,

Your great Deliverer sing:
Ye pilgrims, now for Zion bound,

Be joyful in your King.
2 His hand divine shall lead you on,

Through all the blissful road:
Till to the sacred mount you rise,

And see your gracious God.
3 Bright garlands of immortal joy

Shall bloom on every head;
While sorrow, sighing, and distress,

Like shadows, all are fled.
All 4 March on, in your Redeemer's strength,

Pursue his footsteps still ;
With joyful hope still fix your eye
On Zion's heavenly hill.
C. M.

Oakland. Barby 408

Mourning over departed Comforts.
1 SWEET was the time, when first I felt

The Saviour's pardoning blood,
Applied to cleanse my soul from guilt,

And bring me home to God.
2 Soon as the morn the light revealed,

His praises tuned my tongue;
And when the evening shades prevailed,

His love was all my song.
3 In prayer my soul drew near the Lord,

And saw his glory shine;
And when I read his holy word,

I called each promise mine.
mp4 But now-when evening shade prevails –

My soul in darkness mourns:

And when the morn the light reveals, Len No light to me returns.

H. M.


Af 5 Rise, Lord, and help me to prevail

Oh make my soul thy care!
I know thy mercy cannot fail;

Let me that mercy share. 409

1 WHERE is my Saviour now,

Whose smiles I once possessed ?
Till he return, I bow,

By heaviest grief oppressed:
My days of happiness are gone,
And I am left to weep alone.
2 Where can the mourner go,

And tell his tale of grief?
Ah! who can soothe his wo,

And give him sweet relief?
Earth cannot heal the wounded breast,
Or give the troubled sinner rest.
3 Jesus, thy smiles impart;

My dearest Lord, return,
And ease my wounded heart,

And bid me cease to mourn :
Then shall this night of sorrow flee,

And peace and heaven be found in thee. 410

Medway. Sparta 1 OH where is now that glowing love,

That marked our union with the Lord ? Our hearts were fixed on things above,

Nor could the world a joy afford.
2 Where is the zeal that led us then

To make our Saviour's glory known?
That freed us from the fear of men,

And kept our eye on him alone ?
3 Where are the happy seasons spent

In fellowship with him we loved ?
The sacred joy-the sweet content,

The blessedness that then we proved ? 4 Behold, again, we turn to thee;

Oh cast us not away, though vile!
No peace we have no joy we see,

OʻLord our God, but in thy smile.

L. M.

L. M.

Medway. Bath. 411

Cold Affections lamented.
1 JESUS demands this heart of mine,

Demands my love, my joy; my care;
But ah! how dead to things divine,

How cold, my best affections are !
2 'Tis sin, alas! with dreadful

power, Divides my Saviour from my sight; Oh! for one happy, shining hour

Of sacred freedom-sweet delight. mf 3 Come, dearest Lord—thy love can raise

My captive powers from sin and death, And fill my heart and life with praise,

And tune my last, expiring breath.

f Len

C. M.

Patmos. Ferry. 412

Backsliding and Returning.
1 WHY is my heart so far from thee,

My God, my chief delight?
Why are my thoughts no more by day

With thee, no more by night?
2 When my forgetful soul renews

The savor of thy grace,
My heart presumes I cannot lose

The relish all my days.
3 But ere one fleeting hour is past,

The flattering world employs
Some sensual bait to seize my taste,

And to pollute my joys.
4 Wretch that I am! to wander thus,

In chase of false delight!
Let me be fastened to thy cross,

Nor ever lose thy sight. 413

Grafton. Medfield. 1 DEAR Lord, accept a sinful heart,

Which of itself complains ;
And mourns with much and frequent smart,

The evil it contains.
2 How eager are my thoughts to roam

In quest of what they love!
But ah! when duty calls me home,
How heavily they move !

C. M.

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