Imatges de pÓgina

2 Before the mournful scene began,

He took the bread, and blest and brake; What love through all his actions ran!

What wondrous words of grace he spake! 3 “ This is my body, broke for sin:

Receive and eat the living food;"
Then took the cup and blessed the wine:

• 'Tis the new covenant in my blood.”
4 “Do this,” he cried, “till time shall end,

In memory of your dying friend ;
Meet at

table, and record
The love of your departed Lord.”
5 Jesus, thy feast we celebrate,

We show thy death, we sing thy name
Till thou return, and we shall eat

The marriage supper of the Lamb.

S. M. St. Thomas Hudson, 429

Christ's Invitation to the Table.
1 JESUS invites his saints

To meet around his board ;
Here pardoned rebels sit, and hold

Communion with their Lord.
2 For food he gives his flesh;

He bids us drink his blood;
Amazing favor-matchless grace

Of our descending God!
3 Let all our powers be joined

His glorious name to raise :
Let joy and love fill every mind,

voice be praise.
C. M.

Stamford. 430

Guests drawn in by Divine Love.
1 HOW sweet and awful is the place,

With Christ within the doors,
While everlasting love displays

The choicest of her stores!
2 While all our hearts, and all our songs

Join to admire the feast,
Each of us cries with thankful tongue,

*Lord, why was I a guest ?
3 Why was I made to hear thy voice,

And enter while there's room?

When thousands make a wretched choice,

And rather starve than come!'
4 'Twas the same love that spread the feast

That gently drew us in;
Else we had still refused to taste,

And perished in our sin.
5 Pity the nations, O our God!

Constrain the earth to come ;
Send thy victorious word abroad,

And bring the strangers home.
6 We long to see thy churches full,

That all the chosen race
May with one voice, and heart, and soul,

Sing thy redeeming grace. 431


Medfield. 1 LORD, at thy table we behold

The wonders of thy grace ;
But most of all admire, that we

Should find a welcome place-
2 We, who are all defiled with sin,

And rebels to our God!
We, who have crucified thy Son,

And trampled on his blood!
3 What strange, surprising grace is this,

That we, so lost, have room!
Jesus our weary souls invites,

And freely bids us come.
4 Ye saints below, and hosts of heaven!

Join all your sacred powers :
No theme is like redeeming love !
No Saviour is like ours !

Hingham. Medway. 432 Penitent View of the Saviour's Sufferings.

1 LORD, when my thoughts delighted rove

Amid the wonders of thy love,
Sweet hope revives my drooping heart,

And bids intruding fears depart.
2 Repentant sorrow fills

But mingling joy allays the smart;
Oh! may my future life declare

The sorrow and the joy sincere.
3 Be all my heart, and all my days

Devoted to my Saviour's praise ;

L. M.

my heart,

And let my glad obedience prove
How much I owe-how much I love.

C. M.

Mear. Peterboro'. 433

The New Covenant sealed.
1 THE promise of my Father's love

Shall stand forever good :
He said and gave his soul to death,

And sealed the grace with blood.
2 To this dear covenant of thy word

I set my worthless name;
I seal th' engagement to my Lord,

And make my humble claim.
3 I call that legacy my own,

Which Jesus did bequeath ;
'Twas purchased with a dying groan,

And ratified in death.
4 The light and strength, the pard’ning grace,

And glory shall be mine:
My life and soul-my heart and flesh,
And all my powers are thine.
C. M.

Stamford. 434

Reconciliation by Christ's Death.
1 AND are we now brought near to God,

Who once at distance stood ?
Did Jesus, to effect this change,

Pour out his precious blood ?
2 Oh for a song of ardent praise,

To bear our souls above!
What should allay our lively hope,

Or damp our flaming love!
3 Then let us join the heavenly choirs,

To praise our glorious King !

that love which spread this feast Inspire us while we sing !

Pleyel's Hymn. 435

Spiritual Nourishment from Christ.
1 BREAD of heaven! on thee we feed,

For thy flesh is meat indeed:
Ever let our souls be fed

With this true and living bread!
2 Vine of heaven! thy blood supplies

This blest cup of sacrifice :


Lord, thy wounds our healing give;

To thy cross we look and live.
3 Day by day with strength supplied,

Through the life of him who died;
Lord of life! oh let us be

Rooted, grafted, built on thee! 436

L. M.

Alfreton. 1 HERE let us see thy face, O Lord,

And view salvation with our eyes,
And taste and feel the living Word,

The Bread descending from the skies.
2 Thou hast prepared this dying Lamb,

Hast set his blood before our face,
To teach the terrors of thy name,

And show the wonders of thy grace.
3 Jesus, our light! our morning-star!

Shine thou on nations yet unknown;
The glory of thy people here,

And joy of spirits near thy throne. 437

C. M.

Mear. Dedham. 1 HERE at thy table, Lord, we meet,

To feed on food divine:
Thy body is the bread we eat,

Thy precious blood the wine.
2 He, who prepares this rich repast,

Himself comes down and dies;
And then invites us thus to feast

Upon the sacrifice.
3 Here peace and pardon sweetly flow;

Oh what delightful food!
We eat the bread and drink the wine-

But think on nobler good.
4 Deep was the suffering he endured

Upon th' accursed tree-
For me-each welcome guest may say-

'Twas all endured for me.
5 Sure there was never love so free

Dear Saviour-so divine !
Well thou mayest claim that heart of me,

Which owes so much to thine.

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