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Second Part. C. M. Dedham.
1 LORD, in the morning thou shalt hear

My voice ascending high;
To thee will I direct my prayer,

To thee lift up mine eye ;-
2 Up to the hills, where Christ is gone

To plead for all his saints,
Presenting at his Father's throne

Our songs and our complaints.
p 3 Thou art a God, before whose sight

The wicked shall not stand ;
Sinners shall ne'er be thy delight,

Nor dwell at thy right hand. mf 4 But to thy house will I resort,

To taste thy mercies there;
I will frequent thine holy court,

And worship in thy fear.
Aff 5 Oh may thy Spirit guide my feet

In ways of righteousness,
Make every path of duty straight,

And plain before my face.



THIRD PART. C. M. Bedford.
1 LORD, hear the voice of my complaint;

Accept my secret prayer;
To thee alone, my King, my God,

Will I for help repair.
2 Thou, in the morn,my voice shalt hear,

And with the dawning day,
To thee devoutly I'll look up,

To thee devoutly pray.
mf 3 Let all thy saints, who trust in thee,

With shouts their joy proclaim;
By thee preserved, let them rejoice,

And magnify thy name.
4 To righteous men the righteous Lord

His blessings will extend;
And with his favor all his saints,

As with a shield, defend.

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P 1 BEHOLD us, Lord, with humble fear

Approach thy temple gate;
Though most unworthy to draw near,

Or in thy courts to wait.
mf 2 But, trusting in thy boundless grace,

To all so freely given,
We worship in thy holy place,

And lift our souls to heaven.
§ 3 Lead us in all thy righteous ways,

Nor let our footsteps slide:
Make straight thy path before our face,

Our guardian, still, and guide.
mf 4 No more to sin, Lord, let us yield,

Defended from above,
And kept, and covered with the shield

Of thy almighty love.


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Bedford y complaint; y God,


FIFTH PART. C. M. Ormond. 1 LORD, hear me, when without disguise

My words to thee ascend;
And when my meditations rise,

Oh graciously attend.
2 Before thy throne I'll humbly fall,

And all my troubles bring;
On thee alone for help I'll call,

My righteous God and King.
mf 3 Soon as the morning rays appear,

l'll lift my eyes above;
My voice shall reach thy listening ear,

And supplicate thy love.
mf 4 Within thy house my voice shall rise

Before thy mercy-seat;
There will I fix my steadfast eyes,

And worship at thy feet.
- 5 In righteousness thy strength display,

And my protection be;
Teach me to know that only way,

Which leads to heaven and thee.

e shalt hear, ay, up,


cust in thee, proclaim; em rejoice,



ghteous Lord

nd; is saints,




Severe Chastisements deprecated. 1 LORD, I can suffer thy rebukes,

When thou with kindness dost chastise ; But thy fierce wrath I cannot bear;

Oh let it not against me rise.
2 Pity my languishing estate,

And ease the sorrow that I feel;
The wounds thy heavy hand hath made,

O Lord, in tender mercy heal.
3 Look how the powers of nature mourn!

How long, almighty God, how long ?
When shall thine hour of grace return?

When shall I make thy grace my song?



SECOND PART. C. M. Bether. mp 1 IN mercy, not in wrath, rebuke

Thy, feeble worm, my God;
My spirit dreads thine angry look,

And trembles at thy rod.
2 Have mercy, Lord, for I am weak;

Regard my humble cry:
Oh let thy voice of comfort speak,

And bring salvation nigh.
3 Oh come, and show thy power to save,

And spare my fainting breath ;
For who can praise thee in the grave,

Or sing thy name in death ?
4 Satan, my cruel, envious foe,

Insults me in my pain;
He smiles to see me brought so low,

And tells me hope is vain:
5 But hence, thou enemy, depart,

Nor tempt me to despair;
My Saviour comes to cheer my heart;

The Lord has heard my prayer.




FIRST PART. L. M. Timsbury.

God the righteous Judge.
of 1 ARISE, O God-with just disdain

The anger of thy foes restrain!
To judgment wake-on thy command

Justice and truth securely stand.
r 2 So shall thy people round thy seat,

In holy crowds, rejoicing meet:
And since on thee our hopes rely,
Return, and fix power on high.

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ure mourn! how long? race return? race my song?




1 THE Lord is judge-before his throne

All nations shall his justice own:
Oh may my soul be found sincere,

And stand approved with courage there. 2 The Lord, in righteousness arrayed,

Surveys the world his hands have made;
Pierces the heart, and tries the reins,

And judgment from on high ordains.
3 My God, my Shield! around me place

The shelter of the Saviour's grace:
Then, when thine arm the just shall save,
My life shall triumph o'er the grave.

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I am weak;

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afort speak,


ny power to save, ng breath; nee in the grave, un death ?


FIRST PART. L. M. Effingham.

The divine Glory celebrated. mf 1 ALMIGHTY Ruler of the skies,

Through all the earth thy name is spread, And thine eternal glories rise

Above the heavens thy hands have made. 2 To thee the voices of the young

Their sounding notes of honor raise ;
And babes, with uninstructed tongue,

Declare the wonders of thy praise.
3 Amidst thy temple children throng

To see their great Redeemer's face;
The Son of David is their song,
f And loud hosanuas fill the place.

ious foe, pain; brought so low, eis vain:

zmy, depart, lespair; to cheer my heart; ard iny prayer.



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SECOND PART. L. M. Alfreton.

The condescending Grace of God.
mf 1 0 LORD, our Lord, in power divine,

How great is thy illustrious name!
Through all the earth thy glories shine,

Placed high above the heavenly frame.
2 Down from his throne thy Son descends,

A little time our form to wear:
Beneath th' angelic hosts he bends,

Our sufferings and our guilt to bear.
3 But, lo! thy power exalts him high,

In glorious dignity enthroned;
He bears our nature to the sky,

O'er all thy works the Ruler crowned.
4 Jesus, our Lord, in power divine,

How great is thy illustrious name!
Through all the earth thy glories shine-
Let all the earth resound thy fame.

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THIRD PART. C. M. St. Martin's.
10 LORD, our Lord, how wondrous great

Is thine exalted name!
The glories of thy heavenly state

Let men and babes proclaim.
2 Lord, what is man, or all his race,

Who dwells so far below,
That thou should'st visit him with grace,

And love his nature so?
3 That thine eternal Son should bear

To take a mortal form;
Made lower than his angels are,

To save a dying worm!
4 Let him be crowned with majesty,

Who bowed his head to death;
And be his honors sounded high

By all things that have breath.
5 Jesus, our Lord, how wondrous great

Is thine exalted name!
The glories of thy heavenly state

Let all the earth proclaim.


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