Imatges de pÓgina

Meet--with the blood-bought throng to fall,
And crown our Jesus-Lord of all.

L. M.

P. M.

Brewer. Monson. 537

Subjection of the Nations to Christ prayed for.
1 SOON may the last glad song arise,

Through all the millions of the skies
That song of triumph which records

That all the earth is now the Lord's!
2 Let thrones, and powers, and kingdoms be

Obedient, mighty God, to thee!
And over land, and stream, and main,

Now wave the sceptre of thy reign!
3 Oh let that glorious anthem swell;

Let host to host the triumph tell-
That not one rebel heart remains,

But over all the Saviour reigns ! 538

Missionary Hymn. 1 WHEN shall the voice of singing

Flow joyfully along ?
When hill and valley, ringing

With one triumphant song,
Proclaim the contest ended,

And him who once was slain,
Again to earth descended,

In righteousness to reign ?
2 Then from the craggy mountains

The sacred shout shall fly;
And shady vales and fountains

Shall echo the reply.
High tower and lowly dwelling

Shall send the chorus round,
All hallelujah swelling,

In one eternal sound ! 539

Old Hundred. Gilead. 1 NOW let the angel sound on high,

Let shouts be heard through all the sky;
Kings of the earth, with glad accord,
Give up your kingdoms to the Lord.
2 Almighty God, thy power assume,

Who wast, and art, and art to come;
Jesus, the Lamb, who once was slain,
Forever live-forever reign!

L. M.

S. M.


St. Thomas. Hudson. 1 GREAT Heir of David's throne !

Thy royal power assume;
Cone, reigu in faithful hearts alone,

Thou blest Redeemer, come.
2 Set up thy throne of grace

In all the heathen's sight-
Thy kingdom of true holiness-

And order it aright.
3 Now, for thy promise' sake,

O'ér earth exalted be:
The kingdom, power, and glory take,

Which all belong to thee.
4 In zeal for God and man,

Thy full salvation bring:
The universal Monarch reign,
The saints' eternal King.

S. M. Southfield. Eastburn. 541

Rejoicing in Christ's Reign.
1 NOW living waters flow

To cheer the humble soul;
From sea to sea the rivers go,

And spread from pole to pole.
2 Now righteousness shall spring,

And grow on earth again:
Jesus, Jehovah, be our King,

And o'er the nations reign.
3 Jesus shall rule alone,

The world shall hear his word;
By one blest name shall he be known

The Universal Lord. 542

L. M. Brewer. Duke Street. 1 HAIL to the Prince of life and peace,

Who holds the keys of death and hell;
The boundless world unseen is his,

And sovereign power becomes him well. 2 In shame and suffering once he died ;

But now he lives forevermore :
Bow down, ye saints, around his seat,

And, all ye angel-bands, adore.
3 So live forever, glorious Lord,

To crush thy foes—and guard thy friends ;


4] *

L. M.

Mendon. Brewer.

While all thy chosen tribes rejoice,

That thy dominion never ends.
4 Worthy thy hand to hold the keys,

Guided by wisdom, and by love;
Worthy to rule o'er mortal life,

O'er worlds below-and worlds above.
5 Forever reign, victorious King!

Wide thro' the earth thy name be known; And call my longing soul to sing

Sublimer anthems near thy throne. 543

YES-mighty Jesus! thou shalt reign,

Till all thy haughty foes submit;
Till hell, and all her trembling train,

Become the footstool of thy feet. 2 Then, ransomed souls shall bless thy power:

Thine arm shall full salvation bring :
Thy saints, in that illustrious hour,

Shall conquer, with their conquering King. 3 Then, ranged'thy shining throne around,

Thy honors, Lord, will we proclaim ; While heaven's transported realms resound

Thy glorious deeds and saving name.
1 HARK!--the song of jubilee,

Loud-as mighty thunders roar ;
Or the fullness of the sea,

When it breaks upon the shore-
2 See Jehovah's banners furled!

Sheathed his sword :-he speaks—’tis done!
Now the kingdoms of this world

Are the kingdom of his Son.
3 He shall reign from pole to pole

With supreme, unbounded sway:
He shall reign, when, like a scroll,

Yonder heavens have passed away!
4 Hallelujah! for the Lord,

God omnipotent shall reign:
Hallelujah!-let the word

Echo round the earth and main.


Adullum. Lincoln.

S. M.


Paddington. Eastburn. 1 REJOICE! the Lord is King !

Your Lord and King adore ;
Ye ransomed saints, give thanks and sing,

And triumph evermore!
2 The mighty Saviour reigns,

The God of truth and love;
When he himself had purged our stains,

He took his seat above.
3 His kingdom cannot fail ;

He rules o’er earth and heaven;
The sovereign keys of death and hell

Into his hands are given.
4 He sits at God's right hand,

Till all his foes submit,
And humbly bow to his command,

And fall beneath his feet.
5 Rejoice in glorious hope !

Jesus, the Judge, shall come,
And take his waiting servants úp

To their eternal home. 546

Adullum. Lincoln 1 WAKE the song of jubilee,

Let it echo o'er the sea!
Now is come the promised hour;

Jesus reigns with sovereign power!
2 All ye nations, join and sing,

Christ, of lords and kings is King!
Let it sound from shore to shore,

Jesus reigns forevermore!
3 Now the desert lands rejoice,

And the islands join their voice;
Yea, the whole creation sings,
• Jesus is the King of kings!'


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Corinth. Oakland.


C. M. 547

Nature of Prayer.
1 PRAYER is the contrite sinner's voice,

Returning from his ways;
While angels in their songs rejoice,

And cry, 'Behold, he prays.


S. M.

2 Prayer is the Christian's vital breath,

The Christian's native air;
His watch-word at the gates of death ;

He enters heaven with prayer.
3 Prayer is not made on earth alone-

The Holy Spirit pleads;
And Jesus, on th' eternal throne,

For sinners intercedes.
Aff 4 O thou by whom we come to God-

The Life, the Truth, the Way!
The path of prayer thyself hasi trod-
Lord, teach us how to pray.

Little Marlboro'. Hudson. 548

Encouragement to Prayer.
1 AND shall not Jesus hear

His children when they cry?
Yes-though he may awhile forbear,

He'll help them from on high.
2 His nature, truth, and love,

Engage him on their side;
When they are grieved, his bowels move;

And can they be denied ?
3 Then let us earnest be,

And never faint in prayer:
He loves our importunity,

And makes our cause his care. 549.

L. M.

Brewer. St. Paul's. 1 SING to the Lord, who loud proclaims

His various and his saving names;
Oh may they not be heard alone,

But by our sure experience known.
2 Through every age his gracious ear

Is open to his servants' prayer;
Nor can one humble soul complain,

That he has sought his God in vain.
3 What unbelieving heart shall dare

In whispers to suggest a fear,
While still he owns his ancient name,

The same his power-his love the same; 4 To thee our souls in faith arise,

To thee we lift expecting eyes;
We boldly through the desert tread,
For God will guard, where God shall lead.

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