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H. M.

4 lo gentle offices of love

His feet are never slow:
He views, through mercy's melting eye,

A brother in a foe.
5 Himself, through Christ, hath mercy found,

from above; That mercy moves him to fulfil The perfect law of love.

Acton. 663

For Sabbath Schools.
1 COME, let our voices join

In joyful songs of praise ;
To God, the God of love,

Our thankful hearts we'll raise.
To God alone all praise belongs-
Our earliest and our latest songs.
2 Now we are taught to read

The book of life divine,
Where our Redeemer's love

And brightest glories shine:
To God alone all praise is due,
Who sends his word to us and you.
3 Within these hallowed walls

Our wandering feet are brought,
Where prayer and praise ascend,

And heavenly truths are taught:
To God alone your offerings bring ;

and old his praises sing.
4 Lord, let this work of love

Be crowned with full success!
Let thousands, yet unborn,

Thy sacred name here bless!
To thee, O Lord, all praise to thee

We'll raise throughout eternity.
C. P. M.

Columbia 1 GREAT God! our voice to thee we raise; Tune thou our lips and hearts with praise,

Thy goodness to adore :
Our life, our health, and every friend,
From thee arise-on thee depend,

Kind Father of the poor!
2 Stretch o'er our heads thy guardian wings,
Secure the weak, 0 King of kings!

Our shield and refuge be:

Thy Spirit, Lord, conduct our youth,
Through Christ, the life, the way, the truth,

That we may come to thee!
3 While friends their generous aid afford,
Accept the kind intention, Lord,

And crown it with thy love;
Then joy shall tune our humble songs,
Till we shall join immortal tongues

In nobler praise above.

L. M.

Denton. Dresden 665

In Behalf of Widows and Orphans.
1 THOU God of hope! to thee we bow;

Thou art our refuge in distress;
The husband of the widow thou,

The father of the fatherless!
2 The poor are thy peculiar care,

To them thy promises are sure:
Thy gifts the poor in spirit share;

Oh may we always thus be poor!
3 May we thy law of love fulfil,

To bear each other's burdens here;
Suffer and do thy righteous will,

And walk in all thy faith and fear.
4 Thou God of hope! to thee we bow,

Thou art our refuge in distress;
The husband of the widow thou,

The father of the fatherless! 666

C. M. St. Austin's. Dundee. 1 OH gracious Lord, whose mercies rise

Above our utmost need!
Incline thine ear unto our cry,

And hear the orphan plead.
2 Bereft of all a mother's love,

And all a father's care,
Lord, whither shall we fiee for help?

To whom direct our prayer ?
3 To thee we flee to thee we pray-

Thou shalt our Father be :
More than the fondest parent's care

We find, O Lord, in thee!
4 Already thou hast heard our cry,

And wiped away our tears:

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Thy mercy has a refuge found

To guard our helpless years.
5 Oh let thy love descend on those

Who pity to us show;
Nor let their children ever taste
The orphan's cup of wo.
L. M.

Old Hundred 667

On Opening a Place of Worship.
1 HERE, in thy name, eternal God,

We build this earthly house for thee;
Oh choose it for thy fixed abode,

And guard it long from error free.
2 Here, when thy people seek thy face,

And dying sinners pray to live,
Hear, thou, in heaven, thy dwelling-place,

And when thou hearest, Lord, forgive. 3 Here, when thy messengers proclaim

The blessed gospel of thy Son,
Still by the power of his great name

Be mighty signs and wonders done.
4 When children's voices raise the song,

Hosanna! to their heavenly King,
Let heaven with earth the strain prolong,

Hosanna! let the angels sing.
5 But will, indeed, Jehovah deign

Here to abide, no transient guest?
Here will our great Redeemer reign,

And here the Holy Spirit rest?
6 Thy glory never hence depart!

Yet choose not, Lord, this house alone; Thy kingdom come to every heart,

In every bosom fix thy throne.




Pleyel's Hymn. Rotterdam 1 LORD of Hosts, to thee we raise

Here a house of prayer and praise ;
Thou thy people's hearts prepare

Here to meet for praise and prayer.
2 Let the living here be fed

With thy word, the heavenly bread ;
Here, in hope of glory blest,
May the dead be laid to rest.

L. M.

3 Here to thee a temple stand,

While the sea shall gird the land;
Here reveal thy mercy sure,

While the sun and moon endure.
4 Hallelujah!_earth and sky,

To the joyful sound reply;
Hallelujah!-hence ascend

Prayer and praise till time shall end. 669

Old Hundred. 1 AND will the great eternal God

On earth establish his abode?
And will he, from his heavenly throne,

Avow our temples for his own?
2 We bring the tribute of our praise,

And sing that condescending grace,
Which to our notes will lend an ear,

And call us, sinful mortals, near.
3 These walls we to thy honor raise;

Long may they echo with thy praise ;
And thou, descending, fill the place

With choicest tokens of thy grace.
4 Here let the great Redeemer reign,

With all the graces of his train;
While power divine his word attends,

To conquer foes and cheer his friends.
5 And in the great decisive day,

When God the nations shall survey,
May it before the world appear,

That crowds were born to glory here. 670

Bethesda. St. Philip's 1 GREAT King of glory, come,

And with thy favor crown
This temple as thy home,

This people as thine own:
Beneath this roof, oh! deign to show

How God can dwell with men below.
2 Here may thine ears attend

Our interceding cries,
And grateful praise ascend,

Like incense, to the skies:
Here may thy word melodious sound,
And spread celestial joys around.

H. M.

H. M.

3 Here may our unborn sons

And daughters sound thy praise,
And shine like polished stones,

Through long succeeding days:
Here, Lord, display thy saving power,

While temples stand, and men adore.
4 Here may the listening throng

Imbibe thy truth and love;
Here Christians join the song

Of seraphim above:
Till all who humbly seek thy face,

Rejoice in thy abounding grace. 671

Bethesda. St. Philip's. 1 GREAT Father of mankind,

We bless that wondrous grace,
Which could for gentiles find

Within thy courts a place.
How kind the care For us to raise
Our God displays,

A house
2 Though once estranged afar,
We now approach

the throne; For Jesus brings us near,.

And makes our cause his own: Strangers no more,

And find our home, To thee we come,

And rest secure.
3 May all the nations throng

To worship in thy house ;
And thou attend their song,
And smile upon their vows;

To join the choir

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C. M. Stamford. St. Martin's. | GREAT Sovereign of the earth and sky,

And Lord of all below;
Before thy glorious Majesty,

Ten thousand seraphs bow.
2 Yet thou art not confined above;

Thy presence knows no bound;
Where'er thy praying people meet,

There thou art always found.
3 Behold, a temple raised for thee;

Oh meet thy people here;
Here, O thou King of saints, reside,

And in thy church appear.

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