Imatges de pÓgina

4 His laws are just and pure,

His truth without deceit;
His promises forever sure,

And his rewards are great.
5 While of thy works I sing,

Thy glory to proclaim;
Accept the praise, my God, my King,

In my Redeemer's name.


SEVENTH Part. S. M. Mornington. 1 BEHOLD the morning sun

Begins his glorious way;
His beams through all the nations run,

And life and light convey.
2 But where the gospel comes,

It spreads diviner light,
It calls dead sinners from their tombs,

And gives the blind their sight.
3 How perfect is thy word!

And all thy judgments just!
Forever sure thy pa

ise, Lord,
And we securely trust.
4 My gracious God, how plain

Are thy directions given!
Oh! may I never read in vain,

But find the path to heaven.



20 First PART. L. M. Nazareth.

Prayer and Hope in Trouble.
1 NOW may the God of power and grace

Attend his people's humble cry!
Jehovah hears, when Israel prays, --

And sends deliverance from on high. - 2 Well he remembers all our sighs,

His love exceeds our best deserts;
His love accepts the sacrifice

Of humble groans and broken hearts.
Af 3 Save us, O Lord, from slavish fear,-

And let our hopes be firm and strong,
Till thy salvation shall appear;

And joy and triumph raise the song.



Ely. 1 THE Lord unto thy prayer attend,

In trouble's darksome hour:
The name of Jacob's God defend,

And shield thee by his power;
2 In thy salvation we'll rejoice,

And triumph in the Lord;
For, when in prayer he hears thy voice,

He will relief afford.

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I 3 In chariots and on horses some

For aid and shelter flee;
But in thy name, O Lord, we come,

And will remember thee.

4 O Lord, to us salvation bring ;

In thee alone we trust;
Hear us, O God, our heavenly King,

Thou refuge of the just !



St. Paul's.

Christ exalted to reign.
1 BEHOLD the King of Zion rise

To endless glory in the skies!
Thy strength and thy salvation, Lord,

His joy, his triumph, his reward! 2 The Lord his heart's desire completes, mp From heaven his prayer acceptance meets :

Though bowed to death-intent to save,

He lifts him from the cross and grave. mf 3 He asks—th' eternal Lord bestows

Life from th' unchanging fountain flows !
O'er death the victory he gives -

Th' exalted Saviour ever lives!
4 Hail, Fount of Blessings! placed in thee,

Our life, our strength, our all, we see:
Aloud our songs thy power proclaim,
And wide we spread thy glorious name.




SECOND PART. C. M. Bedford.
God acknowledged in National Blessings.
1 IN thee, great God, with songs of praise,

Our favored realms rejoice;
And, blest with thy salvation, raise

To heaven their cheerful voice.
2 In deep distress, our injured land

Implored thy power to save;
For life we prayed-thy bounteous hand

The timely blessing gave.
3 On thee, in want, in wo, or pain,

Our hearts alone rely;
Our rights thy mercy will maintain,

And all our wants supply.
4 Thus, Lord, thy wondrous power declare,

And still exalt thy fame;
While we glad songs of praise prepare

For thine almighty name.




FIRST PART. L. M. Medway. Sufferings and Exaltation of Christ. 1 NOW let our mournful songs

record The dying sorrows of our Lord, When he complained in tears and blood,

Like one forsaken of his God.
2 But God, his Father, heard his cry-

Raised from the dead, he reigns on high;
The nations learn his righteousness,
And humble sinners taste his grace.



SECOND PART. C. M. Marlow. 1 “NOW, in the hour of deep distress,

My God, support thy Son,
When horrors dark my soul oppress,

Oh leave me not alone !"
2 Thus did our suffering Saviour pray,

With mighty cries and tears ;
God heard him in that dreadful day,

And chased away his fears.

s 3 Great was the victory of his death,

His throne exalted stands;
While all the nations of the eartn

Shall bow to his commands.

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THIRD PART. C. M. Nottingham.

Goodness of God commemorated.
mp 1 WHEN trouble fills my soul with grief,

Oh hide not, Lord, thy face;
For I can hope for no relief,

Unaided by thy grace.
2 Our fathers, trusting in thy word,

Reposed their hope in thee;
In thee protection found, O Lord;

And life and liberty.
3 When in thy temple I appear

To hear thy sacred word;
My vows I will perform, and there

Thy benefits record.
4 For thou, from men of low estate,

Wilt not conceal thy face;
But unto those who humbly wait,

Wilt give thy promised grace.
5 To all the world will I declare

The greatness of thy name;
Assembled saints my voice shall hear,

As I thy praise proclaim.

22 FOURTH PART. C. M. St. Ann's. 11 ALL ye who serve the Lord with fear,

In praise lift up your voice;
Let Jacob's faithful children hear,

Let Israel's sons rejoice.
2 The great, who have his bounty known,

And they who mercy crave,
Alike shall at his feet bow down;

For he alone can save.
3 Throughout the world's extended bound,

His goodness shall be shown;
And every tongue, the earth around,

Shall worship at his throne.

4 His glorious kingdom is divine,

His subjects hear his word;
Through every realm his light shall shine,

And all shall fear the Lord.


23 FIRST PART. L. M. 6. Belville.

Jehovah, the Shepherd of his people.
1 THE Lord my pasture shall prepare,

And feed me with a shepherd's care;
His presence shall my wants supply,
And guard me with a watchful eye:
My noon-day walks he shall attend,

And all my midnight hours defend. 2 When in the sultry glebe I faint,

Or on the thirsty mountain pant,
To fertile vales, and dewy meads
My weary, wandering steps he leads;
Where peaceful rivers, soft and slow,

Amid the verdant landscape flow.
3 Though in the paths of death I tread,

With gloomy horrors overspread, mf My steadfast heart shall fear no ill,

For thou, O Lord, art with me stilí:
Thy friendly rod shall give me aid,

And guide me through the dreadfúl shade. 4 Though in a bare and rugged way,

Through devious, lonely wilds I stray,
Thy presence shall my pains beguile:

The barren wilderness shall smile, mf With sudden greens and herbage crowned,

And streams shall murmur all around.

23 SECOND PART. C. M. Warwick dol 1 THE Lord himself, the mighty Lord,

Vouchsafes to be my guide;
The shepherd, by whose constant care

My wants are all supplied.
P 2 In tender grass he makes me feed,

And gently there repose;
Then leads me to cool shades, and where
Refreshing water flows.

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